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Best Supplements For Clear Skin (This One Could Be The End Of Your Breakouts)

September 5, 2019

Well I wish I had known this secret back when I was fighting my own severe acne! Because it is one of the most effective ways to get clear skin and no one ever talks about it! It’s very rare that people come across this no matter how badly they’ve been suffering and it’s so effective it even works not just for acne but for eczema and rosacea as well. What is it you ask? Taking probiotics! I know simple right! Well, I’m really excited to be sharing this information with you today because it’s not only great for your skin it is great for your overall health. And after years of doing this for myself, and my clients, I’m a hundred percent certain that if you add probiotics to your diet you’re gonna make a difference in your skin. So if you’re excited to learn how probiotics can actually help you start building healthy and clear skin from the inside out then this video is for you. Do me a big favor hit that like button and let’s dive right in so out of all the supplements minerals fish oil all those things that are out there and available to us there’s one thing that often gets left off the table and that is taking probiotics to improve our gut health now what does it have to do with getting clear skin and stopping acne well just in a word everything and here’s why because most of us have had diets throughout our lives that have been full of sugar and processed food namely it contains things like nitrates and these foods and sugars are very very difficult for our gut to maintain balance when that’s our diet is very heavy in that now there are those of us who eat healthy who eat lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens and do all of the things that we think aren’t healthy and yet we still get this imbalance in our gut namely because most of these things don’t have the nutritional value that they used to have so what happens then is our gut health becomes compromised and it upsets our body’s microbiome say that three times fast microbiome and why that’s important is your microbiome your microbiome is 90 percent of your body so very big important factor here the other thing to understand is that when your gut health is off in inflammation increases in the body and that is overall inflammation and that means that your immune system is much more sensitive and more reactive and we know for a fact that there is a direct correlation between the immune system being very reactive temperamental if you want to say and the way it treats or the way it treats infections that we get or come across in an acne breakout is a type of infection so there’s a trigger there when your body is inflamed you’re more sensitive to it you’re more are much more likely to get a breakout now I learned this the hard way in my own acting struggle because my diet back then was full of processed foods and sugar and it was one of the biggest contributors to my acne at the time plus if you’re like me and you’ve had acne you’ve probably taken antibiotics or maybe you’ve taken lots of antibiotics for other issues in your health and the great thing about antibiotics is that they do go in and they kill bad bacteria that’s what we use them for the bad news is oftentimes especially we’ve taken them on going like tetracycline or any of the antibiotics described for acne problems we are also killing off the good bacteria and what happens is a naturally occurring yeast that is in our gut gets out of control because the good bacteria is no longer there to control it and that’s Candida albicans you’ve probably heard of that or may have come across it again it’s naturally occurring and usually our body keeps it in check so that we don’t have much trouble with it but when it gets out of control it produces a lot of toxins that the body has to remove it increases that inflammation factor in your body it increases the reactive nature of your immune system and Candida albicans has been really linked to a lot of severe and ongoing acne cases so if you’re one of those people who have tried everything to clear up your skin and nothing has worked or you have digestive issues at the same time oral health problems at the same time and maybe you’re predisposed to yeast infections or athlete’s foot things like that or scalp issues a lot of times Candida albicans East is the thing that is indicated and the one thing we can do to improve that balance in our body is to add probiotics so that’s great Chris but which kind because there are over 60 different brands with just all kinds of different strains of probiotics that are good for the body but not necessarily gonna target skin issues so what probiotics are best for acne then well we’re looking for L acidophilus lactobacillus which is the the scientific name for this probiotic very very important that we stick to that very very important that we stick to that specific strain you can buy products where it’s mixed with other strains to help overall gut health and that’s absolutely fine but that is the one that you want to look for on the label now it’s very simple to find this product it’s available widely online and in stores the issue is you’ve got to be sure that you get a good quality product for it to work so you want to stay away from generic versions really cheap versions of this product you want to make sure that you go with name brands and there’s a very important reason for that if the product has been processed or it’s old or it’s not been stored correctly because because L acidophilus is a live cell is a live micro organism there can be a lot of death in the processing and so it’s not as effective that’s basically why but you definitely want to be sure that you get a brand it’s better than if it is a fiber base like the Nutri fiber base which it will say that on the label and don’t worry don’t worry you know me I’m gonna give you links in the video description box so that you can go look at some different choices and brands that I have used and that I recommend and then go out and get some or order some online or whatever you want to do so don’t get if you’re feeling overwhelmed and this seems daunting as we go through this part just just hang in there because I’m gonna give you the links in the video description box but it’s important to know the choices you’re making and why you’re making them so again just kind of route kind of loop back around we want to make sure we get a good brand name the next thing to keep in mind is that our microbiome is over a hundred plus trillion active microorganisms or cells so you want to get a product that is at least 40 billion CF use and that’s colony forming unit side that sounds kind of really out there but that’s what this calls colony forming units and the reason that that CFS number is so important is it is the amount of live organisms that that product is expected to deliver to your gut so very very important that that number be 40 billion or plus I know it sounds really large we’re talking about enzymatic sized microorganisms so keep that in mind you want at 40 plus the other thing that is really super important to keep in mind here is that you read the label instructions depending on how that probiotic is packaged you may can take it with food and water or you may not be able to do that so be sure you follow those directions so that you get the biggest benefit out of this okay so once you start taking these probiotics what should you expect when should you see a difference okay well if you’ve been having digestive health problems these probiotics is gonna act really fast you’re gonna notice the difference there first when it comes to skin and yeast infections and things like that it will take a number of days to a week I usually see a difference in clients that I work with in a week to two weeks they begin to notice that their skin gradually gets better and stays better they have less and less recurring breakouts if any at all and eventually you get their body back into balance so if Candida is your problem and probiotics are gonna work for you you’re gonna know within a couple of weeks you’re gonna start to see a difference that doesn’t mean you’re gonna wake up overnight and you’re not going to have any breakouts it doesn’t work that way because the probiotics go in and they begin to multiply they crowd out and kill off the yeast that’s growing in there you may even have what’s called a die-off reaction where there’s a sudden death of the Candida yeast and your body has to process that you might get a little bit more of a break out that’s what happened for me when I did this I got it push the acne out a little bit it seemed like an aggravated but it wasn’t that at all it was just my body processing the extra toxin so my immune system was very very sensitive to that during that period of time now if you stick with it probiotics can be a very effective and natural way that’s why I do it to not only get your skin into health mode and build health there but to build your overall health for your which is really what we always want to try to do skin problems are often a symptom of other issues going on and so very very important that we check our gut health and our diet and all the things that I give you tips on and speaking of that I’m gonna put up a couple of videos right over here that will give you even more information on how to quickly resolve acne breakouts even some great videos on diet and triggers that happen when it comes to acne and skincare right over here so be sure and hit that little notification bell be sure to subscribe if you haven’t and please by all means share this information with somebody who needs it because it can be a great help to them and I really appreciate you guys being here and I will see you over on the next one

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