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Blood In Stool Occult Blood What Is It?

August 23, 2019

Hi, there. Eric Bakker. Thanks for tuning in. I get many questions from our subscribers,
as you can well imagine. Some questions I can respond to, and some
I can’t. Some questions I get all the time, and some
I get every now and then. Here’s a question I do receive regularly from
people, and this is a question from a lady over in Spain, which is an interesting one. “Eric, I have blood in the stool.” Occult blood. “What does it mean? What are the causes? What do I do?” She’s really stuck here with this problem,
and she also mentions in the comment to me that her mother had bowel cancer, and she’s
quite worried about that. She’s wondering if she could have bowel cancer. Let’s talk about occult blood and really what
that means, and whether you should be freaking out or not. So, many people at some stage in their life
will pass some blood through the stool. For most people, this will be quite … it
won’t really mean much. It will only be a small amount. It can be the result of a hemorrhoid, it can
be the result of some type of intestinal parasite or infection. It can happen from time to time. This can be anomalies that can occur with
people. However, if you’re passing out blood regularly,
you know? If you notice it when you’re going to the
bathroom, and it’s regularly coming out in the stool, it definitely warrants investigation. Further by the doctor. Particularly blood tests. And especially if you’ve got fatigue, you’re
tired, you got poor immune function, you’ve got any rectal itching, you’ve got really,
really fatigued, you’ve got brain fog, stuff like that. It will require, definitely, some more in-depth
investigations to determine what is going on. It could be one of 100 different things going
on. It could be something as simple as a hemorrhoid,
which is very, very common in so many people. But it could also be something more sinister,
like a stricture or a problem with the colon. There could be polyps inside there. There could even be bowel cancer, for all
you know. So these things are well-worth checking out. Colon cancer is bowel cancer is much more
common than you think. Many people have bowel cancer, in fact, where
it’s never diagnosed. I highly recommend, for this reason, that
you stay on a very, very good diet and always strive to eat very good, healthy foods to
help prevent conditions like bowel cancer, which is linked with things like heavy alcohol
use. Eating too much red meat. Obesity. High stress. Things like that can contribute to this terrible
disease. The blood in the stool question is an interesting
one. And you can go to your doctor and often get
a stool test done for what I call occult blood, so, occult, we’re not talking about devil
worshiping and stuff like this. We’re talking about occult blood, so blood
that is found in a place where it shouldn’t really be found. Blood should not be found in the toilet bowel. It shouldn’t be there. So a fecal test, the doctor … there are
various tests that they can do; they can also do this particular marker, for example, to
determine whether you’ve got bowel cancer or not. There’s a particular type of stool test that
can be done as well, through a lab. So if you’re concerned, you can actually ask
for the stool test to determine whether you’ve got a bowel cancer risk or not. It’s a particular enzyme called MPK2 kinase
or something. I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it’s
a particular marker to determine whether you’ve got colon cancer or not. So that could also be done, if you want to,
at the same time, or at a later date, determine that. But often, if you get repeated occult bloods
coming back, further investigation, you may need to go to the gastrointestinal doctor
for a proper examination and check out there to make sure. The other thing I like, I recommend, if you’ve
got a fecal occult that’s positive is to get a complete blood count down. And particularly ask for iron studies to determine
what’s happening with your red blood cells. You could have a low ferritin. F-E-R-R-I-T-I-N, ferritin. Which is an iron storage protein, so if you’ve
got low ferritin, you could have been bleeding, losing blood for a long period of time, particularly
if you’re weak and tired. Get B12 and folate also checked. Very important elements, you know, that go
along with the red blood cell cascade there, so get IBCs and red blood cell screen done
and maybe B12 and folate and then find out what’s going on. So I hope that gives you a bit of useful information
there on occult blood. If you’re in doubt, go to the doctor. Get a blood test done and take it from there
to see what happens. So I hope that gives you good information. Thanks for the question. Thank you.


  • Reply CmonSon6492 July 9, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    Eric I had a question about candida and hyperoxaluria… During my bout with candida I seemed to develop a sensitivity to oxalic acids in foods. I can no longer eat foods like almonds, spinach, quinoa, etc. because of the high oxalate content. I was wondering if you had ever heard of this phenomena and if so, could you potentially do a video on how to deal with it? Thanks and best wishes

  • Reply samoo 89 December 7, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    hi dr Eric i have a question about the fit test : i am having chronic urticaria before 2 months symptoms are (swelling in lips and gum eyes every day with some red itchy bumps
    i do have ibs before long time .my symptoms (bloating gas some times diarrhea when i stress ) that my symptoms before 5 years and and made colonsc (even the doctors said in that time there is no need cause my stool test was negative ) that was before 3.5 years to diagnosis my ibs and they said nothing wrong in my colon and its ibs
    right now i am having chronic urticaria (2 months before ) because of that…… the doctor made full blood work and fit test for me and the result was positive (fit 54 )
    how to deal with it as 54 from 50 result its it too much ? could the blood came from teeth cause i made perestie test was neg and what do you think ? my iron test was normal too
    thanks best regards

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