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Burnt Umber – Interview & Live session / Epidemic & Love Philter | Demenshow – Radio AC’S

March 6, 2020

They braved the strikes, they braved the road – The cold – They braved the rain, the cold! – The storm
– The snow, almost! Make some noise for Burnt Umber please You forgot to say the Yvelines, they braved the Yvelines Oh yes indeed, and I know how hard it is to come in the Yvelines, we live here.
– Oh my god Well thank you for being here, it’s a great pleasure – Hi and thank you for inviting us, most of all
– A great pleasure having you here since we had a real crush at the Jump’N’Live It was the day we discovered you, it was a great gig and we’ve been wanting you here for a while But other Radio AC’S shows got you first So we couldn’t, so we waited a bit But the wait was too much, I told Massi we’ve got to end the year with y’all – We can’t bear it anymore
– Yeah we can bear it anymore you’ve got to come Thank you so much for being here, can you introduce yourself first?
– Of course. Thank you, thank you, it was Burnt Umber
– Good night!
– We’re working on ourselves and try to be gentlemen, ladies first Well my name is Wince..oops that’s not the correct one, my name is Abby, and I’m the lead singer of the band.
– I am J-War, I’m the drummer of the band. I’m Massi, of the young one of the band – the young one… – and the guitar player
– And I’m the “middle old” one, Mickael and I play the bass We have one member missing, Wince, who couldn’t make it, and with the strikes it was impossible for him Yeah I assume that it must be complicated
– but we don’t forget him
– we send him kisses! And your influences? Before we eventually tell the ones we think of They’re diverse and varied. About my influences it’s more like Evanescence, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Within Temptation, I like Nightwish too But I’m not a lyrical singer Actually I like a lot of things, I also like French variety and internationale music, and I dig a lot Rage Against the Machine too Oh yeah?
Yes, yep.And voilà, there plenty of things I like. Go, speak. I let you speak or it will get bad About me, first things coming to mind are bands like Karnivool, for those who know about them
– They’re Australian, I believe Absolutely. Big influence. Very big one. Then there’s Deftones, major influence too. Since there’s a bipolar side in our music, because we kinda have a mix between British Rock, and American Metal. It’s kind of our formula. So there’s also a lot of bands such as Radiohead Muse, it’s actually a major influence. Even stuff like Coldplay A lot of British Pop-Rock, mixed to some pretty American stuff I like a lot of stuff like Korn, Linkin Park, Deftones of course All this genre, Limp Bizkit
– Early 2000’s stuff, Neo-Metal and at the same time US Metal, and, mixed to all this British generation, Radiohead, Muse of the late nineties. – Exactly.
– And so you’re the one writing the songs? I’m the one writing yes. – Ok, you write all the songs or the others… How does it work, the songwriting mechanic in your band? I write all the songs, I write the music – on the other hand Abby entirely writes all the vocal parts and arrangements around them Everything about the vocals are written by Abby And how do you find your place, the two who don’t write?
– We don’t have any
– The three actually. – Well, Yes speaking of it I’d like to say something… – In the end, three of you don’t do anything about it Well we do, we’re consulted at least about
– They actually play the songs! – Yes we play them in concert, incidentally
– You have musicians, in the end But we’re consulted about matters like the arrangements, we’re currently finalizing the studio recordings Everyone gives his opinion and it’s constructive for the whole project, I think. – Indeed, yes Speaking of it how did you record this album, was it home studio, did you call a studio? Actually there’s a mix of both. We recorded the guitars & basses in a studio. The vocals we built a whole system at Abby’s, with a recording booth – which is gold! Which is gold but is genuinely working. We had the gear we needed to do it Actually we consulted, I consulted pretty early sound engineers to see if our recordings were worth it If we really could pretend to so something really qualitative. And everything was great. So we’re finally going to have it mixed / mastered At the Studio Sainte-Marthe, by Francis Caste.
– Which we know well! – We know it pretty well. Yeah, I think that it’s a guarantee of quality.
– Yes, sure.
– Did you looked for many engineers before hiring Francis or…
– Yes, we actually asked advices in our entourage, from musicians and from the music industry to see what they would advise us. And I think to 75% of them told us « you have to go to the Sainte-Marthe studio! » The sound of Paris, Belleville!
– What was determinant, too, was that I followed with attention the career of Klone, since that with my former band we were signed at the Klonosphere. – Ok And so we… – What was your former band?
– The Way I Am. – Ok. So when I talked about it to Guillaume, the composer/guitarist of Klone He told me it really was a great experience with Francis Knowing their high expectations, the level of the band, how far they got etc, etc… And if you listen to their last two albums they released, the work on it is totally magical. So it’s true that choice was pretty obvious. – Yes because in your riffs, well we’re gonna listen to a live acoustic song and also a recorded version, we hear a lot of this kind of power, but also these atmospheres in your songs. – Totally.
– And it’s true that I think that Francis’ production on those fields…well he knows how to put some power while letting the mix breath and I think It’s gonna be good on your productions, I’m impatient to hear it
– Us too! – Us too yes! To begin we’re gonna listen to it in a few minutes, but you homemade productions are already superb. – Yes the records you have are totally homemade
– So the “homemade” magnified by Francis. – …magnified by Francis yeah it’s clear that…
– It’s promising. – Yes, it is, so you’re gonna play an acoustic song, if you’re willing to
– Sure. – We’re gonna hear a first song How is it called?
– « Epidemic ». Wince should have done the third guitar part and the backing vocals but we’ll manage something
– He’s gonna do it through the phone It’s gonna be…we’ll improvise something just the four of us, it should it should be cool anyway.
– Well Burnt Umber is among us, it’s live And it’s the Demenshow. ♪ Cell by cell, you insidiously ♪ ♪ Brand ♪ How spontaneous this show is Well we’re very happy to have Burnt Umber with us seeing them live, in the Demenshow, to end up the year like this Here’s our Christmas present.
– Our little present for you. Well we just heard you playing unplugged, by the way among all the shows that you’ve done If you’d have to pick only one of them, which one would it be and why? Butt-kissing mode or..?
– No, no. Honestly, without playing the teacher’s pet. Honestly, speaking only about the framework I pretty much liked the Jump’N’Live but We played in the venue where I hope we will play again, maybe, which is the FGO Barbara Which is a venue, a wonderful concert venue. A real one actually With the amazing lights and all And it felt like being a star. Plus the audience was really cool and all It was really great. But I do keep an excellent memory of, I don’t say this because it’s here, but I do keep an excellent memory from the Jump’N’Live Because it was my first time playing in a Battle of the Bands And I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid there would be too much…how to say it Too much competition, or something like that, and it was actually pretty cool, All the bands were…how to say it…
– Considerate.
– Thank you, thank you. Luckily you’re here They were very considerate, and the atmosphere was pretty chill, and we actually loved Ghinza’s performance. I fell in love with this band I think they awesome.
– We talked about them earlier in the show Speaking of it, would you do some battle of the bands again ? For exemple from big organizations like Emergenza, Fallenfest, like…
– No. No, no, no, no. No. No.
– Battle of the bands that…
– Don’t try to suck the money out? No that’s not it. But something that would allow you to have, I don’t know, some accompaniment Or something…
– Advices, feedbacks. Something real
– Exactly. Some plus value. Because Emergenza, weither we like it or not I mean, they don’t lie to you at first, they don’t tell you They’re gonna bring you glory or else, but…well, us, we don’t want to be part of things where you have to pay or else We’d rather do battle of the bands that…well I say this but I might be wrong
– Yeah, yeah but I think The thing is…I think Emergenza It’s pretty good for some parts. I mean there’s plenty of bands that can play some cool shows thanks to these organizations But the problem is when you do one of those, where you actually have a jury Directly. Even if there are votes or stuff like that, you won’t say to yourself at one point “Shit I lost because I didn’t bring enough people”
– That’s right I find it so frustrating, honestly. And to have done it a few times, and having somes very great experiences with Emergenza, where with a band I was in the past we even had won the finale The French finale, and all It was pretty cool, but hum When you have a battle of the bands with a jury that says to you “Well guys. Ok, but no.” It more legit than saying to yourself « f*ck, damn I didn’t bring enough people. » Well you know These events are even taking place on Internet now The thing is everything based on votes
– on likes. We’ve been involved in one of those and we didn’t know it was based on votes. The thing seemed interested The gain was interesting, we told ourselves it would be very useful Let’s do it, and all. They gave the conditions after, conditions were having people to vote for you, again. In the end we said “whatever we won’t do it”, we didn’t try We didn’t even communicate about it, that wasn’t the goal at first
– We still had one vote ! I think those kind of methods actually kinda discredit the bands It’s really like they’re like « Please, help us. » – It’s true that it can bring discredit on a band’s reputation and tarnish their image. It’s true that gains will be for the one who brings the more friends than the others The one who has the highest number of friends, instead of being based on quality. – The dices are loaded.
– Or the one who will communicate the most about it.
– Or the one who has more money, because sometimes there’s also some amount of money put in it Like you have to pay in advance the tickets. You can say I brought 300 people and I’m going to the next step. True story! Well I think that you’re satisfied when you win something et all, but it’s just that I think that process is overused. Weither it’s in shows or online That voting process is really, really overused.
– Just look at the Hellfest, already – It’s better when it costs nothing.
– Even big festivals like the Hellfest and its « Voice of Hell » You application is validated if you have lots of like.
– It’s the digital era. The likes, sharing the posts…
– Well precisely What relation do you have with social medias, and the new…how to say it The new way of communicating and presenting the music Because nowadays it’s part of…you know – The everyday bands’ lives.
– He’s the Mr Communication Like you said it’s part of the routine, no matter if we want it or not Abby’s doing good with it actually, she does a lot of things I wouldn’t have the reflex to do. Like filming little moments, showing stuff I wouldn’t have the reflex to show. It’s part of the routine. The crux of it all I would say. Luckily or not I don’t know. But it’s the crux, really. And at the same time, for a band to live, clearly it’s not enough. For me, it’s like 20% of what it brings back, in terms of…how to say it Direct earnings, not necessarily financial earnings but…
– value-added
– Yes, value-added, exactly In the end aren’t the word-of-mouth and shows attendance the effective ways?
– Well feeding your social medias Even if you’re not playing many shows, sometimes it will bring you gigs Because when you post a lot I don’t necessarily speak about us, but in general – but when you post a lot Like “woah, that was great!” or just a pic, you know People tend to think “shit the band is actually touring much!” And that’s not necessarily the case, after all this is just communication in fact And then, what comes next…
– There’s a lot of staging Don’t get fooled, it’s a lot of staging, of communication, and ways to shows things, which will have an effect on the audience, and maybe even involvements from people who don’t know the band yet. It’s something that works But it requires a lot of work, and it’s how the game’s played, I don’t know, it’s not necessarily…
– necessarily bad.
– You have to do it with enthusiasm Yes that’s right.
– After all that’s not unpleasant.
– And there’s interactions with the fans. – Completely Exactly. We receive little messages from time to time, it’s always pleasant This is the coolest aspect.
– Ha sure.
– Rey, do you want to…because you went to see Burnt Umber a few weeks ago You went to see us?
– They don’t even remember me
– I do remember, we shook hands He was the naked guy, first row.
– It was at the Klub.
– Oh well yes! We said Hi! Oh you know I… I don’t wear the same costume.
– That’s it! You don’t have chains and leather on you No, no he was dressed normally.
– And we’re not used to see you dressed.
– This is mostly the reason. We were in a basement in a… dark cave.
– At the Klub! – That’s right
– The Klub, dear to JP. Yes, yeah, JP Binois. Whom we send big, big hugs by the way. – Yes, me too. – Hi JP!
– Adorable, JP. I found it great. Well you had small technical problems…right? I have to say it
– Small ones, yeah. I have to say it or else they’re gonna think I’m a sell-out. But anyway a beautiful synergy in the band. Really great. And the crowd is really reactive.
– Yeah, totally! About that, you left the stage with half of the crowd, that night.
– Oh really? That much? Ah damn We didn’t note.
– Yes, yes.
– Sorry Anyway it was super.
– Well, I must say the rest of the lineup was some heavy Death (Metal) Yes, we didn’t play the same genre at all.
– But on the other hand, really, I felt a beautiful band cohesion And also beautiful reaction from the crowd. really an awesome surprise Beautiful application and I think we’re at the start of something huge. Well we hope so, thank you it’s really heartwarming.
– That’s so nice We have pressure on us now.
– Yeah.
– Something we were wondering What do you think about the hexagonal (NB=French) alternative Rock scene I wasn’t getting it
– Yes the hexagonal scenes, compared to round scenes! I’m blonde you know, so the hexagonal stages…
– I think it’s more dangerous
– I’d personally prefer the rectangular scenes Do you prefer parquet? Sprung floor? Is there any band you’re feeling close to? Oh yeah absolutely. Last summer we had a big crush on the buddies of Lag I Run. We broadcasted some of them! Here, if you want we can share another extract.
– They’re as sweet people as gifted, really. That’s crazy.
– Do you want us to play another extract from Lag I Run? Yeah
– Oh yeah, go for it Hey that’s our dudes!
– Those guys are your #1 buddies, right
– Well honestly it was a crush And that beautiful Yann Morvant’s hair, that is waving on stage
– This little laugh, too Actually that’s what I was saying earlier when you were asking me a musical crush The discover of the year That’s the kind of questions that can cause a band’s break-up when we have different tastes. Here we all agreed. We really all agreed on them. Well maybe not Mickael since he wasn’t there.
– I was, I was here
– In our minds
– Spiritually But yeah I like it, it’s cool And is there any other band you feel close to ?
– Speaking of..?
– Style, genre, or that you’d like to promote. Whom we played with?
– Yeah, yeah why not. I’d enjoy to have Gojira opening for us, I think. It should be nice.
– Why not, there’s nice guys. A small gig in the Landes and here you go. At the Klub.
– I’d love to open for Evanescence, too, but whatever…
– And why wouldn’t you?
– At the Zenith, 5th of April And why not, that’s a chance to take.
– Yeah…who’s got money? To spend In my opinion it’s more like this nowadays. We agree that to open for big bands, that’s more how it works now. Well, right now I don’t know…
– There were Marie Antoinette, this was nice I was about to say I’ve had a crush on Marie Antoinette They really smacked me down, I didn’t expect at all that kind of… mostly from the singer. I thought she was a…I was about to say “Normal” That’s not “Normal” but a classic female singer, you know
– Well just speaking of hair Yeah, she’s pink too.
– Sure
– That’s why we get along so much
– Sure! She just has the tip of her hair in pink. But I was looking at her thinking “Well yeah, ok, she’s gonna sing, whatever”. And right after she goes **screaming** and I’m like “oh f*ck” And in the end she really amazed me, we were playing with them in the South, like with Lag I Run, the day after. We played in Toulon, I think. And I was blown away during their whole show. During an hour I was like that And honestly it was just amazing, and voilà. It was…it was so good. Well ok.
– But French bands that rock hard and we could talk about there are so many of them There are…too many, that haven’t recognition they deserve We could talk about it during hours, we just don’t have time. Speaking just in the area In the Parisian already, there’s plenty of them…who have to go through battle of bands, and everything…
– who’d deserve to be put under the spotlight
– Lots of bands, for sure I also wanted to ask you what were your upcoming plans, for the future before listening to you playing one last song, unplugged There’s the upcoming album, right?
– Yes that’s right
– But to support this album Will there be any official video?
– Yeah, do you have upcoming shows?
– Well yeah, at the moment we’re kind of feverishly immersed in the mess that precedes an album release, the retroplanning The deadlines, the things, the stuff…and right now we have…
– the head in the grindstone In the grindstone because we’re organizing the shooting of the upcoming video So there’ll be a video?
– There’ll be a video, yeah, before the release of the album.
– Nice Yeah we’re currently working on the, how to call it…the design? I don’t know how to call it
– the artworks
– Thank you the artwork of the album! – Considerate artworks
– That’s why we hired him because he’s very smart. That’s to compensate my ‘blondish’ side You pinky side
My pinky side yeah
– I don’t know how to play by the way It’s already nice if you can finish the sentences of the others. It’s the main thing. Always useful
– Nah, he plays really well Shall we listen to another song?
– Well, ok And before anything else, we wanted to thank you for coming to that interview in the Demenshow, thank you for braving the cold, the traffic, the strike
– Thanks to you! And it will be with great pleasure that we’ll welcome you in another new show, probably next year with live concerts, we’ll talk about it To have some live stuff. In any case you’ll really be welcomed Burnt Umber, a band to absolutely follow Be sure to follow them on social medias, we said Facebook, Instagram Twitter?
– Yeah every social media
– Myspace with Tom And as soon as it’s released, go buy their album because they deserve it. They’re as sympathetic as they’re talented So yeah we recommand
– Which song are you gonna play, which second acoustic song? Love Philter.
– Well here we go
– This is Burnt Umber, and this was the Demenshow. Thank you everyone
– And it’s live!
– Thank you!

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