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Bullying – Stop the Epidemic: Nick Vujicic – [CC]

December 31, 2019

When I was teased in school
I felt like I wish I wasn’t born And we all get teased sometimes You know many people would say
‘Well, you ain’t cool unless you do what we do.’ ‘You ain’t cool unless you’re part of our group.’ And there were times where I felt like giving up. Have you ever come to a point
where you feel like giving up? And the devil will come and he will make us feel like We need to judge people by how we look
and we divide, know… God is a God of love
Your pain is real Your loneliness and brokeness is real
and it’s big, but God is bigger! As I went to school a lot of people sometimes teased me
has anyone ever been teased before? Do you know that I hated my life
because of some students at school? Can you imagine if someone in this school
hates their life because of you? We can either kill somebody with our words
or we can save somebody with our words. You know when kids come up and were
teasing me… I realized that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
because that’s what the bible says. In the bible it says that He has a whole plan and
a future for all of us We must know what the truth says. Without the truth
we cannot fight the lies. And there is going to be lies coming to you
and in your life saying you’re not good enough We need to come together in love,
it doesn’t matter how you look. I don’t care how ugly you think you are,
you’re beautiful just the way that you are. NICK: All the girls say, ‘I am beautiful!’
GIRLS: I am beautiful! NICK: and all the boys say, ‘I’m the man!’
BOYS: I’m the man! NICK: Everybody say, ‘I am special!’
ALL: I am special! NICK: Just the way I am,
ALL: Just the way I am, NICK: because God loves me.
ALL: because God loves me. NICK: And it’s okay…
ALL: And it’s okay… NICK: for me…
ALL: for me… NICK: to be me.
ALL: to be me. When I heard him it just changed my heart from there. Just learned me to forgive all those people that done bad, and for me to go say sorry to those people. It just changed, changed the way I think now. It really, really changed the way I think now.


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    If he could hold a sign, it would say, will work for hugs1

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    Such an inspirational man

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