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November 14, 2019

Has a wild case of the bubble-guts got you
regretting the other night at the Golden Corale? Are you pledging to never again go for fourths
at the sizzler, yet again? One of the most common complaints we see showing
up to clinics, urgent cares, and ERs all over is the classic trio of NVD, or nausea, vomiting
a diarrhea. A lot of times that wretched naush and unrelenting
diarrizzle is attributed to is good ol gastroenteritis. These symptoms usually comes on suddenly and
last a couple days for up to a week or more, and with the viral gastroenteritis the name
of the game is symptom management. Theres a lot of fluid and nutrient loss from
both vomiting and diarrhea so we definitely need to replenish.. but HOW when youre so
nauseous you can’t keep anything down? Well there are medications that help with
nausea.. but for years and years the BRAT diet was recommended just for the upset tum
tum.. BRAT stands for Bacon, Ramen, Airheads, and
Tacos… wait sorry.. Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast For real? Does this sound bland as– Thats the point. The idea is to have your intake be as lame
as possible so your stomach doesnt get all excited and throw a fit. Something like that.. However the most recent recommendation is to eat as
tolerated which simply means.. if you can keep it down, go for it. That’s cause restricting yourself to the
BRAT foods could deprive you of adequate calories and important nutrients. That being said.. if your guts are bubbling..
you may want to skip the flamming hot Cheetos and pass on the 7 alarm challenge at the Wingdome..
just for today.. and remember that these acute causes of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are spread through the fecal oral route.. and as always your absolute best defense is
practicing good hand hygiene.. that means.. wash your damn hands.

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