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Best Way to get rid of Lip Infection – Natural Remedies for Lip Infection

November 18, 2019

Best Way To Get Rid Of Lip Infection. In lip infections there are sores, lesions,
blisters, swelling, small ulcers inside and outside the lips. They are very painful and bleed sometimes. Fortunately, there are some home remedies
for lip infection that we will share with you today. They can also be caused by due to viral infection,
deficiency of vitamin B 12, iron, zinc, folic acid, food or any chemical allergy and infections. In this video we are talking about best 5
home remedies to get rid of dull skin. So please like share and subscribe our channel
for more videos. 1. tea tree oil. A review of tea tree oil studies suggest that
it�s an effective antiviral treatment. It may also help to speed up the healing process
and prevent plaque formation. Use topically by adding diluted tea tree oil
to a cotton ball. Dab it on the sore spot several times per
day, and continue treatment until your skin is completely healed. 2. Apple cider vinegar. Some people report benefits using apple cider
vinegar for fever blisters. While there is no evidence for ACV and herpes,
research shows that ACV has anti-infective and antifungal properties that may help. Use a cotton ball and apply diluted ACV to
the affected area several times per day. It is use a few minutes. 3.oregano oil. On a cellular level, oregano oil is shown
to inhibit different animal and human viruses, including herpes. Apply diluted oregano oil to a cotton ball
and hold it on the affected area for as long as is comfortable. Repeat several times throughout the day, and
continue treatment until your blisters heal completely. Oregano oil is available online on Amazon. 4. Yoghurt. It contains good bacteria that help in combating
lip infections. It has antiseptic properties and kills infections. It heals lip sores and ulcers. Apply yoghurt on your polluted lips to heal
them.They are used to treat fungal infections on lips. You can use them both externally and internally. Make a paste of onion and garlic and apply
on lips. 5. Do not lick your lips. Some people lick their lips regularly without
even thinking about it. You might think it harmless after all, shouldn�t
it hydrate your lips from the outside in? really, it is true, when the saliva evaporates
it dries out your lips, and you�re also licking away the natural oils that keep your
lips healthy.

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