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Beyond My Battle | Nonprofit Mission Video | Support for Chronic Illness and Disability

February 2, 2020

the future is suddenly so confusing fear and anxiety consume them trying to hide it is isolating the desire to be normal
creeps in every day an act you can play for only so long they often fear the worse and constantly feel helpless no one ever taught them how to do this you want to love and be loved yet feelings of unworthiness make you
feel like a burden so you push them away how can they support you if you don’t
let them in? what if it doesn’t need to feel this way you can’t change your diagnosis but you can change the way you respond to it to the pain to the medical procedures to the people in your life what if you found support a community tohelp you feel less alone resources that teach you how to manage shame frustration anger isolation how to talk to others about it how to others about it how to feel more at peace what if the support is there for them, too tools that help reduce their anxiety guilt sadness and fear that teach them how to talk to you about
everything and help you feel calm, too restore yourself with beyond my battle

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