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Boiron Cold & Flu Medicines Testimonial by Gary Kracoff, NMD, R.Ph.

October 4, 2019

Hi, I’m Gary Kracoff, and I’m at Johnson Compounding
and Wellness Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. One of the problems I find as a pharmacist
is the parents come in looking for cough and cold products that they’ve always used in
the past, and a lot of them have been pulled off the market. So there’s a big void now,
and that’s where homeopathy comes in, because the formulas have been put together specifically
to treat kids, whether from young kids 2 and up, and there’s really not much out there
on the conventional side for that young age group. Some of the main things I like about
homeopathic medicines, especially with children, is they’re easy to use, they don’t make the
children sleepy or keep them up at night, and they taste good, so you don’t have any
fights with the kids about, “You need to take your cough syrup.” Coming into cold and flu
season, what you really want to do is have the proper products and remedies on hand.
Coldcalm is a great product – it addresses the sneezing, the runny nose, the congestion,
the sore, irritated throat, so, the majority of the cold symptoms. It’s great for anyone
3 years and up – it comes in quick-dissolving pellets for the kids, and fast-dissolving
tablets for adults. Chestal is a great formulation in a cough syrup – it’s good for kids 2 and
up, it doesn’t cause drowsiness or it doesn’t stimulate them, it will help with just about
any type of cough, from a real tight cough to a very, very juicy, loose cough. For the
flu, Oscillo should be in everyone’s house. You should have a package of that before the
season starts, because you wanna start taking it at the first sign of flu-like symptoms.
Now, studies have shown that if you take it at the beginning of flu-like symptoms, it
can head off the development of it, lessen the severity and the duration. In addition
to homeopathic medicines, some of the things you can do to stay healthy or get healthier
is eat well, get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, and wash your hands. In doing that
you should have a great cough and cold season.

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