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Bruce Her – Forget About Dre Remix (straight fire??)

October 18, 2019

Yea ok, Im the new kid tryna take my shot going off on this track ima give it all I got gotta make sure every bar count hitting the beat round for round nobody safe from this new sound done picked up myself from the ground and this skill is what I found its time to grind no more playing around grab the papper and pen start writing shit again and again just like pain there aint no end to me running the game like the referee but supposedly I cant rap, supposedly im not good enough but hold up let me snap back to reality god dam im the goat cant you see my rhymes sick like the stomach flu I got many angle of views maybe that’s why I keep it true so when it comes to fam I only pick a few that aint now new stuck on the success like a tattoo no time for failure that’s the shit that we don’t do its either we make it or fake it if that’s the case then we just gotta face it cause you cant just erase the shit that you misplaced better go back to work and retrace until you can surprise the whole human race cause people always assuming for the worst at first poverty is a curse that won’t disperse until you make some of yourself and excel at what you do or else you’ll be stuck in a life with nothing to loose so I rather use the time that I got right now to grab the crown I aint backing down i’m just planning the plays I grab these verses and let it spray im a beast I can’t be tamed im nothing right now but you better remember the name as soon as I make it nothing will be the same my rhymes are lit they set aflame if I don’t make it I’m the only one to blame.

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