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February 5, 2020

and I thought to myself this is
literally poisoning me if I don’t get this out I don’t know what’s gonna
happen next to me this is a really hard video for me to make but I’m making it
because if I can help one person then it’ll be worth it so this video is about
breast implant illness never in a million years did I think that this was
real let’s rewind a little bit and talk about why I had decided to get breast
implants so prior to becoming a nurse so before
all that I kind of lived a second life ever since I was little I loved singing
I loved acting I loved performing right so that is
essentially what I pursued my entire childhood I would sing at talent shows I
would sing at church and I actually went to acting school in New York for film
and television so I I remember now I was always a busty
child ever since I went through puberty I actually was a cycie like I had a very
full cup I had breasts it’s not like I was completely flat so why did I get
breast implants well because I was young and dumb it’s kind of like the short
version of it but I remember I was an audition and because I did have large
breasts they wanted me to wear a certain outfit and I felt self-conscious because
I felt like my breasts were saggy right so I felt like they were sagging I was
like you know if I’m gonna be in this profession like I wish I could just wear
whatever and that my breasts would be perky during that week it was a
coincidence that my mom obviously now if mine were saggy my mom’s breasts were
like down to her belly right down her belly button so that I was on the phone
I was living in New York at the time I was on the phone with my mom and she’s
like hey Bridget I’m thinking of getting breast implants I’m tired of house acne
my breasts are I’m self-conscious about it and I was like
hmm I’m gonna come with you like it was an impulse decision I was not in the
healthcare field at the time I didn’t know of any risks when I met with the
surgeon he was like no it’s very safe there’s no adverse effects right so I
was like okay I thought this was a very routine procedure I went ahead and went
through with it and aesthetically I was very happy with how I looked they were
perky now I could wear whatever I want and my bras weren’t saggy all right
so in my 20s I was fairly healthy I never really had acne to begin with but
the signs my symptoms kept progressing and kept getting worse and worse over
time the first thing that I started to develop almost in like my mid-to-late
20s was severe cystic acne the ones that you can’t pop but like they’re under
your skin I would get like huge breakouts on my chin or over here and I
had scars from like it would it would it it scarred my face they’ve gotten better
but it was so first I started getting like the cystic acne I didn’t know what
was going on because I had never had this before so I was like wow great okay
I guess I get acne as an adult again I did I was not putting the pieces
together every once in a while too I would get GI symptoms the X that I was
with at the time would joke around and say like oh your body’s weird your body
goes through its own cleanse every three months like every so often I would get
severe GI upset like nausea a nausea vomiting I wouldn’t want to eat and I
never really knew why I would chalk it up to maybe like I had eaten out and
something I ate didn’t settle well with my stomach
but my GI symptoms would get worse later on I started working so I went to
nursing school I went through all that then I started working as a nurse at a
hospital I had had childhood allergies that almost pushed me into asthma but I
had never really developed asthma I started working at the hospital I
started getting severe shortness of breath and it kept getting progressively
worse to the point where like I would wake up and I just if if if I had had
and I would notice like my my asthma would get worse during when I was
working and then I would get better but it was it was severe like I couldn’t
catch my breath everything it was almost like it was like an air hunger there was
no wheezing there was it’s just hard to explain I would be at work and I
couldn’t breathe and I’m like what is going on with me those symptoms got so
bad one time that I was really close friends with one physician and I was
like I think I have like I can’t breathe I’m I don’t know like can you do some
lab work on me do I have a PE do I have a pulmonary embolus so he did a d-dimer
it was negative and throughout this time I’m going to the doctor the doctor
thinks I’m crazy because I’m like I can’t breathe I don’t know what’s going
on he’s like everything’s fine so I decided to I had to I had a PPO
insurance so I went to an asthma and allergy doctor when they did my
pulmonary function test that’s where you you blow into a tube and you sucked the
air back in my pulmonary function I can’t remember the exact number but it
was really bad they asked me a whole bunch of questions like have you ever
smoked are you a smoker Molino I’ve never smoked a cigarette my life and me
I am the most like I do not drink alcohol I do not smoke I’ve never done
drugs like I am the most healthy person that I that I even know right I don’t
touch anything I don’t touch any illicit substances so I’m like why am I so
healthy I’ve been vegan for you know I started I went vegan when I was 20 I was
like I’ve been vegan for so long what’s going on with me the veer severe asthma
shortness of breath they were throwing all kinds of inhalers at me and they
kept progressing me up because nothing was working
I try to steroid inhaler that didn’t help then they put me on symbicort which
is a combination of a long-acting beta agonist as well as a steroid and that
just made me so jittery but the weird thing is it didn’t help like I was still
having the shortness of breath and I’m just like I don’t think that this is
normal asthma like something else is going on if they had tried singulair
montelukast nothing was working believe it or not I had an annex that he
was like have you tried just like antihistamine like was there talk and
I’m like my doubt of these I was like I doubt that’s it but it because if these
inhalers aren’t working and these are so strong I doubt that as simple as ER tech
will help me well lo and behold I took as her attack and it actually like hold
it actually minimized my symptoms enough that I could work I would still feel the
occasional when I was at work with like them you know but it wasn’t as severe so
think what was happening during this time is the implants were just causing
my rate my body to be over on a tab mode all the time so my immune system was
overly vigilant so something that wouldn’t necessarily make someone else
have an over reactive immune system my immune system was being kicked up a
notch way too much for any little thing any little irritant my new system was in
attack mode and it was just I wasn’t able to breathe anyways so um ever since
I got these implants out even if I don’t take Desertec whatever and I go work at
the hospital cuz I still take clinical groups there I don’t get that same
shortness of breath that I used to get even when I used to take the xerte
before like I said I would still feel the shortness of breath but it wasn’t as
bad and like who would think that breathing would have something to do
with implants right and to further support the fact that the implants were
responsible for this is I went back to the asthma doctor after I got my
implants removed and they did a pulmonary function test and my lung
function is completely normal now in the doctors were perplexed none of them
believes me none of them thinks that this could have contributed it they
think you know a lot of times they look at you like you’re crazy
but I know myself and I know my body and I know that this and this isn’t just a
placebo effect of placebo effect is like when you do something to yourself and
that just having done that like everything is better and it’s in your
head but it didn’t really work but no I know this is not a placebo effect
because there was i I hadn’t even put two in two together like I had been
taking clinical groups so Hass when I was like oh wow you know you don’t
notice something until you notice when something is bad well you don’t notice
the absence of something so you notice when you’re short of breath but when
you’re not short of breath you kind of take things for granted so I was like oh
wow I’ve been taking clinical groups for like six weeks in this hospital and I’m
not short of breath amazing right so asthma started again I had no idea
know where my brain was the fact that this was related my agony had kind of
calmed down by then it’s like it’s like my body picked different things to flare
up or mess up regardless I was using urine at the time to help control the
acne so I was using Murad because Proactiv didn’t help it my pulmonary
function test did improve after I got my breast implants removed now the kind of
breast implants that I got they were textured silicone breast implants and
I’ll talk a little bit more about that later and then after I turned 30
everything just went down the craphole as I say I was getting injured I’ve
worked out my entire life I’ve been sue as a child like so after I got out of
like after ten years old up until like 30 I was super healthy I was super
active I played volleyball I played soccer I played lacrosse I I ran track I
was super athletic I loved playing I would play basketball all the time with
the guys at the gym like I was always a tomboy but anyways super athletic super
healthy I was a personal trainer in my 20s while I was in nursing school so
30s hit and all of a sudden and the little exercise I was doing I would pull
a muscle strain a muscle or have like extreme tendonitis tendonitis that like
would not get better after six weeks like I was like this is not normal I’m
only thirty years old and why why do I still have tennis elbow after three
months you know and I just something was not right I spent so much money on like
things for my selfish running on the treadmill one day right I was sprinting
and at the time I didn’t feel the pain it was after I stopped I was sprinting
very very fast after I got off the treadmill I felt a very strange twinge
of pain in my hamstring very very strange and then it just got
worse like it just felt like III tore it it was awful I can’t describe to you how
excruciating the pain is and it went from my glute from the ischial
tuberosity turned the bottom of my glue all the way down to the back of my knee
right excruciating sitting hurt uh everything hurt except laying down
sitting like this or even reclining was excruciating ly painful I went to the
doctor for it he just drained the muscle right I’m
like this isn’t just a strain this feels really bad it didn’t get better after
six months it was not getting better I was in excruciating pain like it was
awful so I myself made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor because my
primary care doctor doesn’t listen to a frickin thing I say so I always have to
like figure myself out and solve the puzzle pieces so I went to orthopedic
doctor before before this I had gone a physical therapy I know I understand
that you’re getting on to your doctor degree but he was overly confident he
thought he knew everything he was trying to tell me that the pain that I was
feeling was sciatic nerve pain now maybe the muscle could have been aggravating
the sciatic nerve but my problem wasn’t the sciatic nerve my problem was I knew
I had done something to the area so I switched physical therapist I started
going somewhere else the girl that is therapist she did tell me she’s like
yeah it’s not the say I talk nervous not related to your back because the other
hypothesis was oh maybe it’s your back right I’m like no this happened out of
the blue one day it’s an injury please fix it so that physical therapist she
started doing cupping on me and she my my hamstring was little was getting
really dark it was lighting up which means like that the areas that are dark
that means that there is toxins there there’s injury there right so but I
wasn’t it was helping but I wasn’t getting much better I was still in a lot
of pain so then I where I myself went to an orthopedic doctor thank God that
orthopedic doctor sent me to a physical therapist that works with professional
athletes this guy charges $85 a session he’s phenomenal but who has $85 a
session I’m not a professional athlete I can’t afford that right but I was in so
much pain that I bit the bullet and I was paying I was going every single week
paying eighty five dollars out-of-pocket because my insurance didn’t cover it so
that I could get physical therapy because like I told you I was getting
tendonitis I would go every week and he would scrape me this is a this is a
different scraper than he would use he had a different one but scraping is
basically when you use some kind of like oil or lotion and you’re scraping the
areas that have adhesions to help release the myofascial that gets so
tight and injured so I was going to him every single week he would have to do my
you basically do my whole body he had to do my elbows my hamstring and I was
noticing improvement but not enough so he was like Bridget you’ve been one of
my most difficult cases when I can’t fix someone I refer you to this other doctor
he was a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine so that you can do something called PRP
which is platelet-rich plasma I’m forever grateful to that physical
therapist that he didn’t just keep taking my money if he saw that I wasn’t
getting better so I went and I had to have two sessions of platelet-rich
plasma injected oh by the way and in the ultrasound that doctor did see that my
hamstring was torn so you know just because you don’t see
something in MRI or the report doesn’t show it the the person reading it the
radiologist could have potentially missed it he did see tears at the
ischial tuberosity into my piriformis and and the insertion point down below
down behind the knee so I had basically tore all that area I was a hot mess
right thank God I’m still not at a hundred percent I’m at like a 90 percent
right but it’s not excruciating so I haven’t taken care of it because each
PRP session cost five hundred dollars and it just take a recovery period and
it’s very painful so I’m actually kind of scared to go back but I got PRP done
right well why why wasn’t I healing right I was just getting any little
workout if I would go to the gym and do like the triceps I can’t really if I
would do like you know the tricep extensions like I would get excruciating
pain in my elbow biceps I would get excruciating being here like I couldn’t
work out anymore without straining pulling hurting something right and I’m
just like this isn’t normal so I was in my second to last semester of nursing
school I had a friend that I had been friends with for a very long time and I
would confide in him in regards to like all my injuries and illnesses like it
was so bad I I mean I bought I bought every single thing like I had braces
right I this was recommended by my physical therapist this voodoo tape and
basically what you do is you wrap this around your arm I can’t do it myself but
you wrap it any errant area that’s injured and you cut off the circulation
it’s like a tourniquet effect right and then you pull it you pump the area like
a full full of a few times and then you release this and then the the purpose of
it is that blood will gush back to the area right so I was doing my nursing
school work with freaking braces on because my my wrists her I was getting
like carpal tunnel like both wrists were hurting me
every inch of my body was hurting me I spent so much money I had had a whole
like physical therapy thing I had lacrosse balls I had these things that
you are pressure points to release pressure points
I bought copping a couple set I bought cuffing set right to do copying on
myself like because I didn’t want to keep paying
I tried acupuncture I tried the chiropractor I tried what I’ll try I
spent hundreds of not thousands of dollars trying to get better this like
hyperbole thing right I spent so much money on all this pain that I was
constantly in and you know I’ve always been a really happy optimistic person
like I’m always smiling throughout this whole time period I’m suffering
suffering so much so much pain then I spent like a whole year now I’ll never
know I had done I started multi-level marketing like I did multi-level
marketing maybe three years ago I’ll never know if it was the supplements or
if it was a combo or what but for that entire year I if I eat any time I eat
out I got so sick I ended up in the hospital one that was hospitalized for a
full week I was throwing up continuously I got extremely dehydrated which is why
I ended up getting hospitalized I was vomiting I was not eating anything I
couldn’t keep liquids down my electrolytes were all out I had chronic
diarrhea I was a hot mess and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me
diarrhea that would just not stop that was an entire year I would just wake up
with nausea like chronic nausea to the point where like one time I was like
this is my life now I’m just going to be nauseous for the rest of my life like
this is just my life I mean thank God that depression doesn’t run in my family
because I don’t know how I didn’t get severe depression from all of this that
was happy to me being in pain it’s not fun so I
was sick for an entire year with my stomach nauseous almost for an entire
year no I went to a GI doctor nobody could
figure anything out right then to top it all off I got interstitial cystitis
which is like one day I love spicy food or I love to spicy food I love citrus
things right well one day out the blue I just couldn’t I I it all started I have
a video on interstitial cystitis if you want to watch that video but my bladder
just couldn’t tolerate anything it would cause me excruciating pain it felt like
someone was stabbing me or throwing gasoline on and lighting it and that’s
what my bladder felt like it felt like I had a UTI but I didn’t have a UTI and I
was in excruciating pain and that took a while to figure out that it was
interstitial cystitis so I got interstitial cystitis I was in so much
pain to do my homework assignments both my wrists were hurting right I was in so
much pain I literally couldn’t take the pain – like just type on the keyboard
and do my homework I had a I had this EKG quiz I had to take where all I had
to do was use a mouse to click on what I thought that which EKG was right my
wrists hurt so bad that I had to call a friend to come and literally I would
tell my friend like ok click a click see click be like that’s an how much pain I
was and I couldn’t even click something on a screen I had to call my friend to
do that to click on it for me so after after getting my breast implants removed
like I’ve never worn that brace again this this hand not this one this one’s
completely fine this one still gets sometimes a little bit tight especially
if I’ve worked for a lot like you know full 8 10 hour days but if I massage it
or if I use this thing on it like usually it’s enough to like it’s fine
like I’m never in excruciating pain anymore to the point where I’m like I
can’t move my hand you know I don’t get the numbness or the tingling so it’s not
like I have untreated carpal tunnel I was always talking to people I was
always like you know is it is it food like maybe it’s certain foods am I
missing and money deficient and something but all my lab work was a
hundred percent normal I had no inflammatory markers my ESR my CRP was
not elevated right my AMA which is a marker of autoimmune conditions was
positive but my primary said that Oh sometimes I should and at that time I
should have got additional testing with the rheumatologist not just go off the a
and the CRP and the es are but again I was in school I don’t have time several
people had different theories you know they thought maybe it was the food I was
eating I would cut certain things out same symptoms I would like I was
experimenting with everything but nothing I you know everything was the
same if not it was getting worse so finally my friend which I had never
never would have died a million years me and my friend was discrete he’s like
hey I asked you a question he’s like do you have breast implants and I was like
yes I do which normally I don’t really like to talk about that with people it’s
very personal and like if I was wearing a normal shirt you wouldn’t really be
able to tell I had breast implants because my because I had because I was a
c-cup before it’s not like my breasts were like up to here they appeared
natural they had a droop to them like a natural drew because I guess not like
the doctor had to stretch out my skin and like I had balloons here no like
they were they looked very natural she’s like do you have breast implants is like
yes what do you ask he’s like well because I’ve been seeing a lot of videos
online about breasts and play less and I’m like that’s not real I was like I
don’t I don’t think that breast implants can cause what’s happening to me right
but he planted that seed in my brain will this happen to everyone well
everyone that gets breast implants to have these symptoms absolutely not right
I just tend to have a hyperactive immune system so people people that have either
have a history of allergies asthma any autoimmune conditions in your family
your an increased risk for everything that
kind of went on with me I didn’t experience depression or fatigue other
people do experience depression and fatigue
thank God or anxiety right I wasn’t like tired and I wasn’t like depressed and
crying all the time I was just my I was upset that I was but I was thirty going
on 90 you know so meanwhile my mom was starting to get the same muscular
symptoms that I was getting and then when my mom started to get all these
symptoms that’s when I was like hmm maybe something is going on here
my dad has rheumatoid arthritis and to be perfectly honest with you my mom and
I were more like messed up then my dad was my dad was walking around fine with
his RA me and my mom like we were having to cut ourselves massaged ourselves like
scrape ourselves every day like I showed you before I bought my own scraping
tools so I could do my own scraping on myself like my mom was I my mom has
always been so active she would jog all the time and I just saw her health
declining like she would wake up with excruciating back pain she went to the
doctor there wasn’t like I need to herniated discs or anything like that
excruciating back pain it did look like it was muscular in nature like all of
her symptoms she was just getting the same symptoms I was getting but hers was
in her lower back and in her legs sounds like and then what kind of sealed the deal
one day’s my mom’s friend came over from work and this lady comes in she looks
like um she’s like looks like a mummy because she’s strapped down she has a
back brace on a neck brace she could barely move right she’s had multiple
back surgeries and she’s just like I just got these weird muscle pains and
back pain and my pain just jumps from area to area like I would describe it as
fibromyalgia it kind of like the pain that you feel it’s just like one day it
hurts here the next day it hurts here or maybe it you know you’re hurts here like
it’s just generalized pain this lady she had generalized pain and the doctors had
just operated on her they operate on her low back on her neck and she’s like to
be honest with you the pain is still there I feel the exact
same pain that I felt before the surgery rep showed that Mio so my mom asked her
she’s like hey just a question she’s like do you have breast implants and she
was like yes I do so I was like okay this is this is too much of a
coincidence I felt like it was God’s Way of putting of like putting different
things in my life to be like wake up this is what’s causing your issue so by
that point I was ready to get them out like I was in so much pain and I was
like oh if this is really what’s causing it like I want them out take them out oh
I was in my last second to last semester of the NP school of nurse practitioner
school and there was a fairly long break in between that semester in the next
semester so I decided a surgery in the United States is too expensive right so
I decided to go to Columbia which has a reputation of having good surgeons but
I’ll tell you why I’m changing my mind in another video I’m going to do because
I almost died from the surgery like I’m not even exaggerating I almost died so I
flew to Colombia to get my implants removed during the break from my last
semester of NP school from my second to last going into my last semester of NP
school I get there talked to a surgeon he doesn’t think that my symptoms are
related and like I said I’ll do another video of
how I almost died during surgery so I won’t go into that because this video is
already quite lengthy so even sorry rewinding back and going
back the last the absolutely last straw where I was like I need to get these out
now because they’re literally killing me what am I gonna get next lupus like I my
I got severe dry eyes my mouth started getting dry to the point where my tongue
was like it felt like sandpaper my eyes and my mouth and that is a that is
another autoimmune condition called Sjogren’s and severe dry eyes not like
oh they’re a little dry uncomfortable no severe to the point where like if I
blinked I was in pain I would wake up and my eyes just I cannot except unless
you’ve gone through severe dry eyes I can’t explain to you how uncomfortable
and how painful that sensation is and my mouth was dry but I can live with that
so now now that hasn’t got that didn’t go away after the surgery my eyes
they’re not as severely dry but I’ve been using where stasis my mouth still
gets dry so every night before I go to bed I have to put these things called
sily melts and I put them in my cheek just to produce saliva in my mouth at
night because if not my tongue because it I don’t even know how to explain it
to you if there’s no saliva in your tongue no lubrication then your tongue
almost like it’s almost like the feeling is like when you burn your tongue and
it’s completely dried out so my tongue feels caught constantly like if I burned
it like that’s what my tongue feels like chronically it’s decreased the taste
sensation in my mouth but if I don’t put those Eileen mounts on it’ll be a lot
worse with the wrist ASIS now that I use in my eyes my eyes are a lot better so
right before like I was like I was thinking of waiting until after nurse
after I graduated from nurse practitioner school but once my eyes
started severely dry and my mouth start getting
dry I’m like I’m out I need to get these out every month I was getting like a new
condition I was like I’m tired of every month I’m breaking down like my body’s
literally breaking down bit by bit piece by piece like I felt like I was on
death’s door like any minute now and I was gonna get diagnosed with rheumatoid
arthritis or lupus or something I was like I have to do this now
so I won during the break I got the implants removed like I said after I did
I get a hundred percent better no but I did but I am better and the good news is
I’m not getting worse so breast implant illness is very real also breast breast
implants are associated with anaplastic large cell lymphoma and that’s
abbreviated as bi al al CL it’s a type of non-hodgkins lymphoma and there’s
been 573 cases worldwide including 33 deaths and they are associated with the
textured implants which is unfortunately what I had in in my body so yeah I I
don’t know hopefully I don’t get this because unfortunately I seem to have
gotten every other possible symptom that I could get from the freakin breast
implants I wanted to show this article silicone breast implants and autoimmune
erotic diseases myth or reality so this is the abstract which is basically the
summary of the entire article but a silicone remained an adjuvant that may
bleed and subsequently may be a chronic stimulus to the immune system resulting
in similar clinical manifestations as 50 years ago silicones are spread
throughout the body and can be detected in tissue and the central nervous system
autoimmune inflammatory syndrome by adjuvant allergies autoimmune diseases
immune deficiencies and lymphomas occur in patients with silicone breast
implants it says that 60 to 80 % of patients show in amelioration of science
and symptoms after explantation SBI is are associated in a proportion of
patients with complaints such as fatigue cognitive cognitive impairment
arthralgias myalgias which is what our getting pyrexia dry eyes and dry mouth
which is what I got silicones can migrate from the implant through the
body and can induce a chronic inflammatory process in explantation of
SBI results and the majority of patients in an amelioration of symptoms
my mom got I also got her breast implants removed and she’s actually
doing a lot better than I am the 90% of her muscle aches have resolved I’m very
happy for her I rather her have a better outcome than me just because you know no
I don’t like to see my loved ones hurting or in pain so I’m glad that
she’s doing better and I will continue to look for ways that I can help myself
alternative treatments such as PRP or maybe stem cells so that I can get
better but I am significantly better than not
what I was experiencing during my when I had the implants in and I haven’t had
any new conditions pop up now it has been quite a change I’ll show you what
my breasts look like now oh if you look at the side like there’s
nothing there to go to go from always having breasts
always being a c-cup it’s a change to my identity it is I just have it’s like I
have to get used to being almost like a completely different person I was always
used to being this curvy Latina woman and now I’m like flat but what can you
do right health it takes the priority so I urge you if you’re thinking about
getting breast implants think about it very very carefully I essentially
recognize that I have almost like wrecked my body that I didn’t know I was
bringing this onto myself but I brought it on to myself the other thing I didn’t
mention is I was getting really weird rashes too like if I would just scratch
my skin I would get like it would just it like irritate I’ll put a picture up
Indy I’ll put a picture up but so just think about it just think about
it before you do it is this something that is worth risking your health over I
mean what’s the point of having great breasts if you are too tired to leave
your house or you’re in too much pain to enjoy life like health takes priority
over vanity and again I had no idea I was not aware of this so this is why I’m
making this video in order that maybe I can prevent someone else from this
happening – it’s easier said than done but just love yourself love yourself the
way God made you I was born with breasts and I still got implants and now I have
to love myself being completely flat which is a adjusting a completely change
like if I had just left myself alone I would have still had big breasts they
would have been perky that would’ve been saggy but I would have still had boobs
so learn from me don’t do what I did I wish someone had told me so that every
all the thousends I could the amount of money I’ve spent on my health I could
have probably bought a house by now I do not wish what I went through on anybody
please please like subscribe to my channel have a lot of student debt I’m
trying to pay off so please help me get monetized alright thanks for watching
leave a comment below if you experienced breasts plant illness if this changed
your mind or anything I love it when you guys leave a comment thank you and God
bless you


  • Reply Yavel Vazquez January 2, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    Amazing story

  • Reply Joseph Arkoful January 2, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    I can absolutely relate to your story. You've got such an incredible story that everyone especially women and young ladies should learn from.
    "Sure, you are beautiful and gorgeous, just the way you are; God created you in an amazingly wonderful body, don't try to alter it for no reason"

    The damaging effects far outweighs the short-lived benefits which may not be for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing Professor B

  • Reply Joseph Arkoful January 2, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    You just earned a like and a new sub ☺

  • Reply Adolfo Chávez January 3, 2020 at 3:08 am

    Wow, that is very important to know. You are very brave and it's very important that young women watch this.

  • Reply Investing Education January 3, 2020 at 3:44 am

    Thanks for sharing. I made a mistake with fillers too once a upon a time. We learn from our mistakes. Btw u r beautiful.

  • Reply Christopher Eric Outridge January 3, 2020 at 6:10 am

    I have known you for many years, and I have always respected and loved you as a strong, talented and beautiful woman. After watching this video, I respect and love you so much more.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Thank you for being brave.

  • Reply margarete1806 January 4, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    You need to do heavy metal detox
    Medical medium detoxing and infrared sauna … breast implant illness is real …

  • Reply Elle Stuart January 8, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    You are brave. Thanks for the story. Wish you better health

  • Reply Bruni H January 12, 2020 at 7:21 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing, you do not know how you have helped me right now. I have been going through so much lately and for the past couple of years. I have been planning on having mine removed for some time now. Since beginning my nursing career, I have had regrets and have shared them with anyone who even mentions about have breast implants. I will be sharing your video. Much respect!

  • Reply MCcupcakeluver January 13, 2020 at 5:12 am

    thank you so muchhhhhhh for posting this. I too now have pulmonary issues because of the implants. I can totally relate to your video I have SOB, asthma that cannot be controlled by steriod inhalers. I felt so hopeless until I've seen other videos of women with BII. Hoping my explant will relieve some of the symptoms.

  • Reply princess life January 23, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Real men dont like fake

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