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Benefits in a Minute – Critical Illness Insurance

December 27, 2019

– [Val] Voya presents
Benefits in a Minute. – [Vern] Saving for the future
can sometimes get derailed by life’s unexpected moments. – [Val] But there are ways
to help protect your savings by signing up for benefits
that may be available through your employer. – [Vern] Premium payments are
deducted from your paycheck so you don’t have to worry
about paying another bill. – [Val] Our topic today,
critical illness insurance. – [Vern] Critical illness insurance, also known as specified disease insurance in some states, can help
ease your financial stress if you’re diagnosed with a
covered illness or condition on or after your coverage effective date. – [Val] Like a heart attack or a stroke. – [Vern] You can use it
for monthly expenses, medical bills or any additional costs. Hey, Val, what sounds more intense? Specified disease insurance
or critical illness insurance? – [Val] They’re the same thing. – [Vern] Yeah, but if you had to pick. – [Val] I’m not doing this with you, Vern.

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