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Can Gardening And Working With Soil Cause A Candida Yeast Infection?

August 14, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher. Formulator of the CanXida range of products. I’ve got an email here from a lady called
Joanne Freeman. Joanne is in Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s a wonderful place. Joanne asking, “Eric, I do lots of gardening
and I want to know. I work with sand and soil and stuff like that. Can it cause Candida?” Not really, Joanne. You don’t really get Candida from soil and
stuff like that. Some people when they’re immunocompromised,
especially older people if they’ve got like really bad lung problems, especially ex-smokers
or people on steroids, taking prednisone or asthma drugs. These people at times can get a disease called
“Legionnaire’s disease.” You may find on bags of potting soil, for
example, some warnings on potting mix. Wear a mask when you mix this soil up. I don’t worry about that kind of crap. I work in the garden all the time digging
up stuff, putting nice veggies in. I have to show you guys some pictures of my
wonderful fruit and vegetable garden. It’s all coming up. I’ve been talking on Instagram. You don’t really get Candida from gardening. You get Candida because you become immunocompromised. That happens because of stress or antibiotics. I’ve done many videos on causes of Candida,
but gardening is not really one of them. In fact, if you really enjoy gardening, it’s
going to improve your health, not detract from it. Not a good idea, though, to smoke if you’re
gardening. Smoking is not good anyway. I don’t think it’s an issue with you. One thing I’ve been getting into the last
few years is wearing gloves, so I try to keep my fingernails and fingers really clean. I was out gardening yesterday afternoon. I had some nice think gloves on, digging in
the soil, and that’s why my skin stays nice and clean. Otherwise, you’re going to get dirt all around
the base, in the cracks and things like that and it’s hard to get out sometimes. If you’re doing hands in soil, my advice is
to go to your hardware store or gardening center and buy some really comfortable well-fitting
gloves. I’ve got many types of gloves. I use special types for painting. Certain types for gardening. I use other types if I’m doing any welding
or cutting or grinding or things like that. I’m very safety conscious. I put glasses on top of my glasses to protect
these. I wear hearing protection. I’ve seen too many people have accidents and
problems from not protecting their body properly. If you are concerned with soil, there’s no
reason why you couldn’t put on a long sleeve shirt, wear gloves. I’ve even got special gloves that extend to
here for pruning and cutting my roses. Because the thorns can prick into your arms
and things like that. You can probably see some prick marks I’ve
still got here from some thorns. Thorns pricking me in the arm when I didn’t
used to do that. If you protect your body well and you’ve got
good respiratory function, you’re not going to get Legionnaire’s disease unless you’re
really sick. But you’re not going to get Candida from gardening. That’s my opinion, Joanne. Click on the link if you haven’t got my report,
Joanne, and please subscribe to this channel. Thank you.


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    Hi, Eric. I'm in the U.S., and I've been looking for the Candia-5 home test kit (which I think I originally learned of on your site). It doesn't seem to be available anymore. In fact, I can't find any systemic Candida home test kit on Amazon. Could you possibly recommend one? I've essentially given up on my doctor and accepted that I have to figure this out on my own. Thank you.

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

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