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Boric Acid for Yeast Infection Home Cure

August 15, 2019

How to use boric acid for yeast
infection home cure what is boric acid it is a crystalline
chemical substance in white color and it has antifungal and antiviral properties
it is commonly used in many prescription pharmaceutical products and it is
available without a prescription too many experts recommended boric acid for
yeast infection especially when the disease is cannot be cured by antifungal
medicines how it works boric acid can rebalance the vaginal pH
so that the canada will get inconvenient with it and stop to reproduce themselves
in addition the boric acid is also can stop the replication of the candidate
because of its acid character how to use boric acid for yeast infection boric
acid for yeast infection is easy to apply you can make your own capsule by
following this thing you need to prepare the empty gelatin
capsules 0 sizes boric acid powder for vaginal yeast infection dinner knife and
a sheet of paper now you have to lay a piece of paper on the table and use it
to catch the boric acid powder that spills when you fill the capsules use
the tip of your knife to fill the capsule with the boric acid one capsule
has around 600 milligrams of boric acid this is a daily treatment dose for
vaginal yeast infection you also can use a paper with a sharp
crease to put the boric acid into your capsule it also simpler for you to scoop
the powder into the capsule the last is you can close the capsule carefully you
can take it before you go to the bed each night you also can use your finger to insert a
capsule of it into your vagina you can use an applicator if you do not want to
use your finger but remember to use the applicator with auntie thrush treatments
you can do it for a week to eradicate the infection you also need to use a pantyliner to bed
because it will produce discharged after you put the capsule inside your vagina boric acid for yeast infection may cause
the burning and irritation so that you may not use it for more than a capsule
at night especially to be put in your vagina when you put the boric acid
powder to the capsule make sure you use the hand cover because it makes the
irritation for your skin you also may not use it near the cuts or
abrasions because it can enter the bloodstream and cause nausea vomiting
diarrhea kidney damage and dermatitis it is never taken orally and it is
typically used only it is also not safe to use if you are pregnant it is a toxic agent so that you should
keep it out of the children reaches about the work of it it depends on each
person the symptoms may return so that you should check to the doctor if you
need to use it for several months to relieve your symptoms thank you for watching please subscribe
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