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Can I Eat Wheat If I Have A Yeast Infection?

August 14, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker, author of Candida
Crusher. Thank you for tuning into my video today. Today I’d like to talk to you a little
bit about wheat and yeast infections. Can I eat wheat if I have a Candida yeast
infection? This is a question I hear quite often from
patients. Many people seem to have confusion in this area. There’s a common belief that
if you have a Candida infection, you can eat no wheat at all. No gluten, no wheat products,
no bread or anything containing wheat or gluten. Well, I completely disagree with this belief.
And it’s based on my experience of seeing many patients who can tolerate wheat and gluten
products when they have a yeast infection. Please don’t compare gluten allergies or wheat
allergies with a yeast infection. Many patients with Candida can tolerate wheat and gluten
products. I believe there’s a lot of unnecessary hype about these so-called gluten allergies
that so many patients have today. While I don’t dispute the fact that people
have digestive problems, I do not believe that all of a sudden in the last 5 to 10 years,
gluten seems to be the big problem. We’ve always known that gluten allergies exist,
but when you really do thorough testing with patients, particularly when they have small
biopsies or thorough blood investigations, this is not really found to be the case. What
is found to be the case is many people suffer from SEBO or small intestinal bowel overgrowth,
lack of beneficial bacteria, various pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract; these are things
we’re finding. People are eating too much sugar, they’re eating under high stress, they’re
eating the wrong kind of foods, they’re drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, and then they
blame gluten. So can I eat bread? You can eat bread, but
I do recommend that if you’re going to have bread and you have a yeast infection that
you don’t have the risen bread or the bread that’s been puffed up and made with yeast.
Now why would I say that? I would say that after speaking with many people in the baking
industry who believe that today commercial bread still contains active live yeast in
it. So I would be quite cautious about recommending a patient to have a wheat product with active
yeast in it. So for that reason, I would recommend you have flat bread, you know, bread that’s
actually flat like wraps and bread that you can roll up. You’ve probably seen it. These
sort of wrap type breads. Those sort of breads are just made basically with a good quality
of whole grain, stone ground flour, and salt and water. I believe that those breads are
acceptable. And, again, you don’t want an excessive amount of wheat. It wouldn’t be
a good idea to have wheat three or four times per day. But if you wanted to have lunch with
a flat bread with some chicken on it and salad, I’ve got no problem with that if you have
a yeast infection. So if we consider this an FAQ, can I have
wheat or gluten if I have a yeast infection? Yes, you can. Unless proven otherwise, you
can. So I hope that dispels a few myths of so-called gluten allergies and Candida. Thank you.


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