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Can Anything Ease Sam Richardson’s Hatred for Running? – My Least Favorite Thing

August 26, 2019

– (playful music) – Hi, I’m Zack Bornstein. If you’re like me you do things
you don’t like all the time. You know who else does that? Celebrities. Welcome to the show
where we get to know your favorites
stars while they do, their least favorite thing. Oh there it is. My paper towel. Today we’re joined
by Sam Richardson you know him from
Veep, Detroiters, and everything else
that is good and pure. Thanks for having us. – Oh thanks for
coming to my house. (laughs) – So what is your
least favorite thing? – My least favorite
thing is running. – Oh thank God, and why do
you hate running so much? – Uh, oh? I hate the feeling of not
being able to breathe I think. I think it’s my hu,
oh you got shorts on, so it’s the same as
dry running, I think. – Yeah and when was
the last time you ran? – Maybe about like
two years ago? – Okay, well it’s
getting kind of dark out. So I’m gonna go get two
treadmills drag them into your very nice home
and we’ll get running. Let’s do it. – Thank you. (slaps) – [Announcer] Running. – Hey this is a pace I like,
this is what running is, then I’d be fine. – Let’s set to two then. – Oh, – [Zack] So I saw on Conan
you did a leaping toe touch. – Yes. – How are you so good at
that but you hate running? – I’m good at like bursts
of energy, you know. – Oh. – I did Martial Arts as
a kid and I’ll dance. Yeah pate barre,
kick ball change. – We’re definitely
gonna hurt ourselves. – I mean it’s coming. I’ll maybe go right
through that window. I can’t save ya. – What other things should
you be doing for self care that you don’t do
because they suck and are the opposite of fun? – I should be
eating more healthy. – Uh-huh. – I’m always like,
I’m eating healthy, and then I eat healthy for
a day and then I’m like, well I deserve a treat. (laughs) So here’s a donut. – So you grew up splitting
your time between Ghana and Detroit, right?
– yes. – What was that like living
in two different places? – It’s an interesting
perspective, being in Africa, I
was surrounded by
Africans in my family and I was a prince,
but in America, I was surrounded by my
family but I was an African. – You want to crank
it up to seven? – No. – You said if you weren’t
an actor, you’ve said you want to be an indie
homocide detective. Why is that?
– Yeah, ’cause I like to
solve mysteries. – Uh-huh, are there
any big murders you’d want a crack at solving? – Oh I want to get
down to the uh, no. (laughs) – This sucks. (upbeat music) One of the hardest parts
of self care is nutrition, do you take supplements? – I don’t. – So we’re gonna take
a lot of supplements in the healthiest way possible, which is all at the same
time of a treadmill. – Okay good. – So this is about two
months worth of iron and about four months
worth of vitamin C. – Why don’t you go first? Best of luck my friend. – Thank you. (gags) (laughs) Are my lips bleeding,
that really hurt. (laughs) Now that’s interesting,
the side technique. – Oh yeah classic
tried and true. – Good luck. (laughs) Did you get some? – I did. – Did you burn your lips? – No, I got hot
lips to begin with. – Oh, they do look very nice. We’re gonna kick it
up a notch now so, you’re gonna try an S
for Sam and I’m gonna try a Z for Zach. (laughs) – Didn’t do good,
didn’t do good. (laughs) – How many’d you get. – Zero. (plops) (laughs) – Zero.
– [Sam] Zero. (fun music) – Answering questions and
learning about self care, is tough while you’re
running, right? – Very. – But it’s even tougher
while you’re running in very stiff raw denim jeans, do you wear any raw denim? – Oh, done, I do everything raw. (sings) – You talking sex. – Gross, I’m talking sashimi. (beeps) (laughs) Oh my god. – I feel like I’m controlling
someone else’s body trying to run. In 2013, you played a TSA agent in the show Arrested
Development, – [Sam] Uh-huh. – And then also in 2013,
you played a TSA agent in the movie, We’re the Millers. – [Sam] Yup. – What about you screamed
TSA agent in 2013? – Just the fact that I look like the new Reginald VelJohnson. My pants are gonna
fall all the way down and I’m fine with it. – Does it make it harder to run? – Yes it is. – Perfect, that’s how
you learn self care. Back in Detroit did you
act in a local commercials? – I did. – So we want to put
that skill to the test, with a segment we call,
My Least Favorite Sponsor. Why is no one chiming in? – There do it again
I’ll come in with you. – [Both] My Least
Favorite Sponsor. Oh yeah. – For each of these, just
give us a quick pitch, starting with the best hard
plastic high fashion footwear that money can buy,
Crocs high heels. – Oh, do you want to be
in a fashionable swamp? Hit these Croc high heels. (upbeat music) – Nick’s knit condoms,
hand knit wool condoms for keeping your log warm
during those cool winter months. – Wonderful. Do you want to be the
cause of yeast infections? Get Nick’s knit wee wee cover. Wee wee as you pleasy. (sexy music) – That was really good but
they do sponsor the show. – Oh I’m sorry, what was it? – Nick’s knit condoms,
hand knit wool condoms for keeping your log warm
during those cold winter months. – Nick’s knit
condoms, (stutters) hand knit condoms for
keeping your knit warm in those cold winter months. – Let me just clean up a little. – Yeah sure. – Nick’s knit condoms, hand
knit Nick’s condom knits, – [Zack] You want
to back this up? – That was better than
any of the other ones? – [Zack] Yeah but
still unusable. – Alright. – I mean the Nick’s guys on
set, do we, is that a good? Okay cool, alright,
we’re good with that. – I’m I gonna get one
of these for free? – Yeah, you shouldn’t
use it, they don’t work. (soft music) So as someone who flew
back and forth a lot between Detroit, Ghana,
and now New York, LA, you’re all over the
place, have you run around in airports a lot? – I have yeah. – Can we bring in
the luggage please? Sam I’ve got a Sandwich from
a Wolfgang Puck Express, – Okay good, yup. – You’re gonna have a
cell phone, a duffle bag with a very thin
uncomfortable strap. – Perfect. – And then you’ll also
have a little rolling bag, this is a thick ham sandwich. You did it again Wolfgang. Can you hear me? – Yup.
– Alright, if we’re all gonna die anyway, what’s the point of self
care and not just enjoying night time pop tarts
while we still can? – The ancient Egyptian’s
afterlife you can like, are what you, you show up
there, like high dives. – Yeah. – So, you know, I want to have
a six pack in the afterworld. – You want to crank it up
to four, what do you think? – [Sam] Yeah. – Alright, (beeps) (laughs) (laughs) – I’m coming up to the gate, alright, you can stop. – Yeah, I gotta go buddy. – See ya buddy
– see ya. – Delayed! Oh no.
– Oh brother. – Another important
part of self care is maintaining positive energy, so we actually have a little
healing treat for you today, my cousin Dana is
a crystal healer but she’s having kind
of a slow rocky start so we just want to try to
support her in any way we can. – Oh okay, yeah. – Dana, – So go ahead and close
your eyes, very good. These are real
painted gold, okay? – Yup. – Painted a rock type color
on top of this real gold here, yeah go ahead feel it. – Are these the
rocks from my patio? – Uh very similar yes. And we’re gonna drape
these across your heart which is located in the
center of your chest. – Incorrect. – Hey, can I talk to
you Dana for a second. – yeah, it’s Duh-na but, – Oh sorry. I support you. – Thank you. – Like no, I financially,
I support you, – Yes and thank you
for that as well. – I don’t, is
there anything else that you feel passionate about? – I’ve always wanted to give
horses more self esteem. – They seem confident to me. – That’s just a facade. (neighs) (pulsing music) – We all know Detroit gets
pretty rainy in the winter. Which can lead to a runners
least favorite thing, wet socks, right? – Yes. – We want to bring you home. These have been in
our prop guys freezer (laughs) for the last two days, and
we’re each gonna put on a pair. – Oh our feet? – Yeah, – They’ll kill me,
I can’t do that. – You don’t want to try it?
– I’ll get pneumonia. (laughs) – This sucks. These are gonna hurt to step on, it’s gonna be like
stepping on ice legos. (laughs) Okay, ah god, it’s
worse to step on. (laughs) Oh my god, this is
the worst feeling, you don’t want to
try on the feet? – I certainly don’t. – Do you want to put
them on your hands? – I’ll put on my hands, yeah. – Okay. – Oh. – Its like reaching
inside a dead person. – It really is. A dead person that’s been
outside for a long time. (beeps) Oh god, it feels horrible but that’s self care, it’s
not always a picnic guys. Now you got a personal letter, from the one and
only Thomas Hanks, – Yeah. – What was it like to get real
life, “You’ve Got Mailed?” – It was an enormously
wonderful experience. He said he like “Veep” a lot. Signed, sealed, delivered. – 10 baby. Oh its so wet and cold. That’s self care. You can do it at home if
you can rent two treadmills and a camera crew. Alright, – Good work. – Are you feeling self cared? – No. (upbeat music) – I feel like I really got
to know the real Sam today. Thanks for letting me in. I mean that both personally,
and into your shower here. – Yeah, thanks for coming in. – One last question and
don’t hold back any realness, what did you learn today? – Self care is
important to maintain, if you don’t exercise, or
you don’t keep your body up, it dilapidates pretty
quickly, your body’s a temple. And you need to keep church
doors going in that temple all the time. – I came here thinking
of Sam as a stranger, but I left thinking of him as
one of my dad’s work friends who I shower with. – In black culture we
call that an Uncle. – Join us next time
for more of, My Least – [Both] Favorite Thing! (pops)


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