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Boric Acid Suppositories | Answering The Most Commonly Asked Questions

November 23, 2019

Can you use boric acid suppositories if you’re
pregnant? What about if you’re breastfeeding? Do I need to stop having intercourse while
I’m using boric acid? All of these are questions that I get time
and time again in the comments section of my videos when I make videos about Boric acid
suppositories. So this video I’m going to answer all of the
top questions so if you want to know the answer to those questions and make sure you keep
on watching this video, then TJ, Hey, welcome y’all. Welcome. Welcome. If you want to know, I’m Quinn CJ and this
right here is the number one place to be for self care information and education strictly
for the ladies. So this is the third video in a series of
videos that I have done about boric acid suppositories. So if you have not checked those out, I’ll
put a link to those right here in the white card. You just tap that, it’ll take you there. And I also put a link to it in the description
of this video so you can go and check those videos out. Because in those videos I go more in depth
about work accident. But this video right here, this one right
here is all about those questions that I get in the comment sections of those videos. So we’re going to answer them. Y’all are gonna know, you know everything
you need to know hopefully. And then you know, you could make a decision
of whether of whether or not work as it is for you. Okay. So if this is the first video that you are
seeing about boric acid suppositories, I’ll go ahead and give you just a little real quick
summary of what boric acid suppositories are, what they do. So boric acid suppositories have been kind
of buzz lately, especially here on YouTube because women are starting to find out that
they can use this as a treatment for bacterial vaginosis, um, for a yeast infections. And then just to feel a little fresh, I see
a lot of women saying, I just use them prophylactically, just, you know, to make sure everything stays
cool down there. Now it does not treat STDs and you know, any
kind of major pelvic inflammatory disease or anything like that. But if you have a yeast, you know you can
buy it over the counter. I used sufficient products and this is just
another option, but women who are not having any success with antibiotic treatments or
those over the counters are finding success with boric acid. And that’s not to say that there are not some
side effects and drawbacks. I do have a video that tells you all about
the side effects in detail of work acid and the things that you should look out for. So if you are here and you already know all
that stuff, you just want to know the answers to the questions you’ve been wanting to know
the answers to. Right. So let’s go ahead and jump into question number
one. So the first question that I see a lot of,
and these are not in any particular order, not in any order I don’t guess. But the first question I get a lot is can
I use boric acid suppositories while I am on my period? So the answer to that is yes, you can use
boric acid suppositories when you’re on your cycle, just as you can use those over the
counter treatments when you’re on your cycle. Now if you normally use tampons or menstrual
cups or something like that, I would not personally use those at the same time that I’m using
the boric acid suppositories, I would use a pad because one thing with the boric acid
suppositories is that the next morning when you get up, you’re more than likely going
to have some discharge and you’re going to get the remnants of that suppository after
it melted. When you went asleep, when you were asleep
and in bed last night, all that kind of comes out. So I would aware a pad because a tampon could
like absorb it and then it’s in there and you just don’t want none. You just use a pad. Okay. So another question that I get quite often
is can I use it during the day? So the quick answer to that is I’m going to
say, yeah you could, but I would not. And the reason for that is when you go to
bed at night and insert the suppository, it has all night to work because you’re laying
sleds, it’s inserted. It’s not just going to run out like you would
if you put it in in the morning. You at work are you at school and you just,
you know, going all about your day. You don’t have time to kind of like, you know,
stay in there and do the doodle work like he would if you put it in at night. So I definitely think putting it in at night
is the best option so that you can get the best results. Okay. So another question that I have gotten has
been whether or not you can use it when you’re under the age of 18. So, um, if you are under the age 18, I would
definitely say consult your parents or your guardian when you have any kind of issues
because at that age you may not be 100% sure that it is just, it could be something else. It could be something else. So let your parents know, you know, they may
want to take you to the doctor to get you checked out, but let that be their decision
Borg as it does have some toxic side effects if it is used improperly. So you don’t, you don’t want that to happen. You don’t want none of that to happen. So if you under 18 I’ll go here and let your
parent know what’s going on and let them make that decision. If they haven’t heard of boric cid suppositories,
then you can definitely let them watch the video. You know, they can watch one of the videos
that I have so they can be informed about it and then they can help make the right decision
for you because they care about you. I didn’t want to do the right thing for you. Right. So yeah, let your parents know because there
is some indication that say don’t use it when you’re under 12 years old, but you know, if
you 13 you just a year away from 12 like you don’t know that. But you know what I’m saying, Ash, a parent,
before you go use boric acid suppositories definitely. Definitely, definitely do not ingest. Do not take in your mouth. Do not swallow work as suppositories. That’s bad, bad, bad, bad. Hey, sorry to interrupt. But if you are not a part of the community,
then I would love to have you. So consider subscribing to the channel by
clicking the rear subscribe button under this video and the intent that be all right beside
it. So you get notifications every time a new
video comes out, I would love to have you be a part of the qMunity so another
very common question I get asked is can I use boric acid suppositories when I’m pregnant? Okay. And my answer to that is going to be no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The hasn’t really been any studies about it. Nobody has any data, official data of whatnot
saying no, not to use it when you’re pregnant, but we know when you use it, if it happens
to get into your blood stream by a hood or something going on and abrasion or something
down there that it could be toxic. So we definitely would not want it inserting
the blood stream or even giving it the opportunity to buy using it. When you are with the baby, with child, you
little fetus don’t be using it. Now if you are pregnant and you’re having
signs of BV or yeast anything like that, I suggest you go on, you talk to your doctor
about it, they can prescribe you something or they may even tell you to go use something
over the counter. But you need to talk to your doctor first
and find out what it is your OB GYN wants you to do. Okay. And so another question that goes along the
lines of this question would be, can I use it when I’m breastfeeding? So the answer to that is also going to be,
let me, let me lean in. No, don’t use it when you’re breastfeeding
or pregnant. We have now answered the portion of the video
that is ASMR. I’m actually in the library in a little cubicle,
but I wanted to tell y’all, but the number one question is, or give you the answer to
the number one question I get asked. Undoubtedly this is the number one question
and it’s a very good question and that is while using Boric acid suppositories, do I
need to abstain? Good question. Good question. The answer to that is yes. So you can use it for, you can use it for
one day. I found out that some of them said they just
use it as a preventative measure once in awhile, you know, just one day, boom. Um, but you can’t use it upwards to 14 days
in general. I guess. Usually you use it for a seven day round. It depends on what your bottle, your instructions
say. And even for this question, you could call
the number of the manufacturer who made your bottle of suppositories and ask them if it’s
not stated. There are some bottles that do stay to wait
24 hours after the last use. My personal opinion, I would say at least
36 hours. And that’s because you’re going to insert
it at night. So let’s say if your last, if you do a seven
day round and your last one was asserting one Friday night, I would at least wait til
Sunday morning before have intercourse. But at least 24 hours is what most people
are saying as soon as the one that I get a lot. Okay. So this question is can you use this depositories
when you have an IUD? So for this question I had to put on my thinking
cap, I had to do some research and I had to do some callin. So I can tell you the right information, right? So first of all, I you, these are two different
kinds. You have the hormonal and you have the non-hormonal,
which are the copper IUD. IES. Okay. So I was like, well I want to know, you know,
can you use it? If you go online and Google, you’re not really
get a definitive answer. And the thing about that is when you call
the companies, you still don’t get a definitive answer. I want to head, I called, um, one company
that produces the copper IUD and I asked them, you know, with a copper IUD in place, can
you use work as a positories? And the answer they gave me is that has not
been tested. So they do not know it. Well, you know, they didn’t say it like that,
but essentially they say that, um, and for you to go ahead and contact your doctor to
see what your doctor says about that. So that was a copper IUD. So then I went to hand and call one of the
hormonal IUD companies and ask them the same thing. And their answer was pretty much the same. They said that they were not sure if you could
or not to go ahead and contact your doctor and let them make that decision for you. So guys on, you’re going to have to contact
your doctor and see what they say. So definitely contact them though. I wouldn’t just, you know, I’ll be lamb, go,
Hey [inaudible] contact your doctor. And then tell them, you know, you’re interested
in using oric acid suppositoriess. I will tell you this, some doctors didn’t
really with using work as a positive, as they all know, they all know about it. [inaudible] they probably know of the Roach
killer. I don’t know. They don’t know about it. So they’re going to be like, well, you know,
they used to prescribe the antibiotics, uh, you know, telling you to go get a Miconazole,
treatment or something. But nevertheless, you got to run it by him
before you use it. If you have an IUD. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you have not seen this video here, you
might want to try it and you might be a little interested. You see this shoulder, that’s the, you know,
you might want to see this video here. Oh, you might want to see this one here and
you might want to join the family by subscribing here. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.


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