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Can A Lottery Help You Lose Weight?

October 10, 2019

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. Can drinking water help you lose weight? Just plain water. Can you lose weight when you drink water? Well, a 2008 study … You can click on the
link in the description box. Look at the study. It actually says you can. They followed, I think, close to 200 women. These are pre-menopausal women, aged between
25 to 50. They followed them for a period of time and
found when they started adjusting the diet, the exercise regime, and different factors
into account, it certainly made a difference. And as you’ll see in the conclusion of the
study, women who were dieting and who were overweight will lose weight when they drink
a liter of water a day. So why does that occur? Well, I’ve always been a big water drinker,
and I’ve always encouraged patients to drink lots of water, but do you need to drink eight
glasses every day? Do you need to drink so many ounces per pound
of body weight? I don’t think that’s really an issue. I think the key thing to pick up from the
water drinking is you need to drink water regularly, and when you drink water regularly,
you’ll find that your body wants to have more water. It literally wants that. It will ask you for that. It will tell you that. You’ll feel a bit dehydrated and you will
notice at certain times, particularly at different seasons
of the year, when you drink, you’ll really pick up. Go into your garden on a summer’s day and
have a look at the foliage. Look at the leaves of the plants to see how
often the leaves will be tilted down and bent down on an angle. It’s because they dehydrated. When you water the garden, come back in an
hour and look at the angles of the leaves, how they’ve come up. They’re hydrated, and we all know if you want
a beautiful garden, you’ve got to water it. You’ve got to weed it. You’ve got to nurture it. You got to look after that garden. No different from your body. You’ve got to water the body, okay? Now, we all also all know that the body is
77% water, so it’s made predominantly out of water, and it makes sense that we dehydrate. We lose water, so you’ve got to get the water
back in. But what about wintertime? Well, I tend to drink less water in the winter,
and I would tend to drink a lot more in summer, but I still drink all year around. But water also makes you feel full. It creates a satiety. So having a smaller meal, remember the exercise? Pushing the plate away from your face. That’s a good exercise on losing weight. So keep doing that exercise and then have
a little bit of water after that meal. Just a small amount, and you’ll find a smaller
meal with the glass of water can make you feel pretty full, right? And that really counts. Every calorie that you don’t put in here means
you’re not really going to get it out here, do you? And the water can make a big difference, so
try and drink more water. It’s a timely reminder for you if you’re watching
this and also reminds you that water can help you to lose weight, because science actually
has proven that. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free Candida Shopping Report. Thank you.

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