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Can I Take Medications While On The Candida Diet?

August 15, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher, and formulator of the CanXida range of products. Thanks for checking out the video again. I’ve got a question here from a guy in Los
Angeles called Jose. So Jose sent me an email a while ago. Sorry, Jose, I haven’t responded to you for
some time, but I hope you see this YouTube video. So Jose is asking me, “Eric, can I take medications
while on the Candida diet?” Of course you can take medications. But let’s just go through a couple of different
important points here. This is going to be an interesting video for
people who are on various pharmaceutical drugs. So when you’re on a diet that’s going to restrict
different types of foods, it’s very easy for you to develop fatigue or weight loss or feel
a bit washed out when you’re on this diet. It’s very easy for you to change the function
of your kidneys and liver. It’s easier for you sometimes to make very
strong and quick decisions about these kind of foods. When you’re taking medications, you need to
be more careful. You need to keep your body more stable. Particularly different medications that could
really affect your liver function. We’re talking blood pressure pills, or anti-depressants,
medications that you’re on long-term like thyroxine, for example. Many people who watch this may be taking levothyroxine,
50 or 100 micrograms of a thyroid medication. The liver for example is a very important
organ that helps to convert T-4 to T-3. So when you swallow Thyroxine every day, your
pill, the liver and kidneys are very important organs when it comes to conversion of this
medication to an active form of thyroid hormone. Sometimes when people make big diet changes,
they also try and do things like saunas and fasting and cleanses and detoxes. They take bentonite clay. They take all kinds of stuff, and their kidneys
and liver can get really affected. Many times they feel very sick because they’re
on medications that are often times not really being effective in the body. So you need to talk to your medical doctor
about what you’re doing if you are taking several different pharmaceutical drugs. Because sometimes the drugs can become a little
bit more toxic in the body or a little bit less effective in the body. So it’s important for you to share that information
with your doctor in case you do feel washed out and want to know what the hell’s going
on. Make sure that you’re well hydrated. Drinking sufficient water. You may want to drink an extra glass or two
of water. When you’re on medications on the Candida
diet, you definitely don’t want to be drinking alcohol or soda drinks. You want to drink a lot of water, minimal
coffee or tea, preferably no coffee or tea. There’s no reason why you can’t function well
on the Candida Crusher approach when you’re on medication. You just have to be careful. The other tip I’ll give you is to be careful
with the different dietary supplements that you may be taking at the same time as your
pharmaceutical medications while on a Candida approach. If you look at my CanXida formulations, the
CanXida Remove, Restore and Rebuild, I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of patients using
these formulations while on medications and they seem to be going fine. If you’re taking the recommended dosage of
one or two of these per day, sometimes three, and you’re well hydrated, you’re not drinking
alcohol, you’re eating a pretty clean healthy diet, you’re going to have no problem at all
while you stay on the medication. There are certain exceptions of course, if
you’re on chemotherapy drugs or extremely potent immunosuppressants or things like that,
then you need to be extra careful and generally talk to your doctor and sometimes take natural
medicines out for a while, while you stabilize on a diet and carefully include them to see
how you feel. Anything’s possible with common sense and
a bit of thought about what you’re doing. I don’t really think it’s a problem taking
medications while on the Candida diet, just bear these important points in mind. Make sure your doctor knows what you’re doing. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link if you haven’t got my report
already. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Jay Cl January 22, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Hi, i'm currently on the candida diet and i'm an asthmatic. Will i still be able to take my inhaler on the diet without it causing problems? Thanks.

  • Reply Isabelle Lennartsson February 15, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Hi! Ive Been on the diet for about 10month.Still doing it, cuz i got the Blasto in Thailand. Got a lot of new shit going on in My body, so i have to start all over again. But its okey, shit happens.
    But now to the thiiiing, Ive got a really bad depression, i got PTSD. So right now i would like to take some SSRI cuz i cant stand the pain i live in. I want to heal again. But cant do the therapy cuz im to Low right now and My life is a mess.
    Im doing everything as good as i can, with the diet, never ever cheat Ofc.
    Doing My muay Thai, weightlifting. TRE (trauma realeasing excersice)
    Dont work right now, just trying to relax.
    I think the diet dosent work correctly for me cuz of My traumas in life.
    I need to learn How to live again.
    Right now i can just see SRRI as My only option. Im terryfied to start taking (to fuck up My Brain Or body)
    I dont want to eat srri for the rest of My life.
    Just for some support to get up again and dont be this afraid/having panicattacks, paranoia.
    Do you think SSRI Will harm My body?
    I Will still do My diet, take care of My self and go to therapy.
    Im just so afraid for How bad it is.
    Sry for this messy text

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 8:44 pm

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