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Can Candida Cause Weight Gain?

August 26, 2019

greetings it’s eric bakker new zealand
naturopath thanks for checking out my video today we’re going to talk about
candida and weight gain so the question is can Candida cause weight gain well it
absolutely can and I’ve dealt with this with patients now for many many years
with people you know gaining weight with yeast kind of problem so there are four
primary ways in which Candida is linked with weight gain so let’s explore those
four wings one of them is basically a stressed-out immune system adrenal
stress in particular one of them is going to be sugar cravings one of those
going to be toxins okay so toxins that are produced by
Candida and the gut and the other ones just tiredness in general you know
produced by Candida so let’s have really have a look really at the first one at
immune stress particularly adrenal immune stress so many people with
Candida particularly chronic Candida not only have Candida they often have an
imbalanced gut they’ll have bacterial imbalances
they’ll have poor levels of beneficial bacteria and often they suffer from
adrenal problems thinking of adrenal fatigue they’re gonna have stress
they’re going to be making inappropriate decisions regarding their diet and
lifestyle they’re gonna have poor cortisol levels I’ve spoken many times
about the relationship with cortisol and Candida particularly poor recovery so
when cortisol is elevated it causes immune suppression when
cortisol is elevated it basically puts you in a survival mode and when you know
we evolved if you believe in evolution like I do which to me is science and
common sense when we evolved our bodies you know we’re designed that if we
couldn’t find food and we were stressed it would lock fat down so we could burn
that fat off you know in periods of low you know when low food was around and
this is what happens to people they get high stress they get fat and
particularly with the gut imbalances like Candida
so Candida can create stress for the person and stress can create Candida for
the person so those things are very much linked up so immune stress is very real
and particularly its relationship with weight gain and candy
this number one let’s take that one off the list
the other one is tiredness the biggest prerequisite I see for really good
health is energy energy is like a currency okay the body loves energy
energy really allows us to think properly to act properly to feel great
and to have a currency that we can exchange for an amazing lifestyle you’ve
got to admit if you’ve got poor energy levels you can’t function think about it
like your mobile telephone okay if you’re an iPhone or one of these smart
phones people like to have their in phone always high charge
eighty ninety hundred percent they wonder if your body walks around with
twenty two percent when you want to do something there’s not enough power there
really to execute what you want to do and that results in fatigue tiredness
and with tiredness comes low motivation poor ability you want to get off you
you’re bumming to do things and this is where weight gain comes from your
metabolic function decreases your drive decreases motivations down so you sit on
your butt you don’t want to do much and what do you do you eat you watch The
Simpsons on TV you know you make crazy decisions you’re sitting there in front
of computer all the time rest is rust so if you’re gonna sit there you’re gonna
gain weight tiredness and fatigue induce poor activity equals won’t gain easy to
understand common sense isn’t it so there’s tiredness and again the adrenals
are linked with that get a lot of sleep specific one sugar cravings craving
sweet food how many people don’t crave sugar today and then I get people saying
to me oh yeah I’m okay I’m just gonna have some xylitol or a rich Vuitton or
mannitol or one of those alcohol children so I’m gonna be fine with
though is because there’s zero calories well you’re in la-la land if you think
that you can eat these fake sugars and get away with you know without paying
the price many people who eat these fake sugars
eventually want them all the time I’ve seen this in diet so there’s quite a lot
to that people often like to drink a couple of cans a day you know or a
couple of big bottles of it watch out for fake sugars
sugar definitely is linked with Candida we know that I mean it’s enough that’s a
given to no-brainer so people who have Candida often crave sugar they love
sugar and we know that sugars contain calories that are dead they just sit
around your waistline around your buck you know or in your legs under the arm
so sugar equals poor metabolic function and it’s one of the primary things that
drives non-alcoholic fatty liver it makes a fatty liver it slows your
metabolism down it makes your fat sugar makes your fat we know that surely
induces heart disease sugar pushes you into diabetes
she was shunt you into cancer eventually it creates acidosis in the body and
people crave sugar when they’ve got Candida
they crave sugar they love it okay Mary I want that scone or muffin Joe I want
that cold beer Peter I need that pizza get on the dial up now and get me that
pizza so when you’ve got Candida Candida will be calling your name and it likes
to call your name after supper at night you’re sitting there watching your
favorite program what are you watching TV I don’t know what you guys do out
there watch could be one of those you know talent shows or something more you
know many times I’ve heard patients tell me they have a good supper at night but
then they want something more okay you’re feeding yourself and you’re
feeding the gut you’re feeding yeast or bacteria it’s quite common
it can happen after lunch but it commonly happens at nighttime are you
driving to the gas station and you’re getting gas ah there’s a Hershey’s bar
might just quickly eat that so when you’re driving around and you’re
thinking of sweet things it’s like the alcoholic wants to have the drink five
or six o’clock because they feel entitled to it okay they feel rewarded
by it don’t reward yourself with sugar it’s a trap and a lot of companies
knowing so where do they put all the candy bars when you go and buy the gas
right in front of your face don’t fall for it sugar cravings equals waking
tiredness equals weight gain immune stress equals weight gain the last one
is toxins toxins produced by Candida so Candida can produce up to a hundred
different types of toxins alone I’ve talked previously about
acetaldehyde I’ve talked about glio toxin there are many different poisons
that Candida makes as part of its life cycle poisons that affect the liver
function poisons that clog the body up poisons that induce mental fatigue
emotional fatigue physical fatigue your liver needs to work well if you get
sugar it doesn’t work well if it gets alcohol it doesn’t work well all the
reasons why we don’t want you to have these things in your diet so Candida
toxins are an important part of slowing down the metabolism of clogging up the
liver and the liver is the big fat burner if you want if you don’t want to
belong in the BBC The Big Bang Club you need to have a well-functioning liver
remember all these foods we talked about affect liver function healthy fresh
vegetables low you know low sugar containing fruits we’ve spoken about
like avocados for example on berries and then lean proteins these things actually
support liver function and main detoxification and also eventually will
stop your craving sugars and you’ll burn off the fat is it makes sense makes
sense to me thanks for tuning in


  • Reply assninjalolo November 10, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you for making this video 🙂

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

  • Reply zacharkaniko April 11, 2018 at 7:16 am

    Hello Eric, What about weight gain during the candida cleanse, when you
    already take the candida killing supplement, the probiotics and are doing the
    diet (with no sugar, wheat products, refined flour, fruits,?
    I am soo disappointed that even now I gain weight and not
    little, 6 lbs in 6 weeks since I started the diet and I was not slim initially.
    From your video I learned that I should be less stressed. I
    am doing yoga regularly, I try to go to bed early but it is no use since I have
    a very disturbed sleep. From 3.30 in the morning I can hardly sleep and before
    that my sleep is not much better. So here I don’t know what I could improve.
    I am going to eliminate the sugar alcohols with which I
    tried to reduce my cravings. I could absolutely relate to your statement that
    one will always crave more.
    I am very active despite my poor sleep, lot’s of gardening,
    walking and yoga. However, before candida crushed me I was a long distance
    runner. So maybe I should improve this too.
    You also said that toxins ad up to weight gain. Besides
    drinking lot’s of water, eliminating sugar alcohols what do you recommend to
    really aid the liver?
    Thank you in advance, I really appreciate your videos!  Anikó

  • Reply healthnut July 18, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Proteins cause acidosis 🤦‍♀️

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