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Cách tự làm nước rửa tay khô chống virus/ vi khuẩn tại nhà theo hướng dẫn của WHO

February 16, 2020

Making hand sanitizer dry virus / bacteria at home under the guidance of the WHO Material This formula is used to make 2.5 liters of hand wash solution. If mixing with another volume, just make sure the ratio between the ingredients. In addition, WHO also recommends, provided that the home facilities, the volume of each batch of preparation should not exceed 50 liters, to ensure safety. Alcoholic alcohol 96% (ethanol alcohol): 2083.25ml Active ingredients to disinfect hands.
Can be prepared by pure alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide 3%: 104.25ml Inactivated solution of infected bacterial spores in liquid Glycerin 98%: 72.5ml Ingredients play a role in moisturizing skin care Distilled or boiled water to cool, or filtered water Distilled water is recommended, but cool boiled / filtered tap water may also be used provided no visible particles are present. 240ml Bottle / jar greater than or equal to 2.5L for preparation Glass or plastic bottles / jars may be used. Volume measuring equipment: can use the cylinder, measuring cylinder, cylinder as long as it is possible to measure the required volume of the mentioned chemicals. Here I use my old milk bottle to measure. Bottles / jars for storing finished products. Warning Chemicals and tools can be purchased at medical supplies, and glycerin should be selected to buy plant extracts at food / cosmetic establishments. Ethanol alcohol is 96% highly flammable, so in the preparation process the solution should be away from heat. Tools used for dispensing should be washed with soap. If heat-resistant appliances can be boiled through or rinsed with boiling water. During operation, wear gloves to avoid skin irritation. Besides, avoid getting liquid in the eyes. Doing Measure out 2083.25ml of alcohol and pour into the container (here I use a 5L jar Continue measuring 104.25 ml of hydrogen peroxide and adding to the container Measure 72.5ml of glycerin and place it in a container. Pay attention Since glycerin is very viscous, it will still stick to the measuring device, so it should be rinsed with distilled / boiled water to cool about 2-3 times (pour the coated water into the container) Add distilled / cooled boiled water to the container until the solution reaches the 2.5L mark; Close the cap immediately afterward to avoid evaporation. Shake the container to obtain a homogeneous liquid Extract the prepared solution into small bottles (50ml, 100ml …) for easy use. Note, after extraction need to wait 72 hours for pathogens in bottles / jars destroyed to use. You can add a little essential oil or perfume for a pleasant smell

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