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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Corona Virus

March 10, 2020

hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re gonna go over little information about Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the coronavirus obviously the coronavirus has been hitting the headlines recently in the last month or so obviously starting in China and spreading throughout the world that’s causing a lot of consternation and panic throughout the world for for good measure so I know all the individual countries are dealing with what they’re gonna do with their population in terms of testing and sequestering people in quarantine but today what I want to go over is is just what it means for Bitcoin the cryptocurrency market and I want to start with this article that I saw and it said contaminated cash may spread the coronavirus World Health Organization warrants now the reality is you can use your credit cards you can use your debit cards but really think about that how cash changes hands so much and so many people touch it that I get it and that’s just another use case almost for Bitcoin to show why it’s important long-term why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become the standard to get away from cash and coins can you do you have you remembered when you are actually rolling pennies or coins and taken to the bank and your hands are so filthy it’s kind of disgusting and you can just see it with cash as well so let’s go through this together it says the World Health Organization is who has advised people to wash their hands and stop using cash if possible as the paper bills may spread the corona virus every time I touch cash or coins I always want to wash my hands anyway but look at this these headlines now who told The Telegraph on Tuesday that customers who use cash bills should consider using contactless payments instead as coronavirus also kovat 19 may cling to the surface of paper bills for multiple days and it goes on to say in the article tell it and then the Telegraph article the Bank of England acknowledged that cash can carry bacteria and viruses and urges people to wash their hands now that’s kind of one of those obvious points I know that everybody should always be washing their hands when they’re touching surfaces you know in the bathroom or whatever it is but you know this kind of heightens it with with what has been going on with the coronavirus last month both China and Korea began disinfecting it and isolated used banknotes as part of their efforts to stop the spread of the virus that’s pretty amazing they’re taking cash is infecting it officials used ultraviolet light or high temperatures to sterilize bills then sealed them for 14 days before releasing them back into circulation that’s pretty amazing that’s doing a lot and how much money is that cost to do all of that it’s not known exactly how long the corona virus can survive outside the human body but it’s believed they can survive on and Amanat objects for up to nine days at room temperature money similar to things such as like doorknobs and handrails and phones and credit cards can carry the bacteria or viruses so on the end just wash your hands that is amazing so here’s some cleaning tips to keep the workplace safe and mid-corner virus warriors or ease in order to protect yourself from a possible infection the CDC recommends avoid close contact with people who are sick avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth stay at home on sick cover your cough or sneeze with tissue and then throw the tissue in the trash clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after going to the bathroom before eating and after blowing your nose coughing or sneezing so that’s just kind of an overview but what I want this video to be about is just Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the corona virus so that’s just kind of the opening salvo here obviously we’ve always known that cash and coins have germs on we’re all always aware of that but this is interesting coming from the who organization so next is Bitcoin coronavirus search traffic overtakes the Bitcoin having now as we all know the Bitcoin having is coming up and happy and May of this year where they’re going to be cutting the rewards for the miners who mined for Bitcoin and there’s been a lot of articles about that I’ve done a couple of videos about the halving but this is interesting because it’s the run-up to this happens in May that’s been one of the most searched pieces of information a lot of people are asking about you see it in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forums online people just talking about the Bitcoin having is that is the price already breakup baked in or as Bitcoin gonna go up in price after the halving happens so there’s a lot of people talking about but now the Bitcoin coronavirus search traffic is overtaking the Bitcoin having so that’s kind of interesting to me so it says curiously the search term Bitcoin coronavirus has overtaken Bitcoin having on Google Trends the odd search term is seen the most traffic from Europe research indicates that Austria Switzerland and Ireland comprised the three jurisdictions that produce the most searches for Bitcoin coronavirus so you can see here the Bitcoin having in blue is just kind of trucking along here trucking along here trucking along is going up as it approaches the may having and here coronavirus of course nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing in China and boom look at all that just surpassed the Bitcoin having search criteria so Singapore Germany Australia and Canada are also producing significant traffic for the keyboard while the United States ranked 13th interest in Bitcoin having outpaces ether 2.0 so here you go interest in the bitcoins having is significantly dwarfing quarries for theorems upcoming aetherium 2.0 revamp so you can see here Bitcoin having is in blue and it’s going up like we talked about up here according as it ramps up to May but the etherium 2.0 is pretty you know just barely a blip and just kind of blips up here then when compared with the run-up to bitcoins previous having search traffic for the term Bitcoin having appears to have been steadily building for many months before suggesting that the event may have be more priced in the markets this time around alright so you can see back here in the last having happened just really spiked in terms of interest in search searches and then of course just truck alone trucking along here now it’s been almost four years later and the next having is happening here however spikes in searches for Bitcoin having do not appear to correlate with fluctuations in the searches for by Bitcoin so here is those searches there and then the altcoin traffic correlates actually to market cap so that makes sense looking at the top five all coins by capitalization ethereum ripple obviously XRP bitcoin cash litecoin and bitcoin sv we can see that volume or search traffic largely correlates to the order of each crypto asset by market cap with the exception of litecoin garni more searches than Bitcoin cash however the traffic for Bitcoin Dwarfs every altcoin so that’s all makes sense I just want to bring that because obviously a lot of people are searching now for Bitcoin coronavirus and it’s overtaking the Bitcoin having which is a very specific event happening in May so continuing three ways the coronavirus may have affected Bitcoin now this is interesting it’s a few weeks old but I want to kind of go over this and it says as corona virus continues to spread mass panic around the globe and it still is now three weeks later from when this article came out its impact is becoming more and more evident on Bitcoin and here’s some questions to ask about Bitcoin is there a correlation between Bitcoin price action the coronavirus spread interesting it’s continuing to spread so let’s keep watching that virus-infected yuan is placed in quarantine Bitcoin fixes this so we just kind of discussed that how certain countries are sequestering their cash and you know hitting it with the little lasers and then putting it in little sealed stuff for 14 days you know and their their money the yuan in China and they’ve been placed in a quarantine obviously Bitcoin does fix this yeah you can use again your debit card and your credit card but again this is another use case for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you don’t have to text these this cash bitcoin of course takes a dive following China’s coronavirus clampdown so as the chrono virus continues to spread mass panic around the globe its impact on Bitcoin is becoming more evident here are three critical repercussions for Bitcoin amid the breakout so is the current of our spreads Bitcoin continues to break out alright that’s fine it north of ten thousands below ten thousand now that’s all I really wanted to go over on this one it just you know they talked about it a few weeks ago and what it means now so that’s with that so let’s go to this how the corona virus could send ripples XRP price so it’s not only a Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies altcoins even though I don’t consider XRP an altcoin it has his own use case it’s just another it’s gonna be known like Bitcoin by itself as a standalone so let’s go through this together the kovat 19 outbreak corona virus has caused financial systems to go into chaos as we all know we’ve been living it here the last few weeks global monetary systems are under tremendous pressure the cash and credit system is taking the heat it seems like it may weather the storm many aren’t so sure about this it may take another monetary system to keep the world running as the numbers of the dead and sick keep increasing crypto currencies like XRP offers several advantages over cash system firstly cryptocurrencies are purely electronic for value transfers to occur no physical contact is needed this reduces the risk of a public epidemic based on the contact by significant degree secondly crypto currencies are multi national value transfer can occur over the longest distances this increases the use case in places where most public institutions are shut down and could in effect increase the price of the digital currency as more people migrate to a faster mode of payment that doesn’t involve bodily contact like touching paper money thirdly confirmation of transactions requires no intermediary as activities on the network are confirmed automatically and the lack of a third party for confirmations give the cryptocurrency users the independence that is needed during times of chaos now the block chains and decentralized Ledger’s upon which cryptocurrency is run are some of the most secure forms of technology currently in existence in legacy systems at some point in time require human intervention for mass attacks simply put legacy systems have security issues XRP is not isn’t dependent on financial systems it can still go on functioning without the existence of the current global financial framework and with the rise of new and emergent situations cryptocurrencies have proven to work outside current world systems this provides a framework for the creation of them fall back when a crisis occurs crypto currencies are perfect for this kovat 19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe it’s time for humanity to consider the use of digital currencies for most transactions it may not be easy at first but it’s possible then again maybe this decade may be maybe the one that changes everything for humanity so you know our thoughts are with everybody out there with the coronavirus and we don’t know where this is gonna go in the coming months and over the next year but these are just things to ponder and thought that you know with money don’t it has so many germs on it but with the cryptocurrencies and digital assets and Bitcoin it’s all electronic folks so just another use cases we’re dealing with the world real world issue happening in the world right now and yet again cryptocurrency rises to the top and is another use case that we can all look to so with that thank you so much for tuning the cryptocurrency portal I deeply appreciate it if you like this video please smash the thumbs up button it really helps out the channel helps out with those Google and YouTube algorithms and all that’s really helped us out and if you hit that Bell notification button you’ll be notified whenever I upload a new video I tend to upload a new video every day because I love talking about the cryptocurrency space and if you have a question about this video or anything in the crypto space put in the cart your question in the comment section below I’ll be happy to answer the question or have a discussion about it or do a video about it and just get a discussion going because I answer all questions and comments in the comments section just let’s just get a discussion going in the crypto space so thank you for tuning scripto currency portal if you’re already subscribed to the channel thank you very much and if you’re not a subscriber yet I would be honored with your subscription to the channel if I’ve given you value so have a great day and thank you again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal [Music] you


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