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Can Candida Cleanse Cause Joint Pain?

August 18, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from way
down under, all the way down in New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. The question today is can candida cause joint
pain. It can, but it’s much more likely the joint
pain is coming from a poor inflammatory control in your body. Try and understand that inflammation in the
body, it’s a little bit like a fire. Okay? Now, I don’t know if you like making fires,
but I like making fires. Make a little fire, it’s easy to put out. Make a big fire, it’s hard to put out. If this house caught fire, how long do you
think it would take to put it out in comparison that if I struck a match? The point I’m making here is inflammation
is like heat. It’s like a flame. It’s like a fire. Try and envisage that in your mind. Now, obviously a small amount of inflammation
is way easier to extinguish and put out than a large forest fire. Now, blood testing can show you some different
markers in the body. Stool testing can show you some inflammatory
markers in the body. There are different ways to detect smoke and
fire in the body. Okay? We’ve got smoke detectors in the house. I mean, you guys will probably have them too. We can’t have pain detectors in the body,
but we can find inflammation in other ways. Aches and pains, joint pain, fatigue, crazy
blood test results, markers elevated, family history of these kind of problems, long-term
use of pharmaceutical medications, particular antibiotics. So, when a person talks to me about inflammation,
I’m interested in their small bowel because that’s the seat, often, of where a lot of
the immune dysfunction begins to occur in the body. Now you can understand why I like stool testing. Stool testing will give me a great understanding
of what that forest is like. Okay? Doing a flyover over a forest and seeing a
small flame burning, or as in California, the huge forest fires, and they’re using hundreds
of helicopters, and impossible to put out. But, flying over that forest, you can identify
where that problem is, and then you can hopefully dump a bucket of water on it and put it out. Well, if it were only that simple in the body,
but it’s not that simple. But, getting an assessment done, finding out
what type of bacteria you’ve got, parasites, or yeasts, and then you’ll be able to hopefully
put an end to a lot of that inflammation in the body. The first place I like to work with, with
people, is the gut, obviously, because to me, that’s the seat of a lot of how diseases
begin. Chronic disease often begins in the gut. We know that. But, if we find any bacteria there that need
distinguishing, we can work on neutralizing those guys, cleaning them up. An interesting thing is often the joint pain
will go away. I did a video several years ago where I held
up a 1932 medical textbook. These were basically extracts from the British
Medical Journal, written by professors a long, long time ago. In one of the articles, it talked about autoimmune
disease, and particularly it talked about rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain, and it
mentioned in all cases, look for the hidden infection. Okay? Today, no one’s interested in looking at anything
anymore. It’s a real shame. Everything’s quick. Everything’s medications. Nobody takes the time to fix the cause of
anything anymore. So, if you’re prepared to try and dig a bit
deep and work out where the joint pain is coming from, you will likely find it will
be a candida. It could be a species of candida, or another
type of yeast, but it may also be a bacteria like Citrobacter or Klebsiella. So, when these guys start coming up in high
amounts, and particularly in conjunction with low levels of beneficial bacteria, we’re creating
a really big imbalance in the immune response, making it a lot easier for the body to create
small fires in different parts. When the immune system is balanced, those
fires become quenched, become quelled, and there’s no more pain. The day will come well into the future … I
hope this video will still be up then … when none of these medications are used anymore,
and everybody really is worked on by a physician or robot, or God knows what, in terms of the
bacteria in the gut. Once they become balanced and managed, we’re
going to find that we’re going to get a lot happier people, less pain, more energy. It’s going to make a hell of a difference. That’s well into the future. We’re still living in crazy times, but I don’t
think these crazy times are going to go on forever. So, if you have joint pain, get your gut sorted
out first, and let’s see what happens then. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply David Roberts October 25, 2018 at 8:01 am

    Love your metaphors Eric! Helps us lay people understand medical things easier. There's a lot of discussion in the low-carb community about inflammation being behind a lot of health issues. Thankfully things are slowly changing in the medical community though ?

  • Reply S G March 6, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    I never had any joint issues but 3 weeks after taking a high dose antibiotic and I developed joint pain that would move around. Has to be Candida because my father and mom both in 70s don’t have any joint pain.

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