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Boot Sector Virus

December 30, 2019

Now let’s discuss boot sector
virus in more details. First let’s look at
how boot sector works. A boot sector is a special sector
on the hard drive of a system. When a system is booted the code in
a boot sector will always run first. In a code, it’s called bootstrap loader. The bootstrap loader is
typically responsible for loading the operating system. For example, it may ask a user to choose a list
of operating systems to boot from. For example, the bootstrap loader
typically may ask a user to choose an operating system from a list and
then loads that operating system. And this is how system
boots from a hard drive. Again, it starts with
code in the boot sector. And then when a bootstrap loader runs,
it loads the operating system. When a boot-strapper
virus infects the system, the virus code is inserted
in the boot sector. And the reason is, boot sector again,
is a special place in the hard drive and the code there will always be
executed first when the system boots. So, by putting virus code there, whenever system boots the boot
sector virus will run. Then, of course, the boot sector virus
can perform a number of malicious functions such as infecting
other programs on the system, spreading to other systems and stealing
useful documents from the system. After the virus code runs, the boot
sector virus should transfer the control to the original bootstrap loader so
that the system can boot normally, at least appear to the user
that the system boots normally.


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