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Can A Candida Cleanse Freshen The Breath?

August 28, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming back. We’re going to talk today about freshening
the breath. Can a candida cleanse freshen the breath? It can indeed. When you clean out bacteria in your digestive
tract it can really alter the smell quite a lot of that whole GI tract. The breath definitely smells sweeter. Always remember this: Sugar supercharges anaerobic
bacteria in the mouth. With bacteria in the mouth, if you keep putting
sugar in there like candy or sweets or mints or chewing gum or ice cream and stuff like
that, you’re going to have pretty stinky breath because the bacteria that creates smells like
that are called aerobic bacteria and they thrive on sugar. If you want a sweet smelling breath, you want
to focus on fresh foods, berries, vegetables, brown rice, lean meats, fresh water. Coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, processed foods,
pizzas, deep-fried foods, all these crappy foods, these are the ones that really cause
the stinky breath. The stinky diet causes the stinky breath. If you don’t want stinky breath, you’re going
to eat a less stinky diet, which means usually fresh and healthy foods. I’ve not found people who eat lots of fruit
like apples and fresh fruit and vegetables regularly and who shun crappy food, they generally
never have stinky breath. They’ve got nice, fresh breath. So if you want fresh breath, don’t give yourself
the chewing gums to freshen your breath. It doesn’t do that. Eating really healthy food freshens your breath. Having small amounts of yogurt or cultured
food like that in your diet for a very nice clean breath because they add a lot of lactate
to the body too, which encourages the beneficial bacteria to thrive, which crowd out the bad
guys. A lot of it has got to do with your eating
habits, but also your dental habits. Do you floss your teeth regularly? Have you got food entrapment around the teeth? Do you brush your teeth regularly throughout
the day? Are you clean orally when it comes to hygiene? Because if you’re not, you could have gum
disease and all sorts of things. You could have tartar buildup around the teeth. There could be a lot of streptococcus mutans
bacteria in there that are causing a lot of plaque and dental caries. Dental hygiene is maybe somebody that you
want to see if you have got less than fresh breath to get a good mouth checkup to see
what’s going on there. Dental hygienists can often pick up too if
there’s early signs of many different types of diseases, heart disease, kidney disease,
liver disease. A lot of these can be picked up by the breath
and checking the mouth cavity out. I just noticed a dentist online who talks
about the 12 different types of breath that you can have. There’s nothing more embarrassing than talking
to somebody when you’ve got a really smelly breath and you’re not aware of it yourself. To me, I would rather die of embarrassment. It’s just really bad, especially if you see
someone slowly backing away when you’re talking. It’s super embarrassing. I’ve had patients in my room when I used to
see people face-to-face so bad that is just about brought tears to my eyes because of
their fecal breath. Literally it smelled like feces, their breath. It was so bad. Even telling people like that nicely that
they’ve got a problem, they’re not even aware of it. That’s the crazy thing. Next time you see your dentist or your dental
hygienist, ask them what your breath is like if you’re not aware of it yourself. A candida cleanse can really freshen your
breath nicely because you’re going to tackle the microbiome. You’re going to clean up the gut. Cleaning up the gut also usually means cleaning
up the middle and cleaning up the upper part of the GI tract as well, which will freshen
the breath by default. To answer the question, yes, it’s highly achievable
to have fresh breath with the candida cleanse. Thanks for the question.


  • Reply Miss Twisted November 14, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Sometimes bad breath is caused by tonsilliths (sp?), not just GI imbalance.

  • Reply lindy8077 November 25, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Just curious, when you see a patient with fecal breath do you tell them, or pretend that their isn't anything wrong with them, and talk about them badly to your coworkers once they leave? Like you mentioned in this video, alot of suffers of this condition do not know they have a problem. I believe they don't know because no one has the "heart" to tell them. You would think if one goes to seek medical attention, the doctors would be honest, but most aren't. I once looked up to doctors and believed they were good caring citizens, and truly became doctors because they love helping people. Now I know doctors are just some text book snobs, whom put on this facade like they care. I never met a doctor who would admit that they just don't know. I feel a doctor who doesn't provide a proper medical sevice to a patient shouldn't get paid. It's unfair to have to pay someone who is just practicing on you, and pretending to be a professional. It's simply false advertisement.

  • Reply Cornell Summers August 22, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks for the information, sir! You say stay away from sugars, but doesn't the fresh fruits you recommend contain natural sugars? How do the bacteria respond to the sugars in fruit? Thank you

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