Bepanah Pyaar – 26th February 2020 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

March 4, 2020

‘Raghbir..’ ‘I was sure you would
recover.’ ‘Everything will
fall into place.’ ‘I am your wife.’ Who is she? I have.. What did she mean? Why is she..
Strange! ‘This guy, I tell you..’ ‘He has lost his memory’ ‘but is still’ ‘thinking of Pragati.’ ‘I must take care of it.’ ‘He should not regain
his memory.’ Raghbir.. What are you thinking? Mother.. Pragati calls me her husband. What is happening? What does it matter? You need not be bothered.
– Actually, Mom the doctor has opined
that I have partial amnesia. I feel I had not married her
and she is.. – Raghbir! Just know that you have recovered. Mom.. I remember everything from my college days. What about what I don’t? Look, you remember everything
only till a certain time. Right?
Do what you wanted to after college. Right? Everything will
be all right then. Come on now.
I have got you food. Yes. – I will feed you. Please sit.
– Mom, now.. I want to get to bed. Please. – Okay. Don’t be.. You would not let me finish. My dear.. Rest well. Everything will be fine. I am with you always. ‘Things will improve only when’ ‘I let you recall.’ Have I lost my memory
or have you all? Dear, the servants
are not at fault. This is what you usually eat. They weren’t aware.
– You were. So, why didn’t you
instruct them accordingly? ‘Ms. Kunti is not here.’ ‘I must show him
the photo album now.’ It is simnple! All I want for breakfast
is Parathas and juice. You will get them. I know what you eat.
– Mom.. Here..
Your Parathas and juice. Why are you being
angry with them? I take care of you. How would they know
what you like? May I say something? You are great! You are amazing! You are the best, baby! I meant, the best mother. ‘Raghbir cannot discern
your pretention.’ ‘You are the perpetrator’ ‘and that’s why you have
always dominated him.’ Wow! – ‘If I take it
to him now’ ‘she would not let him
see the photos.’ ‘I must do something so
that he gets to see them.’ Please have one Paratha each. Do you recall? There’s no newspaper. Wow! – I was reading it and left it on the table. I will get it.
– When did you start reading newspapers? The ideal breakfast! What is this, Sister-in-law? Shefali.. These are tokens of memories to make him recall his past. Please give it to him.
– I get it. Brother..
– Thanks. Welcome. Oh! Go, change into
fresh clothes. Do this, Mom.. Please read it.
I am sure I have featured in it. I had read it only half. It features advertisements
on colleges. Let me read it first.
You may follow. Sure. Pragati, I.. Sorry. May I come in? Yes. It is not your office. It is the house.
Come on, in. It is a nice room. You loved this room. I want to talk to you. I had to show you something. It is something important. May I say it first?
– Sure. You are aware of
my mental condition. The ailment.. If I have ever
wronged you or hurt you.. I do not remember even a moment
of us being together. I do not want to hurt you. Why would I?
I don’t even know you. You have a life! A beautiful one!
You are so beautiful. You really are. I am sure you
will find a nice guy. Please don’t be adamant
and move on. My life was beautiful and can again be so if you come back into it.
– I don’t remember anything! Step into my shoes and think.
I can’t recall anything! What do I do? May I lie to you?
It takes two to tango. Love cannot be invoked
like this. If you.. Please don’t cry. Please understand
the situation. I do not want to hurt you.
Listen to me. I do not want to hurt you. I am sure you have
ambitions to pursue. Please pursue them.
Move on. I cannot do it. Raghbir this is what I wanted
you to see. Raghbir.. I am sure you recall it now. I do not. It is not so easy. My head hurts. See.. Try and understand. I am a human being,
not a machine. I don’t have a magic switch. Please don’t get me
stressed out. My head hurts. I get irrtated.
You pressurise me. You show me all this and cry.. I cannot.. Please do not
get me disturbed. I already am. I am confused! Please stay away! What!
Did Pragati tell you that? Yes, Mom. She presented
some evidence before me. Some photos and letters.. But, Mom,
how can I trust her if I cannot recall anything? Dear.. All that she has told you is true. But only half the truth. This is the complete truth. Sukanya.. It is her. You were supposed
to get married to her but it was Pragati
in the wedding mandap in her place. She was wearing the veil and no one doubted it. It was not an acceptable
wedding. It was a betrayal from Pragati to you. She wanted to marry you for money. Why are the others not
telling me all this? Dad or Shefali or Priya.. No one is.
Why are they siding with her? She influences people easily. She used sweet talks to win over you first and then the rest of the family members. Aditi would loathe her. But soon she started trusting her too. I was the only one who was unaffected. So, I urged you
to keep her at bay. Oust her from the house. She is not needed in your life. Poor one.. You were helpless. You were overwhelmed
by her. Like people say the truth can be manipulated but never be erased. And today it has ben unraveled. What are you talking about? It is.. How do I tell you about it?
– Mom.. I feel terrible to say it but I cannot keep you
in the dark about it. Actually, Raghbir.. Before the accident, you had..
– Go ahead. You had told me that she had an affair with Sahas. You had decided
to divorce Pragati. your decisions are written in stone no matter
what, they never change. Not even if I ask you
to change them. Pragati! Pragati! What happened, Raghbir? I have come to know of
her true colours, Dad. Pragati! What happened? Oh, really? You claimed you were honest. You lectured me. Do you recall it? But you forgot to tell me
about what a cheater you are. ‘This is the moment
I was waiting for’ ‘and you have
gifted me with it.’ Do you realise that replacing
the bride at the wedding mandap
is a crime? Raghbir, it is true that
I had repalced Sukanya but there’s a reason..
– Your fradulent behaviour dictated it. You knew that I
would abandon you. You had an affair with Sahas!
– No! It is not true, Raghbir.
– Keep mum! Look, I have lost my memory but I have not gone insane!
I understand it all. I have learned of the truth.
– Please trust me, Raghbir. You are the only one
I have loved. Yes, Raghbir.
She is right. She loves none but you. We all know it.
– It is true, Brother. It is just not possible. I cannot ever love
a cheater like her. Oh, Raghbir! They would not pay
heed to my words. I had told them
many a time about her affair with Sahas. I had spotted them
together in the same room on one of those nights. But still,
they did not believe me. You are mistaken. Sahas and Pragati
are just friends. I see. Friends support each other
through thick and thin. But I had never
seen two friends inside a closed room. No. – She is responsible
for his death. And my son, Raghbir.. The poor one.
He has lost his memory. No, Raghbir.
It is not true. Please trust me. Sahas and I are just good
friends. Nothing more. Oh, God! Pragati, he is no more.
Spare him! Accept that he was your lover and you loved him. Let his soul be at peace. Why are you lying? You should be ashamed. Really! You are right. I should be. I returned to your life. I should be ashamed.. She tried hard to get
us separated but I never gave in.
I came back to you. I should be ashamed.
Despite you giving me an earful and throwing me
out of the house I came back to you. Only for the sake of our love. I should be ashamed. You don’t even remember me. I am still with you and I am hopeful. I should be ashamed. Not anymore, Raghbir.. I cannot do
all this anymore to prove my love for you.

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