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Biden’s Doctor Gives Him A Clean Pass – Then Says Joe Is Being Treated For A Heart Condition

December 21, 2019

The health of our leaders is extremely important.
Wouldn’t you agree? This is one of the reasons why Americans are
concerned about guys like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden — they just seem too old. We should always respect our senior citizens,
but with age comes problems. And those problems can impact a person’s ability to lead. This is just common sense. So, when we find out one of the candidates
for the President of the United States has a potentially severe issue, we should worry. Joe Biden, 77, is basically the default Democrat
candidate right now. And he claims he’s healthy. His doctor even came him a clean bill of health
just recently. But wait. What’s this about Biden being
treated for FOUR different ailments? Via Washington Examiner: According to his personal physician, Biden
is currently being treated for A-fib, or an irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, acid
reflux, and seasonal allergies. Hold on, Biden has A-fib and high cholesterol?
Isn’t that potentially a big problem, especially at his age? Nobody cares about the acid reflux or seasonal
allergies. But those first two are definite red flags. He’s on medication for the irregular heartbeat
and high cholesterol, which is another concern. Now, Biden hasn’t reported any “declining
cognitive ability or mental function.” That’s good. However, there’s one more ailment
to consider: In 1988, Joe suffered a cerebral aneurysm. This resulted in surgery AND a later complication,
and Biden almost lost his life. Another major red flag, right? The bottom line is this: we can’t be certain
Biden is as healthy as he keeps claiming. None of this invokes a lot of confidence in
voters, that’s for darn sure. If elected, Biden will be 80 halfway into
his first term. And given his medical history, I would definitely be concerned. This is just another reason to NOT vote for
Joe Biden come November 2020, I say. Wouldn’t you agree?

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