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Buboy and Starla work together to get rid of the epidemic | Starla (With Eng Subs)

December 10, 2019

Love! – Love!
– Love! – What happened?!
– Lara needs help! – Lara has a fever!
– My goodness! Doctor! Doctor! She’s been burning up
since this morning! How’s is she?
I’ll just check on her. Doctor, I think she’s been
affected by the epidemic. Starla. Even Pedro’s daughter
is sick too! What’s happening
to this town? [STAMMERS]
Where’s Mother Tere? We need to…
I’m so stressed. I’m on the edge! [PANTING] – Are you alright?
– I’m panicking. Mother Tere’s the only one
who can calm me down. Alright. Just wait. She’s taking care
of something. – Okay?
– Okay. Pick yourself up.
Don’t be too needy. Okay. – Let’s go help the patients.
– Alright. They’ll be fine.
The doctor’s here. What’s the matter, Buboy? I’ve been worried
since last night, Starla. I’m worried for Doc Philip.
We need to help him. I don’t want him to die.
The people here need him. Don’t worry, Buboy.
I can take care of that. But what if we help everyone
affected by the epidemic too? Yeah. Alright. That’s a
good idea, Starla. Starla! Make your wish, Buboy! Alright! I wish that Doc Philip
will get better now along with the patients
at the plaza. Say the word and
I will grant your wish and give you what
your heart desires, right here, right now! There we go. – Bring it over there.
– Alright. I got it. Make sure everyone gets some. Here. – Here, Kanor. Give it to them.
– It’s still hot. Alright, get moving. Make sure everyone gets some! Alright. Oh no. Hey, Becky. This is for your daughter.
Make her drink this. There you go.
This will help. Hey there. Here. Make him drink this. How are you?
Can I lean on you? Here, boy. Drink this. That’s the most nutritious tea
here in Barrio Maulap. Drink it all up. Here, let her drink this.
It’s sweet basil tea. Don’t worry.
She’ll be better in no time. – Thank you.
– That’s really effective. – His temperature has gone down.
– He’s okay now. Your son is better now, Ma’am. Thank you, Doc. Her temperature is normal now.
She can go home. Thank you, Doc. Your daughter is
all better now. – You can go home now.
– Thank you, Doc. Buddy… Hey, buddy! Son! Mom… Stella… Mister Greggy. Son… I’m hungry… But I’m still sleepy. You should sleep
some more, dear. – Mister Kulas.
– Yeah? Your tea is something else! – Of course.
– What’s your secret ingredient? Those leaves really have
magical healing properties. I wish I could’ve given
Doc Philip some so he could recover faster. – [SIGHS]
– Let me help you there. Alright. Thank you. Have a safe ride home. – Take care.
– Good bye. Thank you. – Take care.
– Thank you. Doctor? Thank you so much. Ma’am Frida, Sir Javi,
I’ll just take my family home. I’ll be back right away. – Sure!
– Take care! Thank you. Take care! – By the way, Doctor…
– Bye, Chairman. – Bye!
– Thank you. I’m sure Doc Philip will be
glad to know about this. I wonder how he’s doing. Don’t worry, Lolita. I’m sure
Doc Philip will be fine. Isn’t that right? Yeah! This is Doc Philip
we’re talking about! Starla, it looks like
the kids here are okay now. You’re right, Buboy. But what about Doc Philip? Maybe the reason why
I’m still not shining is because he’s not okay yet. I’m shining now, Buboy! Does that mean that
Doc Philip’s okay now?! You saved him, Starla! You also saved the people here! You’re right, Buboy! I’m sure we were able
to help others again! Awesome! Go back in now. Let’s go! Are you sure about this,
Mister Greggy? You really don’t have to
drive me and Tonton home. Are you kidding?
I won’t let you guys walk home. Tonton here had just recovered
from his illness. Miss Ester… Once Tonton has regained
his strength, can he come play with me
and Stella again? Of course! I’m sure Tonton’s excited
to play with you guys too! That reminds me… Where is that kid? Why’d she suddenly disappear? Um… Well…


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