Brooke’s Truth about Lume Deodorant

August 30, 2019

Hello! I’m Brooke and I want to talk to you about my favorite product of 2017 and that is Lume Deodorant. And it is for your underarms, but also excitingly it’s for your private parts and just about anywhere else where skin touches skin and where bacteria can hide and strange and unpleasant all factory events occur. So, this is an issue that I had not been like terrible worried about and I don’t’ think maybe hopefully anyone else noticed, but it’s something I always noticed. And it always made me a little self conscious and not as confident and as reassured as I feel like I should be and so I was eager to try this product and I did and within 2 days I realized it was actually working. And for the first time I had absolutely no worries about any sort of odor and that included underarm odor, but also odor that results from having bacteria that live in your groin, in your crotch, in you’re lady folds, in your meat drapes whatever you wanna say you’re private parts, you’re labia, when combined with heat this bacteria can make you smell like a dairy in summer. And this is just not what I really wanted for my life, but it has a great feeling going on, it’s not like waxy or oily. It has a nice generally natural scent, it’s a little tiny bit spicy, there’s a little citrus too it, and a tiny tiny maybe like a lavender. There’s nothing that makes you smell like a like a bouquet it’s really more the absence of smell that you notice than an artificial smell going on. Which is really nice because I don’t wanna have to think about how I smell anywhere unless I’m wearing like a lovely perfume. So in essence, if this is an issue that you feel is important and honestly, I feel like everyone else thinks it’s important that you don’t smell. So I think you should do yourself a favor so that you can feel more confident in 2018 and try this product Because it’s made a world of difference in my life, and have a great year y’all.

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