October 13, 2019

hi guys it’s Bailey and today we have
the best booty bridge series to blast cellulite let’s get started okay let’s get started lying down on our
back for this one you want to start by pressing your heels into the mat and
gluing your legs together I want you guys to imagine you have a winning
lottery ticket between your knees and if you drop it you can’t keep it – so you’re
squeezing those knees really lifting the hips squeeze your gluts and then lower
down lift and squeeze lower down good so you should start to feel the
back of the legs and the center of the glute switching on, even a little bit
of inner thigh you’re really digging those heels into
the mat – you should be able to lift your toes if I ask you to and really think of
pressing those knees forward here great now this one will just start to
activate the back of our leg so all those muscles in the back of the
legs our hamstrings our glute and we really want to tone up all those little
muscles in our in our glutes and the back of the legs to help to reduce the
appearance of cellulite and really strengthen those muscles pressing the
knees forward good we have four three really think of squeezing those knees
together for to hold this next one up little pulses for ten nine eight
good you should feel those hamstrings starting to burn for seven
five four three two good last one lower down and then what we’re going to do is
our second set I want you guys to bring your feet a little bit closer to your
glutes we’re lifting our hips as high as we can then lift your right heel off the
ground digging those toes into the mat and lower and lift again now this is
going to strengthen our obliques and strengthen those muscles in the core
from being a little unbalanced our left leg is working really hard to keep us
stabilized and then we’re working a little deeper into the glute muscle here
because we have a little bit more range of motion
now that our heels lifted good just another five four it’s okay if
your knees separate you guys can still keep the lottery ticket for two last one
now drop the heel switch lift the left and then what you want to check into
here is that your hips stay nice and stable you’re not sort of rocking around
from side to side because that means our core is working and all those little
stabilizing muscles in our hips and glutes are really helping to strengthen
and tone that posterior chain of the body so our backsides those hamstrings are going to be on fire
we have five for good three two last one hold those hips now both heels
lift and tap your hips stay high you lift the heels and tap them down just
rolling through those ankles really squeezing the glutes now this one burns
I’m not gonna lie to you here keep those hips lifted lift and lower
little lifts little lower oh my god it burns so much you guys think of how tone
the back of our legs we’re gonna be four more three two hold it up little pulses
down and up with those heels lift it for ten nine stay with me seven six five
four three two one hold and lower down we’ll do a stretch before our second fat
those are intense draw some nice big juicy hip circles here just releasing
the hamstrings and then let’s go into our next set all right so now we help
that lottery ticket back between our knees we’re squeezing them nice and
tight arms by the side we’re going to lift open close and lower lift open
close and lower so this will get into those pesky little side glute area you
know that area where your hamstring meets the back of your leg meets your butt cheek we
want each of those butt cheeks to look like a little smiley
like a little smiley line so this one really helps to lift that area that
little under butt area good lower lift open and close now very
important that you squeeze the knee catch the lottery ticket and then lower
that way you get every muscle in the glute so we open squeeze those knees and
tap and tap good hold this one little pulses in that
butterfly you are gonna feel the most insane burn through those hamstrings and
inner thighs 5 4 3 2 squeeze the knees up and down for 10 9 8 breathes 4 7 6 5
4 3 2 and 1 lowering down for the next set take your feet nice and wide and a
bit of a turned-out position arms by the side we’re going to lift really squeeze
those glutes and then tap them back down it’s so crazy but these bodyweight
exercises actually burn a lot more then I think when you do like traditional
squats in a gym or deadlift and you really feel all those little muscles
four days after so you know it’s working again you want to be able to dig your
heels into the mat so this is going to work your hamstrings
all the way around from side to side so you get the from basically the inner
thigh to the outer thigh remember to squeeze those glutes at the
top think release squeeze them and lower beautiful hold this next one up little
pulses down and up down and up for ten Dig those heels into the mat good five
four three two hold it up our last thing we’re gonna do dip one hip lift it up
then the other little tip so it’s almost like you’re see-sawing your hips now
this gives us a little bonus ab work but you really want to think of lowering the
hip and then squeezing your butt cheek to lift it up and yes of course the
hamstrings still getting all that work so this hamstring really has to help
lift the leg back up or the glute back up good for more
three two last one last pulses for ten for nine
squeeze those glutes seven six five four three two one hold and roll the spine
back down pull those knees in a little bit of a stretch here massage the hips
in the socket and you guys are done great job you guys
I hope you enjoyed that quick booty blast if you did please subscribe
because I post new workouts every single week! one more I sent a way
to enthusiastic about cellulite!

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