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Ben – Medicine Student Testimonial

December 12, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Nan is an Aboriginal
elder from Griffith. She grew up in the bush. She never got an education. So she’s pretty proud to see
me, just two generations down the track, have the opportunity
to go to UNE and study. And now, being a doctor, kind of
of working at Gosford Hospital, I’d like to one day
return to Griffith and work at the Aboriginal
Medical Services there as a general practitioner. And I would really
make Nan proud. It’s one of the biggest
advantages of doing medicine at UNE, would be having a
smaller cohort of students. If you could see
us all together, we’re just a really, really
closely knit bunch of guys. I love spending
all my spare time outside, which involves
estuary fishing. I do plenty of fishing. So I don’t mind coming home
from work, just kicking off my shoes, walking
down to the beach. Taking it easy with
the fishing down there. I can honestly recommend
medicine at UNE. It has state of the art
training facilities. And personal
satisfaction for medicine would be actually going
to work and enjoying it. So it’s nice to be
able to say genuinely I do enjoy going to
work, which is fantastic. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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