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Can I Pass A Yeast Infection On To My Unborn Baby?

August 15, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher and another frequently asked question. Can I pass a yeast infection on to my unborn
baby? You can. Many children are born with varying
types of conditions that the mother actually has. It’s not impossible to do that and caution
needs to be taken. This is why it’s quite clever of you to try and clear any vaginal
issues that you have in the second or third trimester, in particular, which will make
it a lot easier for you. Genital herpes is another concern that many
doctors have of a woman passing an active herpes condition onto her baby if she has
genital herpes. It is possible to pass this on to your unborn baby or I should say baby
when it’s being born. If the baby’s still in utero, it’s not highly likely that the
baby’s going to have a yeast infection from you. Although some people would argue that
systemic infection can pass through the placenta into the child, but I’ve not really seen evidence
of this. Perhaps I didn’t’ answer that question properly,
but when you give birth to a child and you have active vaginal thrush, there is a chance
that you will pass it on. But if the baby’s in utero and has not been delivered yet, there’s
probably a very slim risk of you passing that on because the baby’s in quite a safe environment. So I do hope that answers your question. Thank

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