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Black Yeast Beta Glucan Research Black Yeast Beta Glucan

October 22, 2019

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Research Black Yeast Beta Glucan, as with all yeast
beta glucans, is regarded as the mother of all beta glucans
because of its broad spectrum of health benefits. Yeast beta glucan, such as black yeast beta
glucan, is beneficial to our body’s immune system,
heart health, detoxification and others. Professor Takeo Hasegawa from the Suzuka University
of Medical Science, Japan, has been researching the effects and potential
of beta glucan and yeast beta glucan, in particular Black Yeast Beta Glucan, in
increasing immunity of the body. According to Professor Hasegawa’s research
when black yeast beta glucan is consumed, it becomes entwined in the folds of the intestine
and starts stimulating the intestines, thereby activating the immune system. When the intestines are stimulated by black
yeast beta glucan, the immune cells macrophages gather together. It’s like black yeast beta glucan is calling
and gathering the soldiers and army of the body to be ready for battle. The macrophages can then kill bacteria and
attack any harmful substances entering the body. As a result of the stimulating effect of black
yeast beta glucan, the macrophages gather and release hormones
known as cytokines, which are immunomodulating agents. These cytokines are systemic in function and
travel throughout the body, waking up the entire immune system to be ready
for defending the body against any attack. This will also help the body to heal. Professor Takeo Hasegawa also discovered through
his research that black yeast beta glucan is able to
double the effect of NK cells or natural killer cells in attacking cancer cells and virus-infected
cells. Recent research shows that each cell of our
body has sugar chains on its surface. These sugar chains extend from the surface
of the cell like whiskers. They are critical in the communication between
cell. They transmit information from cell to cell.
In simple terms, they tell others cells what function the cell has. These sugar chains can be damaged and broken
through aging, free radical attack, radiation, etc. When this happens, the immunity of the body
is compromised and people get sick. Professor Takeo Hasegawa shows that fragments
or broken chains of black yeast beta glucan can be
absorbed through the intestines and attach themselves to the damaged sugar chains on
the surface of the cells. By doing so, the black yeast beta glucan repairs
the broken and damaged sugar chains. His research also shows that black yeast beta
glucan is able to curb or inhibit the growth of tumor. As a radiation expert in the Department of
Health Science at the university, Professor Hasegawa discovers black yeast beta
glucan has anti-oxidant properties, even against radiation. In his research Professor Hasegawa has been
studying beta glucan in the form of Black Yeast Fermented Liquid. Check out more details and information at Beta Glucan Yeast Beta Glucan Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan Black yeast fermented liquid Thank you for watching this video. Please
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