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Can My Boyfriend Contract My Yeast Infection?

August 12, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher with another frequently asked question. Can my boyfriend contract my yeast infection? He certainly can. I’ve covered this in a previous
frequently asked question. If you are female and have a vaginal yeast infection, there
is certainly a bigger chance that your boyfriend or partner may contract this. While thrush
is not necessarily an STD or a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transferred through sexual
contact, oral sexual contact, for example. So if you are a female and do have a partner
and are concerned, make sure that you clear your thrush. At least get it diagnosed to
make sure it’s not bacterial vaginosis. It’s really good to try and understand what you’re
dealing with, so you’ll be in a better position to eradicate it. Bacterial vaginosis is very common. I’ve covered
that in a previous FAQ as well. But, yes, you can pass a yeast infection on to your
boyfriend and he, in turn, can pass it back to you. Something I call pass the parcel.
So it’s good to get on top of your vaginal infection sooner rather than later. So I hope that covers that question quite
well. Thank you.

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