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Bill Burr – Epidemic of gold digging wh*res REACTION – DaVinci REACTS

December 31, 2019

What is up YouTube, this is your boy the original Renaissance man Devon DaVinci And I’m gonna be reacting to another bill burr a comedy special segment this is bill burr an epidemic of Gold-digging whores! So as you can tell He’s not a fan of certain Persuasions of women so let’s go ahead. Well. Hey, it could be dudes, too Let’s go ahead and get into this video and see what it has to offer I’m afraid to get married man. Whywhy wouldn’t what man wouldn’t be afraid to get married at this point, you know Look at Kobe look at the shit. He’s going through right now All right guys getting a divorce His wife’s gonna get 70 million bucks. Never hit a lay up in her life You know can anybody explain These divorce settlements can anybody make sense of these fucking thing Tiger Woods wife two hundred fifty million dollars? Yes crazy She’s a babysitter with a quarter of a billion fucking dollars Somebody go ahead somebody explain justify it justify what what he cheated on her. I don’t give a fuck That’s not even a joke The relationships over right? Then Kobe cheated right? Shouldn’t that relationship bent over right then? Why did she hang around like some jaded cop for three years trying to get a fucking pension right get that 10 years in I? Don’t know maybe that’s too harsh that Shit bothers me man. Dude, there is an epidemic of gold-digging whores in this country And every night I put on the news and I’m waiting for someone to address it Every night never see it You know and every night I bring up gold-digging whores and the whole crowd pulls back like I’m up here talking about Bigfoot, right? Like I’m saying the moon’s made out of cheese or something talking about whores people. They’re everywhere. How many How many more great men are gonna get chopped in half before we do something? Why is it so quiet in here? Need a Sarah McLachlan commercial to address this issues Is it women do you think I’m calling you or I’m not calling any woman here a whore Okay, so don’t pull back that’s not fair. Okay, if you brought up wife beaters, I would more like pull back I get it This guy’s hitting women. They need to be stopped. We gotta stand that gold-digging whores are the wife beaters for men Yeah, they are except we don’t have that Rihanna lumped up photo in the end -goddamn- Damn so it’s not obvious it’s in the eyes. it’s in the lines in your face. its in mel gibson’s high-pitched voice on the answering machine. I had to give up my laker tickets There is the sound of a man being taken for everything he’s got I gotta tell you this, I’m envious of women. Okay, not saying your problems get solved but at least it take it seriously, you know you got 1-800 numbers you get get you get ribbons. There’s groups People give a shit. Anything happens to a guy it’s just considered funny Some woman cut her husband’s dick off threw in the garbage disposal turned it on people thought it was hilarious They were EHH, hey Stumpy Nobody cares Do you think of a guy removed a woman’s titty and throw it in the dryer anybody would be joking about it the next day The entire country would grind to a halt – that’d be weird – a moment of silence – like some serial killer stuff The film would have some special colored headband. Everybody had to wear for an entire month the most effeminate color they could possibly come up with All my heroes are going down Arnold Schwarzenegger another great man another a great man Taken down by that gold-digging whore of a maid he’s got And I’m not saying he’s not a piece of shit but doing what he did, it was a piece of shit move But how come only he got chastised? What about the maid? Why was she called the maid in that entire story? She was never called a whore ever. Mm-hmm Just boggles my mind. She knew his wife first-name basis played with their kids fucked her husband and their own goddamn bed That’s right down the checklist. First-ballot Hall of Fame whore right there never Why do you think she hooked up with them because of that 1987 flattop he’s still rockin Giant space between his teeth. I could put this mic cord through Maybe it’s all that Kindergarten Cop money laying around the goddamn bedroom No, it’s awful it’s a horrific thing to see is a guy watching guys go through that shit, you know And then there’s no there’s no sort of examination of it. They just guys he’s an idiot ah he’s stupid That guy’s stupid if that guy’s stupid what the fuck am I right Does it even make sense Why would you do that? Why would you accomplish all that and then fuck it up? Hooking up with one of the ugliest human beings I’ve ever seen in my life. Damn Not saying I’m a prize. I’m just saying, you know It’s gotta be something beyond that right, you know, I think it is I think comes down to the way he talks, you know That dude should be unloading trucks in Transylvania That should be this should have been the height of his success But because he’s a great man. He had the balls to move to America Became famous for lifting weights. I lift weights. Nobody gives a shit He lifts weight Become super famous did he rest on his laurels? No next challenge. I’m gonna become an actor despite the fact that nobody can really understand me Against all odds he starts making movies get down this a bomb gets out of there Because one of the biggest blockbuster stars of all time What are you gonna do next Arnie? I think I marry a Kennedy. There’s no fucking way. You can do that Bam he does it Cherry on top. I’m running for governor of a state. I can’t even pronounce and he wins the election California Why wouldn’t this guy think he couldn’t bang his maid in his own bed and get away with it This dude has been in the zone for over four decades For decades nothing but net Bang a maid in my own bed. Dude, that’s a layup you serious. I had a hit movie with the midget. i don’t even need a condom right? some of these things be kind of hurtful Smoke clear Then all these trolls come out of the woodwork and start judging this great man All these fatties these fucking old guys who never got any with their jowls coming on tv Absolutely reprehensible behavior what kind of a public servant his legacy is like they have any idea what its like to be tempted At that level right like they have groupies as they waddle out to their mercury tracer Parked on the other side of a dumpster really you’re beating them off Nobody’s trying to give Newt Gingrich some This guy he’s not a great man anymore. Terminator doesn’t count. Is that what the fuck you telling me? Cuz he fucked Alice really he’s still not a great man because he did that then that’s the whole thing’s over Anybody here think they could move to Austria. Learn the language become famous for working out then be a movie star Then marry into their royalty and hold public office. How many lifetimes what you need? I’m on my third attempt at rosetta stone Spanish, right? How can I judge these guys I can barely handle the temptations of Facebook I’m gonna judge Tiger Woods. -A lot of people fill the Facebook test- I golf I don’t walk off the 18th hole and There’s a busload of Scandinavian women waiting to fuck my brains out. Sorry ladies gotta go home to the wife right no, It kills me And there’s no help out there for guys There isn’t there’s nothing out there to help you handle becoming rich and famous There’s nothing to prepare you for that for that platoon of whores that’s gonna form on the horizon right like Braveheart Faces painted skirts on run down the hill to jump on your dick in front of your wife. They don’t give a shit It’s not even a handbook out there I saw one article written about it on the cover of Time magazine and said why does so many rich famous and powerful men act Like absolute pigs, right and the article is actually written by a woman That’s like me writing a book the third trimester and what to expect Ladies you’re gonna feel a pressure how the hell would i know you don’t wanna hear that from me right then why is this woman telling me what it’s like to have a dick it makes no sense you Have no idea what it’s like to have a dick 24/7 do it do it. Fuck it do it. That’s what it’s saying do it do it yeah Oh, man, my damn jaw starting to hurt after a while that’s how we survived as a species every man in here Is programmed to fuck 85% of the women in this room, right? Yeah, we are do it do it. Fuck it do it You know, it’s just that you won’t that’s the only reason why we don’t you know That’s not you keeping your dick in check, you know some guy at Home Depot working there He wants to fuck just as many women as a celebrity, right but he can’t do it because whores don’t care about lumber The second he hits the fucking lottery all of a sudden you know that do it do it fuck it do it You know that wasn’t affecting his life. Then all of a sudden these whores show up. I’ll do it. I’ll suck it I’ll do it right No, somebody’s got to step up. All right, I’m not even blaming whores really just guys were fucking idiots. What are we doing? Why are we working so hard and then giving it all the way to some chick who did three shifts at a fucking? hooters, you know The fucking bums sitting there with fucking Dorito dust in their cleavage walking around with hundreds and millions of dollars I’m sick of this. Yeah, that’s what the law says hundred years ago i could beat you with a fucking mop handle. Be like, that’s what the law says Wow it’s unreal and all this shit’s going down a we don’t we’re not doing anything what are we doing Same old shit sitting around watching Shark Week, right? Yeah, the Shark Week right now – watch a shit about poisonous snakes half a world away Just filling your head up with all this useless information What to do if you come face-to-face with a Bengal tiger don’t look at it don’t look away Slowly back up as you push your friend forward All this useless information yet hanging between your legs is this thing that could crumble your entire empire? Seven minutes or less don’t know a fucking thing about it Even worse you think it’s your friend Yeah, you know why cuz your dick your dicks like a dreamer, you know, your dick believes. It’s like a motivational speaker. I don’t give a shit what question you ask it. It’s always like there. Yeah, absolutely Sounds like a plan exit strategy later we’ll be fine Where’s your dick when you get caught right then it’s just slumped over. Yeah. I thought it was a good idea We have to know that dude if your dick was a third-base coach it wouldn’t hold anybody up It’d just be fucking wave people around Everybody go in standing up. You got it. You got it. Oh shit here she comes slide slide All right you guys we’re awesome. Thank you so much for coming out i hope you had as good a time as I did Thank you That’s crazy Yeah, a lot of people fail that um that Facebook test social media and everything like I remember somebody, um had said one time that oh, well social media is destroying relationships. Like no you’re destroying relationships Social media is just giving you another opportunity and another way to destroy Your relationship if you just act normal Nothing’s wrong but uh, yeah, I mean It’s crazy. I always felt that like if you think about any social species whether it’s Apes or Lions or whatever it is. They always have an alpha male and have a group of females. I Don’t think humans are different. I think that humans at one point might have had the exact same thing They might have been more tolerant of other groups like being around them Like they probably weren’t going straight up to war with other groups. I mean it were but they weren’t doing as much as like certain chimps or lions or anything like that, but I think that humans we We’re a species that were dominated by like one, man? And he had his pick of the women and then when another dude came up and felt he can challenge him he would step up and they would fight and the winner Would get the females or something. I mean cuz to me that explains why all men had this idea of cheating But then at the same time they had this fear of their woman cheating because Like the idea of your woman cheating on you is like almost like saying you’re not enough man for her why she needs to go And somewhere else cuz you’re not enough But then at the same time you want to mess with every girl because you feel like oh well That’s how manly I am like it might just be an ego thing. Maybe dudes just like had this like macho machismo weird ass like just innate Feeling inside of them like oh well I have to get as many women as I can because that proves how much of a man I am That could be it too. I don’t know. But anyway that’s been this video. Thank you for watching this reaction Like I said, I got a bunch of videos I got to try to – so I’m gonna head and go directly into the next one There’s been the original Renaissance man – von DaVinci Like share subscribe bought a good stuff. I’ma give you two deuces, please


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    Mitch Hedberg?

  • Reply 10171981 August 14, 2018 at 7:54 am

    I think people pile on against rich men that do it BECAUSE they could have ANYBODY they want. WHY would you bang somebody that you KNOW is gonna be in it for the $$$ ??? IF you are rich you stay AWAY from those that would LOVE to take HALF of it because you KNOW what is going to happen !!! Signing a pre-nup makes it about what it is SUPPOSED to be about !!! If they do not like that idea then you know what they are REALLY in it for !!! And I will tell you what most guys might be in it for the a– BUT most girls are in it for the cash !!!

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    I have not heard the word machismo in so long that I forgot it was a word. Nice call back.

  • Reply NorthernStar August 15, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Yes we had such a social structure. The dominate male has the pick of the women. You can see some of that leftover in the harems of Chinese Emperors and Arab Sheiks.

    No think about the implication. Women naturally form a group, a sisterhood. Sure they have their own hierarchy but in the end they naturally form a group. Men do not naturally form 'brotherhoods'. The natural state of men is to be in competition with other males. So over the eons we culturally introduced the notion of brotherhood so we are able to form and lasting stable societies.
    Enter feminism. It declares 'brotherhood' a natural state of men (men conspire to form a patriarchy etc.) and say women need to culturally form sisterhoods. It wants to undo a cultural necessity for men and society as a whole, and wants to replace the natural sisterhood with a synthetic one. You'd be hard pressed to find a more unnatural and in the end destructive movement.

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    Hey Devon. Just stumbled across your videos. I'm enjoying your reactions to some of my favorite comics and other things. You're smart and seem to be able to anticipate what's next, and your commentary is pretty spot on. It's a good way to connect with people, this kind of thing. Keep up the good work. Matt from Vineland.

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    I think that at one point the alpha male in the human species was the most physically powerful but over time the small weak ones got tired of getting no pussy and used their brains to get the best of the physical alphas. To make sure the physical alphas didn’t just kill the weak and take their women from them they invented the 10 commandments and religion. Once you trick everyone else into thinking you have a special relationship with a God it’s all over, you become untouchable.

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    not sure could be wrong but animals besides us don't go to war it's all about survival

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    "Black Panther" theory? Interesting…..(nice fro btw/rockit)

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    If you look at evolutionary biology the more polymorphic a species is between sexes (large colorful male vs smaller duller females) the more likely it is for the males to "cheat" and have multiple partners, and the females tend to be faithful. When males and females are similar in size and coloration the more likely a female will be unfaithful. I think this translates to humans as well. If a woman is attracted to the big strong guy with high social status then she has a strong incentive to be faithful and fend off the competition. Women who tend to be attracted to similar men (kind, stable, supportive,) will be the ones who tend to cheat on him with a guy just like him. She will tend to have many kids with multiple partners. As a survival mechanism this will ensure that at least one of her offspring survives in case of an attack or disease, the "fatherly" males will likely raise the children in different environments. In the case of The strong man if he is attacked and loses, his offspring will die by the victor, but he is likely to cheat so he will have many offspring outside of his "family" group. Both mechanisms work to ensure the survival of a species. Variety is a wonderful fascinating thing 🙂

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    He makes a lot of jokes regarding ethnicity so I looked it up one day and found out that he was married to Nia Renee Hill… A black chick. I don't wanna sound like a racist ass but I'm surprised that a ginger white boy with a temper could even land her as a girlfriend. Honestly, how many remotely attractive women (of any race) do you see hooking up with a fire crotch ginger nut? Yeah. 🙂 Then again, he is a funny bastard and that counts for something too.

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    I agree w yr theory abt men and women…I'm a feminist and find what u say, true regarding prehistoric man, woman relationships. Some say the first communities were matriarchal

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    There should be a law that if a woman has a job she shouldn't have anything to gain. Because before women are house wife that's why they gain compensation but that's not the case anymore.

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    Having a single reproducing male makes NO FUCKING SENCE for humans.

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    12:48 I think it gets down to how genetic material is passed down generations. Natural selection allows only the strongest and most persistent to survive. Men want to fuck every women because those types of people had their genes passed down more often, and every male wants his genes to pass down. Since its a competition, it allows the strongest genes to survive. Thats just instictual, but also animalistic. It worked great so far but i think at some point we as a society and species became too self-aware and complex thus new problems arose which other similar animals didnt have to worry about. Again, since life is competition, i believe a solution will rise by itself. My only worry though is that distopian movie "idiocracy" has actually some credit to it. Because numbers show it is actually somehow right, smartest people always chase self-fullfillment more than reproduction which i think is a catastrophic bug in our programming.

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    Alpha Male is a myth. The scientist who studied wolves and coined the phrase later realized only one wolf pair was coupling because they were the patriarch and matriarch of a family. Everyone else was a younger direct relative, a teenager or child. Sometimes larger packs include extended family members or adoptees but for the sake of simplicity and genetics, mostly only mom and dad are allowed to bone in the house. Older wolves have to leave the house and start another family they're not related to. When a new wolf or lion shows up to pre established family unit, it becomes a complicated divorce. In rams and seals only the strong who can chase away other males from the female get to mate. That's not alpha. It's just being old enough to scare away horny teenagers usually. Cuddlefish get past this by pretending to be females to sneak past older bigger males and then go to town on cuddlefish harems. Females like this because it notes intelligence which is important. But they no alphas. They nerds.

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  • Reply Respect Effect October 26, 2018 at 4:41 am

    the theory of evolution is still a theory, unlike the law of Newton.

  • Reply Drunkard Fred October 26, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    You started talking about instincts. Men are inclined to seek as many mates as possible while women are inclined to seek mates who will be loyal to them and their offspring. There's a slight difference in priorities, but the net result is monogamy. The loyalty to female mates and offspring spawns social conditioning to respect and protect women, which includes respecting their sexual decisions. Their sexual decisions are predicated on loyalty (monogamy), therefore men follow monogamy even though our instincts haven't caught up with our social conditioning. You have to realize that social conditioning is very very new in history compared to our natural evolution. So even though we are constantly wanting to engage with other women, we don't because of our society. A man outside our modern society would likely see zero issues with mating with many women and find the idea of monogamy not only strange but even unbearable.

    We're nothing more than the chemicals and hormones being pumped around our bodies, and unfortunately, men have a lot of testosterone and that makes men want women and not care about things like monogamy. It's only because of our intelligence and social conditioning that we ignore (barely) these strong urges.

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  • Reply The People's Asshole October 29, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    2:16 I can just hear the song and see photos of a bunch of post-divorced dudes with the sad puppy look. The situation is fked, but that comment almost made me piss myself. ??

  • Reply Geno M November 6, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Also, don;'t believe Disney. Humans are the only animal that TRIES monogamy. Animals bang anything and everything. It ain't that serious.

  • Reply Akax22savage Boii November 9, 2018 at 11:50 pm

    I’m sick of all these black folks viewing this comedian, why???? I didn’t get the memo. Are we trying to show whites we can identify so we can solidify our position as Americans? Foolery !

  • Reply Janice Collins November 24, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    React to Brian Regan best stand up comedy full HD best comedian

  • Reply raifthemad December 13, 2018 at 3:53 am

    The cheating thing is tied to out biology, men don't want their women to cheat because throughout history that meant that you would be raising someone elses genes, the uncertainty of paternity comes to play. That's why men are hurt more by their woman fucking around than her having an emotional connection with other men. Now women always know that it's their child so no such problem, they need men for the resources they can provide, so they are hurt more by their men falling for some other woman, than him fucking a stranger, because that could mean less resources for them and their offspring.

    Men are programmed to fuck as many women as they can, sperm is cheap and plentiful. Women have a lot higher cost tied to reproduction, pregnancy is long, costs a lot of resources and is debilitating, often lethal from evolutionary historical perspective. So they don't have the potential for as many offspring, hence why they have to be so choosy when it comes to partners.

  • Reply Dz Nutz December 21, 2018 at 11:44 pm

    I'd love to see you review some of Christopher Titus's Love is Evol

  • Reply Deniz Sezer January 18, 2019 at 7:45 am

    Turn off your phone brother

  • Reply kris redner February 27, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    You're so much fun to watch

  • Reply Trevor Rotan February 28, 2019 at 8:43 am the first was Eddie Murphy thirty years ago.

  • Reply Max Peck April 2, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House of the united states. He has been married three times and has two kids. So I am certain he has gotten some.

  • Reply MEGA 22 April 10, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    So cutting a man's dick off is funny, but cutting a woman's breast off is serial killer stuff? Aren't they both serial killer stuff?

  • Reply Frank Rappa April 13, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    Humans are animals too. Men more than women I think lol

  • Reply Matthew Aldaco April 24, 2019 at 3:00 am

    Wolves. They typically stick to one mate and when they mate dies a lot of them don't pick another one.

  • Reply dperry203 June 19, 2019 at 2:34 am

    Men are all competing to rise up the male dominance hierarchy. Those at the top get choice of mate. There are many ways to rise up the ranks, money, power, looks, competence, etc. That’s what drives most men. Woman too but it’s a little different. The question is why does that motivate us and define every actions we do? I would guess it’s the fact only half of men through out history are able to reproduce and have off spring. While nearly all woman reproduce. So that creates a demand to try and reproduce as much as possible. While woman don’t ha e that demand so they tend to be the more selective and value security over looks to an extent. If both genders were driven like men to mess around. It would be chaos. What creates order but also assured the species survives is one gender always looking for sex and the other gender being more selective to regulate it.

  • Reply Joyless J September 9, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    He's got a face like an undercooked dropped lasagne. Who is marrying that hideousness?

  • Reply Ian Crouch September 27, 2019 at 1:30 am


  • Reply Nautilus1972 December 16, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    I want to see Arnie react to Epidemic of gold digging whores …

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