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Bozo Is Sick! ??

November 23, 2019

[Bozo snoring] Pssp pssp pssp pssp pssp, pssp pssp pssp pssp. [whispering] Bozo, hey Bozo! Pssp pssp pssp [faint waking moan] Hi, h-hi. Good morning, Bozo. Good morning! [Bozo] I have a sore throat. Oh, you do? Oh, okay. You were probably breathing through your mouth while you were sleeping. [Bozo] Oh, I don’t remember. Hmm. It’s okay. And so, You wanna read a book or something, to make you feel better? Uh, Sure. Okay, let’s see. Let me find a good book for you to read. Okay, let’s see. What kind of book? Ooh, all about reptiles! Bozo, don’t you like reptiles? [Bozo] Yeah, I think I like them. Here. You wanna read this? It’s one of your favorite books. It’s all about reptiles. You can read this for a while. I’ll make breakfast. Okay? Okay. Here, I’ll make something soft. So it can be like a, Ooh, how about pancakes. You want me to make that? [Bozo] Yeah, sure. I like pancakes. Okay. See you at breakfast Bozo, you can read this. [opens door] Let’s see, I’ll make…pancakes with some hash browns. [Bag crackling] [Puts pan on stove] [Turns on stove] Where’s the butter? Ah, here it is. [Takes stick of butter out of box] Bozo, breakfast is ready, come on down. [Bozo] Okay. [Pours orange juice in glass] [Opens curtains and blinds] Wow, what a beautiful day it is. You wanna lay down? Yeah. Okay, here. You wanna watch some television? Yeah. Okay, what do you wanna watch? Uh, how about a game show. Okay. [Turns on television] Oh, Lets Make A Deal is on. You wanna watch that? Yeah. Okay. I just wanna see what else is on. Hey don’t change the channel! I just wanna see what else is on. Wait, no! I just wanted to see what else is on, oh the Today Show, with Kathie Lee and Hoda. [faint talking on TV] [rubbing Bozo’s head] Your nose is getting runny? [Bozo] Yeah. [Bozo snoring] Bozo’s fast asleep. Let me get his little monkey. He always likes that. [snoring] [more snoring] [even more snoring!] [Ahh! More snoring!] [But the snores are so adorable

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