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Best Parasite Cleanse: Based on 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Parasite Cleanses

August 17, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bekker New Zealand naturopath. Thanks for checking out the video. Today we’re going to talk about parasite cleansing. Best parasite cleanse ever. On how to really get that gut in great shape. Don’t be afraid of a parasites. Don’t be scared of these things. I would say over half of the people out there
are now currently globally with a parasite of some sort. So many people have got these bugs. Even without knowing about it. There’s an increase incidence of parasites
the last several years and it’s only getting more and more and more. It’s escalating. People are traveling more than ever, travel’s
cheap. People are moving around the globe a lot. There’s more people than ever on the planet
and there’s more people moving than ever. Of course this means transmission of different
microbes around the place, including parasites. They don’t always necessarily have to come
from third world countries. A lot of the American people I see, have parasites. A lot of European people I see have got parasites. The smartest thing you can do though guys,
is assessment. It’s good to check out what you’ve got lurking
internally, and a comprehensive stool test is the way to do it. If you don’t want to do a CSA, a comprehensive
stool assessment, do a parasite cytology. You do it times one, two, or three. You can have one stool sample, two, or three
stool samples. They’re not that expensive, so this is a great
way to assess what’s going on inside. A good example is a patient I had last week
from Ohio, in America. Who’d been on a candida treatment for several
years. When we got the stool test results back, she
had four different kinds of parasites inside her gut. She didn’t have any candida at all. She had a chronic lack of beneficial bacteria
and she had all these different parasites. And two of them were in the four plus count. They were very high. So assessment will not only tell you what
you’ve got, it will actually tell you how big the problem is. Right, so think about that. I recently just watched now on YouTube a very
prominent American man whose featured a lot on YouTube. He talked about parasite cleansing but he
didn’t talk about assessment. He just talked about treatment. He talked about supplements right away and
about eating you know what water pumpkin seeds eat and stuff but there was no mention at
all on assessment. There was talk about colonics, but no talk
at all about assessment. So to me if you’re not going to assess something,
like parasites, before you start treating it, it’s like you’re going in the ocean without
a map or a compass. You’ve got no idea where you’re going or what
direction you’re heading in or how successful you’re going to be. So labs now are very, very good at doing this. So ask your primary doctor for a proper parasite
assessment. Ask your naturopathic doctor. Ask your chiropractic doctor or whoever you’re
going to, but get assessed and get a proper test done before you embark on a treatment. It just makes a lot of sense. So let’s just say you got an assessment and
it’s come back with a parasite. Now these could be dientamoeba you could be
looking at blastocystis. It could be entamoeba, [inaudible 00:03:03],
they could be any one of dozens of different types of bugs lurking inside you, so what
are you going to do? Now the first thing I would also recommend
that you do is, if you’ve done a test, is to look at what your of beneficial bacteria
are. Have you got no growth? Have you got low count? Medium? Or have you got high count? And then also look at the other bacteria you’ve
got. Have you got a lot of imbalanced bacteria? What’s the flora like in the gut in general? Right? The important thing is to understand before
you start. Treatment itself, when we think about treatment,
we think about eating the right kinds of foods. You’re not going to get rid of parasites if
you’re going to have burgers and fries and Coke all day. If you’re going to have a couple of beers
or vodka. Or gin and tonics, you’re not really going
to help. It’s not going to go towards you to eradicate
parasites is it? So I’m really of the opinion that you should
be alcohol free for several months in your quest to really clean the gut up. But that also includes beverages like sodas,
and orange juice, fruit juices and things like that. I prefer that you just have a … If you want
something refreshing maybe have some soda water and add some lemon juice to it. Something refreshing in the mouth. Just drink plain water or herbal teas like
I do. Just be careful what you drink. A lot of sugar in that, a lot of artificial
colors and flavors. A lot of artificial sweeteners in that stuff. Also, with the food that you’re eating. You don’t want to be on a high refined carbohydrate
diet. I recommend you take your bread intake right
down and don’t eat any take away foods like pizzas or burgers. You know things like that. I prefer that you eat at home, make your own
food. At least you know what you’re getting. High protein diets tend to work well with
parasites. Particularly the lean kinds of proteins. You know like fish and chicken. A good free range organic chicken and some
eggs, and maybe some fish. Maybe some tofu or tempeh if you’re not meat
sort of inclined. There are many different types of proteins
that you can consume that are really going to help to improve your health. If you can do what I do. I try and grow some vegetables. All right? Some green leafy veggies like spinach or broccoli. So eating a predominantly vegetable diet with
some good quality proteins, and maybe a few legumes thrown in there, is the way to go
with parasites. Salads are quiet good to have. Tomatoes, lettuce, [inaudible 00:05:24], bok
choy, and [inaudible 00:05:27], spinach. Spring onions all very good. Let’s talk about some specific foods that
are anti microbial in general. Well you can’t go wrong with garlic for example,
fresh garlic, and fresh ginger, and fresh tumeric. These are things you can get hold of. Coconut products, very, very good. Coconut oil, coconut cream, even the meat
itself from the coconut, all going to help you significantly. Fresh herbs. Basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary,
these are all antimicrobial herbs. Pumpkin seeds, grated carrot, and grated beet
root. Mix them together 50/50 and a few tablespoons
per day, antimicrobial. Excellent, excellent choices. Let’s just say you’ve got your diet sorted. You’ve done an assessment. Don’t forget to add some cultured foods in
there as well. I’m a big fan of a little bit of sour yogurt,
natural greek sour yogurt. Just a small amount of that every day in the
diet, it will also help you out. I’m not a fan of kefir anymore, not kefir. I don’t like this when digestions very disordered. I’m having way too much bad feedback from
people over the years now who’ve made kefir, included it in their diet, and actually got
worse not better. You can actually get a topic candida because
kefir as well, because kefir is a ferment, it’s not a culture. So, when you like kombucha, if you make kefir
at home it’s easy to screw it up. And it’s easy to get sick from kefir as well
if you’re not feeling fantastic. So kefir, I believe, should be included in
the diet when you’re feeling a lot better not when you’re very sick. Also be careful of sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can really disturb some people. It can create a histamine problem with some
people as well. So you can experiment with sauerkraut. Small amounts of the juice may be beneficial
for you, but just be careful with it. You may find that it’s perfectly okay but
you may find that you’re getting very sick with it. I find that yogurts, sour yogurts to be the
best. Don’t forget the lifestyle guys. You need to have really good sleep patterns. There’s no point staying up watching movies
on Netflix till 2AM. If you’re eating the right kinds of foods
and taking good supplements, you’re not going to recover if you’ve got poor sleep. Make sure that you enjoy your job, that you’re
doing something that you like to do every day. Get adequate rest. Don’t overexercise. Too much exercise is a big stress for the
body. So what kind of supplementation should you
take? Well, you can take any kind of supplements. The smart thing to do when you’re drinking
is to add a few drops of grape fruit seed extract into the water every day, five to
ten drops per day. That’d go a long way towards helping to eradicate
different types of pathogens from the body. Check out my Candxida range of products. Particularly the Candxida Remove. Okay? Candxida Remove is the only product of its
kind on the market with grape fruit seed extract in it. It’s got oregano, it’s got clove, it’s got
neem, it’s got garlic, standardized garlic in there. So it’s got a lot of powerful antiparasitic
herbs in there. It’s also got anti fungal herbs and nutrients
in there and it’s antimicrobial. So it actually works on the bacteria, the
yeast, and the parasites. Again the [inaudible 00:08:51] video I just
looked at before explaining about parasite cleaning, the gentlemen was saying, “You need
to buy a bottle of black walnut. You need to buy a bottle of oregano oil. You need to buy some garlic extract.” So you’d have five or six bottles on the counter. Well all of those things add up and are very
pricey. The Candxida Remove contains all of those
things in the sustain release form. It’s going to help you and save you a lot
of money at the same time. Candxida Restore contains six different types
of probiotics and seven types of enzymes. Works beautifully in conjunction with Candxida
Remove. So both those products work well together. I recommend you take one Remove per day to
start with, and then build up to one Candxida Remove with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do that for about three to four weeks. Take a break for about a week or so and then
resume for another three to four weeks. That along with a diet, and if you take a
few additional drops of grapefruit seed extract in the water, is going to help to eradicate
a lot of parasites. I’ve seen this repeatably with tests, before
and after, that this protocol works beautifully. Don’t forget the Candxida Restore, okay? Take a few of those. It’s going to help you as well. A couple in the morning maybe. One or two in the morning, maybe one or two
in the evening. Then a multi vitamin with an antimicrobial
backing is Candxida Rebuild. That’s got a whole bunch of herbs in the background
that help to inhibit parasites. So take one Rebuild per day for a good six
months. It’s going to help clean up the gut significantly. I hope that gives you a bit of an insight
into a really good parasite cleanse. You don’t need a whole bunch of supplements. You don’t need a lot of special foods. Most of these foods you can get basically
get from your grocery store or your supermarket. Or you can get them from your veggie shop,
[inaudible 00:10:45], preferably an organic veggie shop. So count on a good three months to eradicate
most parasites from your body, and don’t forget the assessment. It makes sense to test. I hope that gives you some insight. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Frontline human use

  • Reply Mr. M Knight May 8, 2019 at 12:21 am

    Liver flukes. Tons. Of. Liver flukes. Black worms as well. I’ve been eliminating what feels like thousands. No tests picked them up. Two comprehensive tests. Nothing. Thousands spent on tests that do not work. Holistic and MD. At times you need to become your OWN DOCTOR. And I’m not speaking against doctors. I’m stating from experience. A great supplement I’ve found through an angel of a health guide is Paraherb from a Texas based company. I’d eliminated red tomato skin like flukes but the TRUE culprit of my misery were white leaf shaped flukes that wandered into my pancreatic ducts and have exacerbated my candida issue. I feel a ton better but still have a way to go. Look. Three generations have to be eliminated. You have to pace the elimination. My problem was patience. You have to WAIT for the eggs to hatch. If you start too aggressively these things drop eggs like crazy to survive. 4 days on 4 days off. He’s spot on Coconut meat. Get coconut manna. It. Is. Amazing. Peace and blessings to you all.

  • Reply Mary Harris May 12, 2019 at 9:00 am

    are there side effects from die off, and how do you get rid of that.

  • Reply Mary Harris May 12, 2019 at 9:03 am

    is the candida diet what you do for H.Pylori as well. I know you mention diet in your videos and what to eat, but have you a book also that you can look at, and see what to eat.

  • Reply Rod James July 9, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    I think this doctor is infected with a book worm! Every shelf is about to collapse, lol

  • Reply TheWarIsWithin July 29, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    alot of essential oils to even some herbs can create some major inflammation in your weak areas so people should be aware of that too

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