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Best Way to Identify a Sick Bird through their Droppings || Poopology

August 28, 2019

Hi friends, how are you doing today? this
is your friendly youtuber ronit,and todays video is very much important for all birdlovers/birdowners/breeders/sellers,
today am gonna talk about shit! Yes you heard it right am gonna talk about
bird shit, today we will learn about bird poopology. And why this video is very important for all
bird owners out thr? thats coz This is very important as it shows
us if the parrot is lacking from something or there is a problem that can be corrected
with medicines. Guys all Bird’s survival instincts have
made them masters of disguise. In the wild a sick bird will attempt to maintain
a normal appearance for as long as possible, so it is not shunned from the flock and become
someone’s dinner. By the time any signs of illness are apparent,
the bird may have been ill for some time,or it’s too late for you to treat him. So regular checking your bird droppings is
needed, and one more thing guys if you find this video
helpful and informative don’t just watch it, click on the thumbs up button and pls share
this video with other bird owners out thr. So that we all can take good care of our flock
mates, and with all that being said, let get started. Ok first we must know how healthy normal bird’s
dropping look like.Use a plain print newspaper, white paper or wax paper on the floor of your
birds cage so you can see the droppings clearly. Once you have an idea what healthy droppings
look like you’ll have little trouble spotting the signs of illness later. So What is all that stuff in the droppings? This is actually quite remarkable in it’s
own right because all forms of waste are expelled at once in one tidy little blob. There are 3 parts to that blob and you much
learn to tell them apart Urates, Urine and The Feces Urates are the crystalline section of the
urine. This part will appear chalky white and has
a consistency that isn’t really watery or solid.It looks like a white cream. Urine is the clear part and is like water. In fact it’s not much different than anyone
other animals pee. Sometimes the Urine and Urates will mix and
form a cloudy liquid, don’t be alarmed if you can’t always tell the two areas apart. The Feces is the third part and it’s the
only real solid part. It’ll be that tubular shaped section in
the middle of the dropping. It may be straight, coiled, of even broken
up in to smaller yet still tube shaped pieces.Normal healthy feces are brown, or dark green in
colour. The one thing to remember with droppings is
they will normally be inconsistent when healthy. This is due to the fact that a healthy bird
will be eating a rich and varied diet. When ill the droppings will be consistently
abnormal. Color and consistency can indicate health
problems. Always remember that diet, stress and environment
will have a natural effect on your birds’ droppings. In times of stress the droppings will naturally
be more watery. This is due mostly to the birds fight or flight
instinctual response. When in a panic birds will expel any waste
in their system prior to taking flight. More Urine and Urates are produced than feces
each day.If the stress is ongoing the majority of the droppings will have very little feces
in them, if any at all. You’ll also notice a lot more urine in the
droppings if your bird is drinking excessively or eating foods high in water. Lettuce and fruits are very high in water
and are the most common cause for watery droppings. Even birds that enjoy bathing frequently may
have watery droppings because as they are preening off the bath water they will ingest
some of it. The color of feces may change from time to
time depending what your bird has eaten recently. Seeds and green veggies will naturally produce
green feces while blueberries and blackberries produce black feces. If you feed your bird a pellet diet the feces
will often be the same color as the pellet if they are colored or a rusty color if they
are not colored. If you think your birds feces looks wrong
keep the diet simple for a day and re-check. Now with all that being said, lets check out
what sick bird’s abnormal dropping look like? Urates (it’s generaly looks like chalky white)
Light Green: Liver Problem Yellow: Liver Problem
Brown: Lead Poisoning Red: Internal Bleeding (low in the digestive
track) or Kidney Disease Increased Urates: Dehydration and possible
kidney problems Urine (it’s look like the clear watery part
when normal) Light Green: Liver Disease
Yellow: Liver Disease Red: Internal bleeding (low in the digestive
track), Lead Poisoning, Kidney Disease Increased Urine: Drinking a lot of water,
Eating foods high in water Feces (the solid tubular part which is normaly
brown or dark green in colour) Black or Tar-like: Internal bleeding (high
in the digestive track) Pea Green: Liver Damage
White or Clay color: Pancreas or digestive problems When a bird has Diarrhea the feces will be
soft and will not be the typical tubular shape. Should the droppings smell? No. Never. Healthy birds’ droppings have no noticeable
odor if they are fresh. A fowl smell is often a sign of infection
in the digestive track. Most commonly it’ll be a bacterial or yeast
infection. Once you have a fairly good idea what is ailing
your bird, you need to begin treatment. In some cases this is as simple as adjusting
your birds diet. When dehydrated, encourage your bird to drink
or bathe. If that doesn’t work use foods like lettuce,
fruit or even cooked rice to get extra water in to your bird. Do not pry open your birds beak and attempt
to force water down its’ throat, this will almost always lead to aspiration and death. For other kind of problems offer your bird
proper medicines directly with a dropper or mix it in their water bowl. I know after watching listening to this video
most of you guys are damn confused how normal and abnormal droppings looks like in real? Don’t worry here some real images of them
for you guys to make a clear idea of it.You may pause the video also while watching them
to read the problems.So thats it for today guys watch the images and make a clear idea
about Bird Poopology if you realy wanna be a good bird owner,and I will see you guys
next time, takecare and buhbye.


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