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Better Facebook ads for better results

March 12, 2020

If you want a small business then you
know getting new customers is seriously hard well in this video I’m gonna make
it super easy and teach you how to do Facebook ads. Hey there welcome to the
the video I’m Marc Brown here with Epidemic and in this video I’m gonna show you how
you can promote your small business with Facebook Ads. You know maybe you’ve tried
boosting a post before and you feel like you’ve just wasted a lot of money or you
feel like online advertising is a little bit out of your depth. Eell this video is
going to make it super simple I’ve been doing online advertising for over 10
years now and if we look at some of our results we’re getting an average or the
seven times return on investment that means for every $1 we put into
advertising on Facebook we get $7 back sounds pretty good right well I’m going
to show you how. So the problem usually is that people actually start with a
Facebook post which is doing really well so they think I’ll hit the boost button
I’ll pay to boost it and loads of sales will come in but what’s actually
happening is you’re boosting a non-specific ad or post to a non
specific audience and so what’s happening is a lot of people who are not
interested in your business at all a seeing your ad you’re paying for that
and you’re not gonna get the results you need so what’s the solution? So the
the solution is to create a really targeted message and then send that message to a
really targeted audience sounds simple right but think about it if you were
selling cat food why would you want anyone other than cat owners to see that
ad it’s gonna save you money and it’s gonna get your ad to the right audience
so let’s jump into Facebook now and I’ll show you how this all works and for the
purposes of this tutorial let’s pretend I run a new coffee shop. Before we
start you do need to have a Facebook Ads account it’s very easy to do and I’m not
gonna show you that in this tutorial but follow the link in the description below
set the account up and then we’ll jump straight into it
okay so we’re in the create new campaign section of Facebook and when you first
open up this page it can seem quite scary as you have a lot of different
options but the one I always recommend people start with if you’re new to
facebook advertising is the engagement option and that’s the one we’re going to
go through today so engagement is good because if you’re a new business or
you’re new to advertising this helps you get comments page likes and people to
take action on some of the offers you may be doing if you run an e-commerce
store you could also try conversions in the future but today we’re starting with
engagement we’re gonna leave this on post engagement is that’s going to be
our aim and we’re gonna call this campaign name flat white and the reason
I’m calling it that is because we’re gonna have multiple campaigns with
different drinks which will explain a little bit further on now if you go down
here you’ll see it says campaign budget now when you first get to this section
you may see that Facebook puts in 50 pounds $50 or 50 euros but I would
recommend taking this down to 5 pounds $5 or 5 euros as that gives you enough
money to experiment with your campaign and if the campaign goes well that’s
great turn it up as high as you’d like if the campaigns not doing very well you
can turn it off quickly and you won’t have wasted very much money so now
that’s done we’re gonna leave the campaign bid strategy on lowest cost and
then we’re gonna click continue. Okay so this is where we get to create an
audience and this is where it gets quite exciting quite interesting you can see
already that Facebook has pulled a potential reach of 40 million people now
of course that is too big if you want to target in on people who like coffee so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off by targeting people based on their
location so here it says the United Kingdom now what what lot of people do
here is they delete that and then they’ll put in Manchester and go from
there but the problem is it’s still too big you can see it’s spilling over into
nearly Liverpool Sheffield it’s far too big of a location now you can pull this
down but it takes 17 kilometres which is still too big if you want a small coffee
shop for a small gym so what we want to do let’s close out of that what I
recommend doing is entering postcodes so I enter our postcode of our office but
let’s pretend it’s our coffee shop and you can see it’s in a really small
radius so this is also good if there’s a trade show on in your area and you want
to target people who are an event or a trade show great little tactic there and
I would recommend building up postcode so going on Google Maps choosing the
post codes of office blocks of of them good places where people go to work and
then entering those and start building a geo targeting based on that the other
thing you can do is you can drop a pin so you can click drop pin let’s say we
want to target King Street and you can see here it’s drawn out a 16 kilometre
block but we want to pull that all the way down to one kilometer so now we’re
targeting a postcode and we’re targeting this entire radius here so the purposes
of this ad I think that’s that’s pretty good you know it’s only one kilometer
away from our coffee shop but it’s still 700,000 people that’s a lot of people to
target so now we want to bring this down I would recommend testing out different
ads to different age groups so maybe try 18 to 30 and then 30 to 50 and then 50
plus for this ad let’s try 18 to 30 see what that does to
the numbers that brings it down to 260,000 people we’re gonna put language
English UK as we’re based in the UK that brings it down against 250,000 but this
is where it gets really interesting we run a coffee shop so we only want people
who are interested in coffee at the moment so if I enter coffee you’ll see
Facebook brings detailed targeting list of people who like Costa Coffee which is
a UK brand of coffee shops do like coffee makers who’ve shown interest in
coffee roasters for this we’re gonna go and choose coffee and you can see then
it’s already bought the list down to a hundred and ten thousand people in this
very small area which is pretty great but the next step we’re gonna take is
the reason for why I named this flat wine we’re gonna do multiple ads based
on the drink that people like and this works really effectively so if you’re
targeting people who like Flat Whites who like Lattes, who like Cappuccinos and
they see an ad with a Flat White Cappuccino or a Latte in it they’re much
more likely to respond to that ad so I’m going to type in Flat White here
then we can see that we’re now targeting people who have shown an interest in
coffee and Flat Whites and you’ll see here that it’s still saying 110,000
people which is too high the reason for that is you don’t want to add both of
these into the same block so let’s delete that Flat White. you want to narrow
the audience see the little box there we’re gonna click narrow audience and
then we’re going to click Flat White so this will not show the ad to people who
like coffee or flat whites it’s going to show the ad to only people who have an
interest in coffee and Flat whites so you can see here it’s already
brought that audience down to 4900 people I think that’s a really good
audience size really good good amount of testing can be done there so I’m going
to leave it there for this ad let’s go down to placements now Facebook by
default has this set to automatic placements I would actually recommend
taking this off and click Edit placements and what we do here at Editor’s
Keys is we actually have a different campaign for Facebook a different
campaign for Instagram at different campaigns the Messenger because I’d like
to see if Instagram is doing well for us or if Facebook is doing well for us you
can’t see it in some of the ad reports and for this ad I will leave them both
on but there’s a few placements that I think you should take out the first one
is if you’re doing just still images take out video feeds but will lead leave
new speeds on believe Instagram feed on the purposes of this I’m gonna take out
video feeds but you should be doing video video it gives you much more
engagement than anything else we’re gonna take out in-stream we’re gonna
take out in article and then we’re gonna leave it there
you can also target people based on mobile devices Android or iOS which
could be handy if you’re promoting say Apple pay or something like that with
in-store we’re going to leave that on there and then you have an option to
only when connected to Wi-Fi so we’ll only display the ad if that user is
connected to Wi-Fi now I tend to use that option when we’re promoting video
because if someone’s on a pretty poor cellphone plan they’re not going to sit
and watch a soft 10-minute video and use all their data up so it’s quite
important if you’re doing video ads to check that box I find it works much more
effectively but we’re going to leave that off for this next is optimization
and spending controls so this is where you get to control the optimization for
your ad we’re gonna leave this on post engagement as that’s what we like
you can now schedule and run it continuously or set a start and end date
I actually leave mine running and then I go back and check them and if they’re
working well I let them run if they’re are not doing well we sometimes edit
them or we take them down completely so we’re gonna we’re gonna leave that on
there and hit continue now this is the section where you actually get to create
your ad so we’re going to call this flat white engagement and you have the option
here to connect your Facebook page and your Instagram account, of course, this is
showing Editors Keys but this would be your coffee shop and this is where we
get to create an ad so we are going to create an ad here so we’re gonna use the
single image of course you see the option here for a video and as I say if
you can do use video it works much more effectively than a single image but just
for the purposes of this we are going to be using a single image so we’re gonna
go down to here and we’re gonna upload some images so let me show you what
we’ve been working on so we have a few different ads here and you can see we’ve
got ads for espresso and then we’ve got ads for a free flat wine and that’s
because we’re gonna be running two different ad sets we are going to do
exactly what I’ve just shown you but one ad set is going to be targeted to people
who like flat whites and one ad set is going to be targeted to people who like
espressos and we’re gonna be giving away a free drink I think free works best
and discounts I mean would you walk all the way across the city to save 10% on a
coffee I doubt it and we’re a new coffee shop so we want to bring as much buzz as
we can so we’re giving away one free flat white to Ed
one who tags in a friend and shows us this post when they come into the coffee
shop now this is great because if you do this on a specific day let’s say you do
it just on the Thursday and people are gonna be queuing up outside your coffee
shop you could get the local press down create some PR around it makes it look
like your coffee shop is super popular and trust me giving away something for
free is really gonna give you a lot of business long term we’re trying to get
you customers that are going to come back time and time again and be lifetime
customers and that works really well so I’m gonna pull in all of the images for
a flat white that was done you can open those so we’re gonna pull in all of the
images for a flat white as you can see they’ll be loading here we’re going to
add more images and the reason we’re adding more images is that these
Facebook posts are gonna be displayed on the Facebook feed on Instagram stories
and on the Instagram feed too so you want to make sure you’re designing ads
in those native platform sizes we’ve uploaded our three images here for
Facebook we can choose a different image for Instagram this one the square one
we’ve already done is going to work perfectly for Instagram so we’re gonna
leave that there for the Instagram post okay so next we’re gonna go to links and
this is how your image is going to display you get a little preview here so
we can see on the facebook mobile feed that’s how the image is gonna look on
the desktop newsfeed that’s how it’s going to look and on Instagram feed
that’s how it’s gonna look it looks pretty good right so next thing you need
to do is add some text to your image so let’s go back to the Facebook and I
would recommend crafting something it’s really going to grab the attention of
your potential customers so we’re gonna say, want a free coffee? simply tag a friend you’d like to have
coffee with and show us this post on that’s show off this post this Thursday
to clean your three flat white and there’s call to action buttons here this
is primarily used if you’ve got an e-commerce store if you want to get
people to sign up to an email list this is also super powerful so you could
actually make people sign up to an email list to get maybe a code to bring into
the coffee shop that’s super powerful because once you
start building up a data list of customers you can then save money on
promoting on Facebook you can just email them which is really great so you can
see here we’ve now done this look at this so we now have it on the mobile
feed this is the desktop newsfeed and this is the Instagram feed so I think
you’ll agree this looks pretty good we’re showing a photo of a flat white
two customers who love flat white drinks and we’re gonna give them one for free
this is gonna pull in loads of customers and get you some great lifelong
customers going forward okay now all we need to do is click the confirm and this
ad set will be live now of course this is on my live Facebook ad account so I’m
not gonna do that but I just want to show you quickly how the other ad would
have looked so I’ve now updated all of the images to show espresso drinks and
what we will have done is duplicated that previous ad and just change the
targeting so instead of targeting people who like coffee and flat whites we’re
now targeting people through that coffee and espresso and you can see how that
now looks we have images of espressos we have free espresso in big bold lettering
and we have want a free espresso in the text section so there we go we now have
two ads that target it to two very different types of people in two
different types of interests and this is super powerful I would have a think how
you can use these types of targeting and these types of ads to get your ideal
customer so there we go that how you create your first Facebook ad if
that’s been helpful let me know in the comment section below we’ll have more
videos just like this coming up so make sure you subscribe to the Epidemic
channel hit that like smash that notification bell and I’ll see you in
the next video


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