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March 6, 2020

today Grumpus and I reacting to the
best viral tik toks let’s go boy alright bro you know it’s like you boys get
ready right he’s in the t-rex costume he’s getting ready it’s time for coffee
what costume the the TV me the t-rex was just a t-rex no no no that was a costume
man what do you mean pretty sure that was the T okay well I’m pretty sure
we’re not living in the prettiest touring days or dinosaurs were around a
little bit of table tennis have you seen this one that’s not a paddle they keep
rallying with like random nonce not a paddle it’s not a paddle but that’s what
makes it so good like that that’s dangerous a little bit dangerous
yes okay I love this all right we should do that I don’t think they know the
rules I’m just the one thing about this tick-tock that I’m questioning is like
do you think they were actually rallying they probably had to put things down to
do these oh for sure but I love the clowny magic well a little bit of magic
tick tock magic it’s right grumpus you get in the spirits rights please don’t
touch me okay I just you know you can please okay Preston oh my cactus just
died this makes me sad okay someone’s gonna have to pick that up
this man’s needs to pay for all of this he did not have a lot of goodwill for
that store know if there was that was a pun you don’t like that I was I was
trying something new just grump is just puns now when the ice cream machine
breaks okay all right is he so wet I think the problem was is this person
clearly had too much diet soda and caffeine and had a breakdown and thus
was dragged out of the mac-donald’s were leaving a trail like a slug like
like like I said were they so bad I think they were sweaty oh yeah
what in the heck is going on here okay like I saw this in a dream once Oh
where you see this is this is a very uncomfortable tik tok I feel like I’m in
the twilight zone ha Wow I have no words
Yap no words for a second yeah let’s just take a moment to pray for the
person who made that tick tock okay moving on ladies and gentlemen fantastic
yes I’m so done with you right now oh okay we got a frisbee okay all right all
right sure I don’t I don’t get where it’s going oh I’ve seen this before it’s
a glass plate oh by the way do not do that literally glass like the ceramic
inside of people’s feet and hands and let me tell you something it ain’t fun I
don’t think it would be no like unless you’ve got this much fur protecting you
okay I’m not gonna try it white like you might I mean like I’m fight it I might
maybe this video gets 20,000 likes I won’t or maybe I will oh this is
uncomfortable right now I’m gonna come out and say not a fan why are there
handcuffs on the table can’t did anybody notice that I have a lot of
questions and I’m not sure I want the answers yeah I don’t want the answers
either I’m definitely okay with like living a long life full and happy and
not knowing exactly what to look that dog does not like that actual to you
right it’s not an actual t-rex it is a costume look at this this is see this
this is where you put looks pretty realistic to me it’s a dog the dog
doesn’t really – yeah it’s not a dog costume Preston that’s what I’m saying
way off track you’re here I’m here we’re talking about the t-rex costume here and
you’re there you’re literally gonna make me I alright that’s it oh okay you just
Burgundy own we need to learn how to do that I
already know yeah can you make that sound effect let me hear it
I think the pitch is like a little different I think your mouth is too big
what’s that we got a noise complaint ooh is this an airport nope oh no he’s
setting synchronized alarms in the Apple Store oh I don’t know how I feel that
this one ladies and gentlemen I’m too good of a Southern Christian boy here in
Dallas to do something so dastardly Toto waste of geniuses time with that kind
rank that would I would love to actually see this reaction cuz it’s like mostly
harmless but imagine the pain of going around and like literally disabling all
the ones don’t waste their time they’re geniuses so you go to the Apple store
yeah wavenet well you got to stay current okay what’s his next bad boy oh
my gosh okay bootcamp you won’t believe this Grumpus you won’t
believe what happens like that guy okay yeah oh I always wanted to do this
ladies and gentlemen oh this is so epic well if you got up on the ceiling we
could do it now oh my gosh oh oh no that’s why you don’t try this that
looked so painful oh definitely would recommend nobody attempting these tic
TOCs at home yeah definitely not like literally if we did that to you all of
your fur be ripped off like right that’s why we should do it to you okay I
actually would be down to this but you have to fill me on my tick-tock it’s at
Preston if you guys don’t follow me and grumpus we should get you
all right the Facebook thing no no we can call it rumpus crumpets or a grunt
by a numpy or don’t be rude Pete you know there’s like so many name companies
all great suggestions all right sure why not
sure oh look at that caddywhompus sink oh he burnt his hand is hot oh okay that
was creative that was you know okay not creative never mind sorry that was trash
guys there’s trash hey have your own opinion press right
what Oh why do you care what I think I’m just Grumpus well I don’t get what you
think of me you can like it if you liked it I just didn’t sometimes are such an
orange person hmm don’t forget ladies and gentlemen if you’re new to Reactory make that red to subscribe button grey all right we want to see you
subscribed no one likes a red subscribe no no we like
gray ones I love this guy because his beard is more handsome than your fur
he saw that me I know he’s like he’s talking like a Canadian well look at
this hoser a he’s going over here he’s in Minnesota oh okay hundred thousand
likes we put grumpus in the Siberian winter
and we see how long he can last oh don’t do that yes yes listen I could feel your
so warm. Stop touching sorry why you like the Grinch you know are you like
distantly related to him you wish oh no no no no no static electricity to see if
the light bulb will turn on oh right isn’t a light bulb I’m calling I’m
calling bull shrimp hundred-percent bull shrimp ah yes you’ve never seen it
like they’ve got those giant shrimps I’m thinking they just have a guy with a
remote camera once again it’s definitely like tiger prawns
tick-tock magic tick-tock magic we’ve seen we need you guys actually to help
us at throughout this video okay how many of these are actually tick-tock
Magic’s aka busted right the Mythbusters but for tic toc you’re gonna have to try
harder than that two fool Grumpus yeah right so I
haven’t blinked into our that is don’t believe that
I mean her ice to look pretty glossy it says cheater right oh my gosh what what
do they make these they want to do a staring contest
yeah you ready and three two one I can do this all day don’t have go
ahead touch my eyes no I’m not blinking for the rest of the episode sure that
one and oh we look at this popping uh go grind – OH he’s angry okay there’s some
Bad’s about to happen what is he giving up I don’t know why is
this guy’s legs so big okay bored gotta revenge that’s why you don’t damage
inanimate objects right of course not you don’t do that because flawless
diction by the way thank you you know like sometimes I try
you leave me hanging again so third time you bet I will you just are a slimy sack
of potatoes sometimes no I’m going to peel you hey it’s so touchable oh (gibberish)
you guys huh what did he do what do you mean what did he do he died he was I
don’t want to say it was asking for that but he was definitely asking yeah he put
himself but don’t know Oh Brianna did this once we did this hundred layers
challenge oh no like oh it’s gonna be so bad she’s my fur either
oh look like that um I had not want that person dude you would look so good I do
not want that why not why not come on like literally Johnny Bravo incarnate
right oh but she looks beautiful you don’t know how to you how do you reverse
it you is that her life now we can figure that like that forever
well after we do it we can figure it out right like maybe you know I don’t like
that plan I like that plan don’t point your go at me you like that I like it
better than your touching yeah what you got like a third-generation iPod post oh
sorry first generation collection suggestion
NC i he’s over here studying I’m hearing this laugh track in the background wait
what happened I don’t understand wait a second I don’t
know what I just thought was a hidden phone so he could text I don’t know
Rollem yeah you’re only grumpy because you don’t understand tick that’s good oh let’s go
this means is a genius well you know if it’s stupid and it works
wait wait wait not stupid do you think that somebody was up there holding it do
you think there was some Ruby magic or some take talk more do you think someone
was in the ceiling I mean it’s not that hard I could fit up there you know like
I leave it in the ceiling yes I fit into it now get up there we don’t have
cameras on the ceiling Grumpus Oh oh my gosh presents I know what you’re
thinking don’t you dare try this with me okay okay if I can’t do it on you maybe
we can pull it off on shivers maybe did you know I’ve actually had this I did
this I had a coin flip toss challenge video where this happened to me and it
actually doesn’t hurt as bad as you would think
well you’re not as hairy well I have a lot of hair on my leg I’m sure Phil not
anymore why here there’s a picture of my life on
my Instagram okay oh here we go we got boba tea action alright I’m just
not a big fan of boba tea I’d like to know if you guys are in the comments
that just oh that is that is just rude for sure just that’s like almost kind of
like when you eat the watermelon and like you’ve seen their cartoons and they
then you spit to see that it’s like you know like reaction why not just swallow
the boba you know because you can use them as mouth bullets
Oh No what is happening why’d you like this huh
that is wife material that’s how you know can you make that noise to it full
beaver mode first to go good then he can you first make that noise
I mean I don’t think beavers usually make that noise right check it check it
we could be there right now Grumpus okay surely I go you literally gave away
all of our airline miles oh so now we can’t do that so did she just can I
get home can I get Tik Tok famous by just walking into a heated pool like is
she trying to show off like either she just tried to flex on us yeah were she
just was thinking that we thought it was a cold pool but that was definitely only
one way to find out go ahead Nicole pool no I don’t want to why would I go jump
in a cold pool you owe me to really take the cold plunge right now moment in time
right now okay that’s rude that’s rude you guys come in the first 60 minutes of
a brand new video being posted because we read your comments and we’ll feature
them right down here have a great safe day and hopefully I’ll blink before the
next episode see you later


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