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Can Candida Live In Your Underwear

August 19, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, a New Zealand naturopath. Thanks for coming back. I’ve got an interesting question here. “Hi, can Candida live in underwear? If you’re a woman with a history of thrush,
should you do something kinda special treatment to the underwear to make sure you’re not reinfecting
yourself? Thank you.” Well, you should be. And if you wear clean underwear every day,
you shouldn’t really have a problem. Especially if you’ve got a good washing machine,
or you take precautions to clean, sanitize your underclothing properly. It shouldn’t really be a problem. My question to you is, are you in a relationship
with a person? Because you know, you could be transferring
a candida back and forwards in an intimate relationship. This can occur very much so. If you’re not getting rid of your thrush,
there’s something wrong, because you should be able to nail this thing within three to
six months. Nearly all women I work with, with a vaginal
yeast infection get rid of it entirely well before six months, especially if they follow
my eating plan, my lifestyle plan, using some borax capsules vaginally, using [Canzidar
00:01:02] to remove and restore internally supplement-wise, we usually put the Canzidar
in for three to six months, we make the diet change, we look at lifestyle changes, we look
at vaginal treatment, we look at a whole particular protocol. And it works, it works, it works. We treat over a thousand women plus with this
problem, and we’ve nailed it nearly every single time. You should be able to get on top of this problem. Please have a look at chapter five in Candida
Crusher. It’s a chapter all about women’s vaginal yeast
infection. You can get rid of this. I’m absolutely convinced you can get rid of
it. I’ve not seen cases that can’t be fixed up. I have seen patients that are resistant to
doing the treatment, but I haven’t seen cases that can’t be completely fixed. Thank you.

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