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Can Antifungal Supplements Treat Candida?

August 24, 2019

Can antifungal supplements treat Candida? They can. They can. You’ve got different choices.
Pharmaceutical choices or natural choices. I recommend you do the natural thing. Mainly
because you’re not going to get the terrible side effects or long-term problems that you
will from a pharmaceutical drug. You won’t get the toxicity. And the other thing I like
about the antifungal supplements is a lot of them are like foods, so you can include
them in with what you’re eating and not have the same liver kind of reactions of toxicities
as you would have with a pharmaceutical drug. Antifungal supplements are very good to treat
Candida, and they’re very effective. You just need to start slowly on them. Take a good
tablet or formula once or twice per day; build up to three times per day. Stay on this for
about three months. Let this medicine work quite well. Get something in a slow release
in a sort of sustained release form. A tablet is preferable, I feel, than a capsule. Take
it with food. Start maybe with one tablet a day and just gradually build up to three
tablets a day. If you find that you get aggravations taking a good product, you can experiment
taking before, during or after meals at different times, so it will affect people differently. So generally antifungal supplements are a
very wise choice if you’ve got a Candida yeast infection, regardless whether you’ve got a
vaginal infection or a jock itch or toenail or infections of the skin or throat or tongue
or gut, it doesn’t matter. An antifungal dietary supplement makes a lot of sense. Thanks for tuning in.

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