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Bhature recipe- how to make fluffy bhature without yeast- instant bhature step by step in hindi(SUB)

August 28, 2019

Hello, Welcome to “Harjeet Ki Rasoi” Today we will prepare Bhature in a very easy way As Bhature are incomplete without Chole (Chana), thus please view my recipe to prepare Chole also In order to prepare Bhature, we would need one Bowl containing 250 gms (Two Cups) of all purpose flour (Maida) We will take 1/4 cup of Semolina (Sujji) Will take 1/2 (Half) teaspoon Sugar Will take 1/2 (Half) teaspoon Salt Will take 1/2 half teaspoon Baking Powder Will mix 1/4 th (One-fourth) teaspoon Baking Soda We will mix the contents well when the contents are well mixed, then we will add one tablespoon of oil and will mix it also. we will mix oil well now we will add 3/4 cup of curd in it. The curd should be at normal room temperature We will again mix it well Now we will add warm water in it in small portions. We don’t have to add warm water in large quantity. It will apporximately consume1/2 (Half) Cup of Warm Water We will keep on kneading The more we knead, the better the dough will be and the Bhature will be more fluffy. We will knead it for about five minutes Now we add some more oil in it so that it may get soft and smooth we will now knead it some more that will leave it. Now we have to keep it in some warm place for 3-4 hours If its sunny outside, then we will keep it under the Sunlight. We will get excellent results. And If it is not possible, then we will wrap in some wet warm cloth. Now I have convered it with a warm and wet cloth and after putting a plate thereon, I will leave it for 3-4 hours Four Hours have passed. Now we will check the dough By now it has been nicely puffed Before cooking, we will again knead it for two minutes A very soft dough is ready for cooking We will keep on kneading the dough and will add some oil. Now our dough is ready, It is soft and smooth It is stretching excellently. It is also very spongy and fluffy too. Now we will fry Bhature of it. We will make loi of it We will take a portion (Peda) comparatively bigger than that of a Chapati Equivalent to that of a Aloo Prantha or a stuffed one We have to firmly press both the sides so that no crack remains. If any crack would left, our Bhature shall tear. We have to press it well and make it plain Now we will roll it by a rolling pin. We will take care that the corners are not left thick and it does not get torn from the center. We can also roll it by rotating the rolling board in this manner In this manner, it won’t be required to lift it again and again we can manage its shape and size as per our own wishes We will check the oil now if it is hot enough to cook as hot oil is required to cook The oil is ready for deep frying We will now put it very carefully in oil Will press slowly onto the corners. It has inflated nicely As we have added Semolina (Sujji), it will remain inflated for a considerable long time and will taste good just like professionally made Bhatura Chole taste extremely good with it and thus you may kindly see tthe video of my recipe of preparing Chole. Please prepare it at your home, relish with all. If you like the recipe, please like the video and subscribe to my channel. We will meet again with a new recipe…


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