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Best Smoothies For Candida Cleanse

August 31, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re gonna talk this morning about smoothies
and juices and different types of drinks,drinks. There are lots of different drinks you can
make up. Smoothies really are very nice, especially
in summer time. I quite like drinks made with yogurt, myself,
when it’s really hot. I love them, especially yogurt blended with
mango, for example, what a beautiful drink to make up. So smoothies can often involve some type of
protein powder, for example. You may want to be cutting back on a bit of
food you’re eating and boost up your diet with a good protein, something that contains
maybe a lot of amino acids in it and bioflavinoids and minerals and vitamins and things like
that. There are a lot of good powders out there
at the moment. You can get some nice ones, especially, that
contain brown rice protein or yellow pea protein. Some people still like to have the whey or
the dairy protein, but there are many different powders, and these form a good basis for a
smoothie drink, especially when you combine them with some berries and some type of milk. It may not have to be cow’s milk. Some people may choose a low fat milk, some
may choose a soy milk, some may choose a cashew, almond or hazelnut …
There are many different types of milks you can get. Coconut milk, for example, is quite nice as
well. So these form the basis, again, that kind
of milk and that powder for a smoothie. And then what I like to put in it personally
varies. Because we grow lots of blueberries, raspberries
and blackberries, I like to throw those in that drink. I find them quite tasty indeed, especially
with a few ice cubes in there. So a nice way to give texture and flavor and
something nice when it comes to a smoothie, just try and throw two or three ice cubes
in with your smoothie and blend that up. Now for a real twist to this kind of a drink,
I’ve got several patients who’ve actually put the CanXida products into the smoothie
and had an excellent outcome with it. The CanXida Remove tablets, you can drop one
of those into the smoothie without a problem at all and blend that up, so that gives your
smoothie then the ability to have antimicrobial kind of effect. Now people have said to me “But what about
the sustained release?” Well every particle in that thing has been
mixed through, so you should find there will still be some sustained release action with
that tablet. The methylcellulose has been mixed right through
that tablet, all the way through, not just as a surface coating. So that’s gonna delay the ability of the gut
to release that contents and therefore give you a nice antimicrobial activity over a prolonged
period of time. So having that smoothie in the morning, of
example, might work very well for you. You could try that. You could also, of course, try a juice. And I’ve written a lot about juices and these
beverages in CanXida crusher. I’ll talk about the three categories of juice,
so I’m just gonna read out the three types of categories here. So for the inexperienced people who are new
to vegetable and fruit juicing, you’re going to start, for example, with things like celery,
carrot, fennel, cucumber or Granny Smith. These are really for the newbies, the people
just starting out. When you get experience with juicing, you
can start adding in lettuce, spinach, rocket, peppers, beets and kiwi fruit. Beets don’t really belong in the first category,
but I quite like them, and I have them every day. Beets, I find them an excellent adjunct to
the diet. Even if you’re not used to drinking juices,
a tiny piece of beet root in with just a bit of Granny Smith apple, for example, is very
tasty. The third category is for the more experienced
people who have been juicing for a while. And that includes allium and the Brescia family. So cauliflower, broccoli, collards, kale,
things like that. I’m not a big fan of raw kale. I think it’s best to heat kale up or steam
it before you process it. You can watch my videos on why. Radishes, also, are excellent to juice. So you can combine these juices quite successfully. It’s about working out the right combination. And especially with the bitter ones when they’re
category two or three, I feel that they are particularly good for putting the CanXida
Remove tablet with, that’ll work quite well indeed. So I’ve got several clients in Europe who
are doing that right now, and they’re just having a tiny little shot, a green shot in
the morning and one in the mid afternoon with the CanXida Remove tablet blended through
it, and it’s working perfectly fine. So probably easier to do it with the remove
than it would be with the Restore product, which is a capsule. And the whole purpose of the Restore is to
keep that capsule intact to try and get that into the gut. Because remember, it has a particular protective
coating on it that opens up once it gets further down in the GI tract. But not so much with the CanXida Remove or
the rebuild. Remove or rebuild blend perfectly fine smoothies
or with green drinks like this, so it’s certainly worth a try. Give it a go, and give me some feedback. Thanks for watching the video.

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