Benefits of Cabbage Leaves on the Knee for Osteoarthritis

August 26, 2019

[Music] in a section of the British Medical Journal called Minerva where they compile interest in little snippets they published a picture of a woman who they found had taped the cabbage leaf to her knee she said that this was the only measure that provided relief from the symptoms of her osteoarthritis some doctors responded with amusement others were like duh amazed to see the photograph not because the cabbage leaf was used but that this was considered newsworthy the doctor disclosed she may be a little biased though as she admits of being a cabbage leaf user herself there’s nothing new about this ancient remedy wrote another reader used to help reduce all kinds of painful swelling freshly washed cabbage leaves are known in European folk medicine is the poor man’s poultice so there’s nothing freakish or stupid about putting cabbage leaves on your knees okay I didn’t realize this is such a touchy topic of course we’ll never really know if it actually works and has never been a randomized control trial of topical cabbage leaves for osteoarthritis and there never will be until now the efficacy of cabbage leaves wraps in the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee a randomized controlled trial wait how did this study even get funded a family foundation just step forward and paid for it I love that in fact the former president and first lady of Germany’s foundation after all osteoarthritis to the knees one of the most common and chronic diseases among older adults so let’s test the effects of cabbage leaf wraps why not patients with confirmed osteoarthritis in the knees were randomly assigned to four weeks of treatment with a cabbage leaf from their knees every day or a topical pain gel containing an anti-inflammatory drug or neither and even better would have been a fourth group applying like iceberg lettuce leaves but I’ll take what I can get here’s a graph of pain intensity over the 28-day experiment here’s how the drug worked not much better than doing nothing but the cabbage worked better overall the study found that a four-week application of cabbage leaves was more effective than usual care with respect to pain functional disability and quality of life it was however not in the final analysis superior to a four-week application of a topical medication but hey cabbage leaves are safe can be used in the longer term and so why not give them a try it also wouldn’t hurt if you ate some as well as cabbage may have internal anti-inflammatory potential as well the anti-inflammatory effects may explain the health benefits of the cabbage family vegetables not just potent anti-inflammatory effects in Petri dishes but in people ten days of broccoli consumption and smokers cut CRP levels forty percent okay but what about for arthritis in vitro so far find the magic cabbage chemical protects cartilage from destruction suggesting that a high cabbage or broccoli family vegetable diet may be a useful measure either to prevent or to slow the progression of osteoarthritis but even if so far fame can protect cartilage cells in a petri dish how do we even know that this compound makes it into the joint when we eat it I mean no one’s ever done a study where you’d like how people eat broccoli and stick a needle in their knee joint to check no one that is until now and sulphur fame was indeed detected in the synovial fluid of 40 patients with osteoarthritis following broccoli consumption followed by significant epigenetic changes of gene expression within the joint the next step is to see if we can actually improve the disease [Music] you

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