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Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for 40s and 50s

August 24, 2019

Are you in your late thirties all the way
to your fifties and you are wondering what specific anti-aging product that you should
be focusing on, or how much you should be spending on your skincare products? How ’bout, “What particular product or service
should I be focusing on?” That’s what we’re going to be talking about
today to focus on the fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, maybe some a little bit
sagging, and extra dryness in your skin. Or how ’bout some of you who are in your late
thirties to fifties and instead of having the typical dry skin, scaly patches, uneven
skin tone, now you’re starting to see BREAKOUTS, oily patches, unbalanced skin. So stay tuned for the PRO TIPS to find out
what particular things that you can do for your skin, as well as make sure to click on
the links below for descriptions and in our description box for product links. In our last video when I was talking about
what happens to the skin in your thirties, and what best skincare products and regimen
to focus on, in the forties and fifties, desquamation rate — so the skin cell turnover rate — significantly
starts to slow down where you actually really start to see dull skin, more pronounced uneven
skin tone, and age spots that are happening. Now, the Collagen and Elastin continues to
break down even further at this point, however, the difference is, is that most women in this
stage will actually start to see an increase in PORE SIZE. So where you may have only seen it maybe around
your nose, now you’re seeing more on the forehead and around, it’s spread down to the cheeks. And the reason why is because the Collagen
and Elastin has begun to loosen, it’s not as firm, and so the pore size it-, appears
to be larger because its-, your skin starts to lack that suppleness and that plushness. And others of you, because of the decrease
in Estrogen — which stimulates Collagen and Elastin — you also will see an INCREASE in
oil production as well as some breakouts and, unfortunately, some of the facial hair that
may start to appear. Hi, my name is Christy and I’m the owner of
Go See Christy Beauty Boutique, and I’m a licensed Esthetician, and I’ve been treating
clients with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and Acne for over ten years. And today we’re going to be talking about
your BEST anti-aging skin care regimen, as well as some products and things you need
to focus on today, in your fifties. Now, depending on the individual, this is
actually, the forties and the fifties is actually where, very similar to puberty, is where the
hormones really fluctuate. So at some times your skin can feel really,
really dry, and other times it can be oily and break out, and especially for those of
you who are using a lot of exfoliating properties for anti-aging, you’ll see even MORE dryness
and flakiness and itchiness, and your skin may even become more sensitized to different
products. So first off, let’s start off with our cleansers. Most cleansers that are being sold today,
the pH is-, it’s hovering around 10, a pH of around 10 — which can strip the Acid Mantle. Your skin likes to hover around a 5.5, which
is the pH of your natural Acid Mantle. So the one of the ways that you can tell is
if you wash your face, and without adding anything on your skin, if your skin starts
to feel a little bit dry, or if you feel your skin and it doesn’t feel slippery from the
oil that you have on your skin, it may be because your cleanser is stripping that. One of the other ways that you can tell is
if the foaming agents that they use are Sulfate-derived, it can be a little bit drying as well. So you want to look for things that have Coco
Glucoside or a coconut-based surfactant, plant-based surfactants will wash your face without stripping
that Acid Mantle. So, at this stage between your forties and
your fifties your re-, your Estrogen levels really start to wane, and therefore your skin
will really start to see some changes. Especially in areas where you noramlly wouldn’t. And this would include your chest, maybe the
inside of your arms, your knees, where you see a lot more crinkling. So this is where you need to focus on that
may be a little bit different than people in their 20’s and their 30’s, and that is
replacing the fats that restore the Hydro-Lipid Barrier. So this NOURISHES and PROTECTS the skin. So this is focusing on essential Fatty Acids
that you need. So some of examples are GLA, which is a Gamma
Linolenic Acid, Oleic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid — which is NOT a Fatty Acid but it is a humectant
— Algae Oil, Sea Buckthrone Berry Oil, Squalene, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, as well as Grape
Seed Oil. So the irony of this lifestage and the anti-aging
beauty industry is, is, is that this is the lifestage where we NEED and increase of the
Fatty Acids, okay? So this includes Fatty Acids, Cholesterol,
and Ceramides. But the anti-aging beauty industry is focusing
on speeding up your skin cell turnover rate, increasing that desquamation rate, which in
turn can REALLY dry out your skin. And dehydration AND inflammation are the key
things that can superficially age your skin even faster. Okay! So here comes the PRO TIP. And the PRO TIP is: Using a toner that has
these 3 things that it can do: 1. Increases the hydration ability of your skin
,2. To be able to RETAIN the hydration properties
in your skin, and 3. REDUCE the amount of inflammation on your
skin, especially if you’re using a whole lot of anti-aging ingredients. And so I will put a link in the description
below for this great toner. So in this, in our lifestage, and-, cotton-based
toners were really big. And when I say cotton-based, it’s the toner
where you have to get a cotton ball, and you take the toner, and you put the toner onto
the cotton ball, and then you wipe your face with it. Now, the new generation of toner is I want
you guys to start looking at SPRAY toners, ’cause it does a couple of things. One is, if it is a spray toner, and not all
the time, but usually if it’s a spray toner, typically the formulation is to actually INCREASE
the hydration properties of your skin, you us-, you need less of the moisturizer because
it’s already creating that moisture barrier. When it is a cotton-based toner, typically
the formulation is to strip your skin to take off the additional make-up that you may have
on your skin. It’s more of a cleansing property and more
astringent than a hydrating property. So if you’re in your forties and fifties,
I know you-, we all grew up with the-, with the cotton-based toner, but I want you to
start focusing on the SPRAY toners. So I’m always talking about getting a good
quality serum, but in your forties and fifties it’s still important, but now I also in addition
to that, invest in a very good CREAM. Now, it’s not always true that the more expensive
it is the better it is, that’s not always true, however, if the price seems TOO good
to be true according to its claims, it probably IS. So the first thing I want you to do is I want
you to focus on creams that only come in a PUMP dispenser or AIRLESS PUMP. Because if it does actually have the peptides
and the anti-oxidant that it’s claiming, when you open up that jar and you’re sticking your
fingers in it, you’re oxidizing the ENTIRE product every time you’re opening it, and
two, you are sticking your fingers in it, and you have to remember, on our skin we naturally
have some level of bacteria and yeast, so that means that they would have to have preser-,
even MORE preservatives in there to keep the fungal, the mold, and the yeast from growing
in the product. So just… let’s just get that out of the
way and try to focus on those airless pumps. Or even tubes! The-, the main thing is that you’re not exposing
the entire product to air as well as your fingers. Okay? So, the one I want to talk about is the Post-Recovery
Cream. So for those of you who are using Retin-A,
Retinol, you are doing Microdermabrasion, you’re doing acid peels, things that are going
to inflame your skin to ultimately stimulate the Fibroblasts to make new Collagen and Elastin,
you have to bring down that inflammation because inflammation — especially over a prolonged
period of time — AGES the skin, or your organs, or your joints. So, you need things that calm your skin, reduce
that inflammation, have a unique blend of Fatty Acids and Cholesterol and Ceramides
in there, as well as humectant properties. So the first one I’m going to talk about is
called the Post-Recovery Cream. It is perfect if you’ve done Fraxel, if you’re
using Retin-A, if you’ve done peels or Microdermabrasions. And this doesn’t have any Petroleum, it doesn’t
have any occlusive agents then that can clog the skin. So what’s unique about this one particular
cream is that it does create a favorable pH for your skin to bring down that inflammation,
for your skin to be able to start to heal, and hold its own moisture. So here are some of the healing and humectant
properties of this cream: Again, it has anti-oxidants, it has Vitamin A, C, and E, it also has Beta
Glucan to soothe the skin, it has Squalene — which is an incredible hydrating emollient
derived from olives –, and it also has Glycerin, and Sodium PCA, and Aloe Vera Gel. And it also has Evening Primrose Extract for
those of you who love Evening Primrose. So the second one, now this is for those of
you who are doing anti-aging but you may not be doing such aggressive procedures, because
this one is actually higher in the essential Fatty Acids. This is the MD Dermaceutical Overnight Repair
Cream. And the THIRD ingredient is Vitamin C. And
it is actually a Vitamin C derivative, so it’s not as irritating to the skin. And it’s really effective in the anti-aging
properties. The other one it has is organic Aloe Vera
Gel, for humectant properties it has Sodium Hyaluronate in there, and it has a very unique
balance of the Fatty Acids, Cholesterols, and Ceramides that are derived from things
such as the organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, these are all very, very hydrating, it makes
the skin smooth, and it heals the skin. I do want to also point out that this unique
derivative of the Vitamin C is proven, actually — and I’ll put the link below of the case
in there — where it’s actually more effective on the Acne than it was on, clients who were
using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. So for those of you who are-, have mature
skin but you’re still battling with Acne, and the Acne products over time are kind of
sensitizing your skin, this may also help with that. And for those of you who are watching this
for the first time, if you haven’t seen my exfoliation, the three different types of
exfoliation and what is best for your skin, then please go ahead and click the link below
to go ahead and watch that. Because, if you haven’t heard already, exfoliation
is important to your skin at this lifestage because really the es-, the desquamation rate
REALLY starts to slow down. So that’s one of the focus. But really, in your forties and fifties, even
though that is important, your serums are important, really start to focus on the essential
Fatty Acids that you need because you start to need restoration in your Ceramides, and
those are your Lipids that are in between the Keratinocyte, which then increases your
skin’s ability to hold in that moisture. So you want to now start to focus on skincare
products that protect, stimulate Collagen and Elastin production, as well as restore
the Collagen and Elastin. Because you’re losing a lot of it because
that-, the, the dropping levels of Estrogen don’t stimulate the Collagen and Elastin so
much. So the ingredients that you want to look for
is: Vitamin A, Marine Collagen, Growth Factors, and Alpha Lipoic Acids. The other one is anti-glycation ingredients. And if you don’t know what anti-glycation
is, then make sure you check out our video on “How Sugar Ages Your Skin”. So we’re not going to get into that today,
but the ingredients that you want to look for for that is: Green Tea, Cinnamon, Peptides,
and Amino Acids. Now for those of you who were hoping to find
some hyperpigmentation things in here, there will be a hyperpigmentation series coming,
so if you haven’t subscribed, make sure you SUBSCRIBE and hit that notification bell,
and REMEMBER: Make-up is an ART, and skincare is definitely a SCIENCE. Thanks for watching!


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