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Can Eating Garlic Cure Jock Itch?

August 22, 2019

Please go and check out
and do my yeast infection quiz. This quiz is pretty awesome. It’s going to show you
if you have mild, moderate or severe Candida. Can garlic cure jock itch? That’s the question
today. Can I get rid of my jock itch by eating garlic? You probably can’t. It’s good to include garlic as part of your
overall dietary management of a yeast infection internally, but you’re best really to treat
jock itch externally as well as internally. It’s the smartest move, especially if it’s
severe. I’m not saying it won’t cure it 100 percent, but it’s not going to be a magic
bullet. You really need to treat jock itch externally, internally; you need to make the
right diet and lifestyle changes. And if you do all that, you’ll get a real quick reduction
in symptoms, and you can even get it cured within three to six months by making the right
kind of changes. If you’ve read any of my articles on,
the men’s articles, you will have read about lifestyle. You will have read about how stress
can lower your immunity, increase your susceptibility to a yeast infection. Stress also has an effect
of making you want to eat and drink the wrong kind of foods, too much alcohol, too much
caffeine, too many sugary foods; these things all screw up your digestive system. They all
may increase your susceptibility to yeast infection and bacterial overgrowth in the
gut. They also change the pH of your body just slightly. The skin has got a set pH and
when the pH on the skin shifts, it allows you to be more susceptible to yeast infection
as well. The answer to your question can garlic cure
jock itch? It’s probably, no, but if you include it as part of your overall strategy, it’s
going to help significantly. One raw clove of garlic per day is a smart move to have,
whether you’ve got a yeast infection or not, I think it’s a very clever move. A good dietary supplement for you to take
is Canxida. I developed Canxida up over a long period of time. Check out my YouTube
clips on Just take one or two tablets a day, that’s going to help you a
lot. That’s got garlic in it, but it’s got a standardized garlic in it, two percent allicin,
so allicin is a very powerful active ingredient in garlic that helps to wipe out a yeast infection. Some guys I know with bad yeast infections
have told me that they get benefit from cutting up a clove of fresh garlic in half and then
rubbing that over the worst areas of jock itch. This works really well, but it doesn’t
work well if you’ve been scratching the skin because of the itching, you’ve broken up the
skin, because then it could sting and burn by putting the garlic on, so garlic can help
externally a little bit. And use it internally as part of your overall strategy, but don’t
rely on garlic solely to cure jock itch because it won’t do that. Look at the holistic plan. That’s going to
really work well for you. Don’t forget to check out and do my quiz. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Candida Crusher December 20, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

  • Reply ES December 21, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Ive had a bad itch for years and tried everything over the counter.
    It stays on one side of my sack and not quite half in terms of area.
    My sack skin has like ridges in the skin.It doesnt look like all the reddish photos of JI ive seen. Moments ago I washed with anti-bacterial soap after I read that a bacterial infection can inhabit the groin area as well. Im getting triple antibiotic lotion tomorrow. I will let you know. Like your videos but I dont think mine is candida.
    Ive also been to a dr a couple of times and got pills and creams mixed up. Everything Ive ever tried seems like for about 2 days Ive found the cure then it comes back with a vengeance. At least I have managed to keep it from spreading to the other side of my sack. And Its been in this spot for about 15yrs.
    And I dont know why it hasnt spread to the other side of my sack its just as sweaty over there?
    Im also thinking of using workout tape and taping some foam over the area hoping it will get air.At this point I would be willing to have a skin graft to get rid of this.
    Also the infected sack skin touches the side of my leg every day but the infection never spreads to my inner upper leg but is only on one side of my mostly upper sack.

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