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Can Candida Cause Joint Pain?

August 24, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher; here’s a question. Does yeast infection cause joint pain? It certainly can. Joint paint is not a very
common symptom, but it is still one that I see regularly from time to time. Joint pain
often will occur as a result of inflammatory response. So inflammation is generally almost
always immune mediated when it comes to a Candida-related cause. In a previous video, I’ve spoken about how
Candida can cause various issues with your immune system. One thing that Candida causes,
we know, is a heightened antibody response. What we don’t really understand that well,
we’re just starting to learn now, is how Candida can cause out regulation of certain inflammatory
mediators in the body. And we know a few of these now. We know, for example, Interleukin
is one particular component from our immune system that can cause inflammation. Joint pain can occur in people with Candida
albicans, particularly with severe chronic yeast infections when the yeast metabolites
products from yeast break down can actually get into the blood stream and cause systemic
inflammation very low grade. We know this to be a problem. For example, we know that certain bacteria
can affect the gums, gingivitis, and can also cause heightened inflammatory response in
the body. Some people don’t believe it, but many experts now believe that poor gum health
can lead to cardiac problems. And we certainly know that people with leaky gut or digestive
issues with bacteria and yeast can also have systemic problems. And joint pain is one of
those systemic problems. Generally, it will be low grade. You may think it’s arthritis. So why don’t you try and do the yeast infection
survey on my site, if you’ve got low-grade joint pain to determine whether
you’ve got a Candida problem or not. You may well have. And by eradicating the yeast overgrowth
and bacterial problems in your gut, you may well help to down regulate your immune response
and improve your joint pain. So answering that question, does yeast infection
cause joint pain? There’s certainly correlation there. But do the survey and just check it
out yourself. Thanks for your question.


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