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Behind Eugene • Making A Viral BuzzFeed Video

December 24, 2019

– Sex, beauty, modeling
campaign, you know? – Yeah. – But in your head you’re
thinking bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, but it
comes across on your face like really, really elegantly. I’m Eugene Lee Yang and
I’m a video producer at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. – Many people think that we’re just actors but we’re actually also
writers, producers, directors, editors. We essentially do everything
from top to bottom on a shoot. I’m responsible for a
lot of the bigger hits that we’ve had virally. I am just very particular about how I want my videos to come out. The company is expecting
me to create one big viral video per month
that will really just knock it out of the park across platforms. That’s a lot of pressure to be under but I strive under that pressure. I have one big concept that
I’ve always wanted to do, wedding dresses across the world. What I envision is this huge runway show that just showcases
gorgeous, expensive gowns that women either
historically or today would be able to wear for their wedding day. And just have them strut the fuck out. – Hey, Eugene. – Hey, Andrew. Andrew Gauthier is the Executive Producer of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. So I’m excited to see how
well he takes the idea of wedding dresses around the world. – So what’s your video this month? – Oh, well, okay. I really wanted to do
something with wedding gowns. – [Andrew] How do you think
it’s going to do, though? – I think this will blow up. – And you really think
you can do it by deadline? – I think I can get it done in one week. I just need– – [Andrew] I don’t believe
you’re actually going to get it done by then. – No, I don’t think I can. I need a lot of time. – [Andrew] I honestly
don’t know about that. – We’re talking about around the world. This needs a lot of prep time. – [Andrew] All right, all
right, this is on you. – Don’t worry about it, I got this. – [Andrew] Okay. – Cool, well, enjoy your trip in London. – [Andrew] Okay, yeah, let’s
connect when I get back. – All right. – [Andrew] Just make it work. – I will. I’ll fucking do it, I always do it. Hey, hey, don’t fall out the window. Come here, come here. I think people might associate me, even within Buzzfeed, as someone who has ridiculously high standards
but for me I just think sometimes quality comes at a cost and that cost can be people’s comfort. – He demands so much of
the people around him, maybe to the point where
he doesn’t think a lot about the people around him. – I don’t think that he puts
a crazy amount of pressure on people, I think that
people see how much pressure he puts on himself and
then they’re just like, “Oh God, I have to make this perfect.” – What people don’t know
about Buzzfeed crews is that we don’t have crews. We actually use our own interns. For the time being, I
have luckily been assigned two different interns. The first intern I have is Caroline who will primarily be focused
more on the production side. – I’ve just heard that
it’s going to be intense a lot of, what’s the word? Shoot. Just like really intense. – Jazzmine, my second
intern, will be focused more on the style aspect
but she is pretty green to production and film sets. – If I need to be coached
through it, then I do, but if not, I’ll just act
like I know what I’m doing and make sure it looks good. – I’m super worried
because I haven’t worked with these interns before and
this is really the first time where, you know, all eyes are really on me as a producer and a
director and as an editor to make something fantastic
because if it is fantastic, you get to see how great I
was but if it sucks, then you get to see how much
bullshit I’m spewing right now. So it better be good. Kari, as my research
liaison, I just need to know how many wedding dresses
we can get from how many different countries and
hopefully we can pull together like, I don’t know, 10 to 20. – 10 to 20? – 10 to 20 just to start
and then we’ll see– – You’re going to need
to narrow it down, man. – Let’s say world right
now but if you have to whittle it down, I would
say I’m comfortable with looking at Asia. – This may have to just be Asian. – Okay, cool, so if you can
start researching access to fashion designers who
are from that country and really represent
that style authentically. – We’re definitely going
to need to find out who we’re going with
internationally because we’re going to have to get
it through customs too. – We don’t get special customs treatment? – No. – Can you just be like,
“It’s for a Buzzfeed video”? – No, they will laugh at you. – Okay, well, Caroline,
Jazzmine, who are you? – Liana. – Liana, are you, is she my other intern? – [Angela] Yes. – I just found out today
that I was going to be on this shoot. – You guys, we’re going to be
fine, we’re going to be great. Sorry, I’m just getting
caught up on all this. I’ve actually secured
five different designers from each country and
then one extra designer who’s doing the traditional
Western style gown. Actually, the Afghan
designer is the cousin to the crown prince of Afghanistan. – So really legit. – Yeah, she basically
just designs for diplomats and royalty. – You’re so annoying. – I’ve been talking to
a designer in Thailand, she’s going to be sending
dresses from New York. – In Thailand? – Yeah, she’s in Thailand. This will be around the budget. – Okay, what are the countries
that are represented? – The countries that are represented, I’ve whittled it down to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Thailand, and India. – All right, one, two, three, here we go. This is really tall. (perky music) – All we have to do is
put the plexiglass down. Which is going to serve as a runway. We’re going to finish the lighting. I’m aiming at getting our
first shot off at 10:00 AM. – I have my Fitbit on
with my heartrate monitor. I’m going to keep track of
that and keep it mellow. – Watch the gowns with the coffee. Okay, no, watch the bottom,
watch the bottom of the gowns. – Oh Lord. – Yeah, okay, just be careful. – Have mercy on us. – Try to get on for first shot at 11 now. That’s my goal. so I want to get it centered
because this is going to be how it’s lying. There’s a black spot right there. Can we move that black spot? What is that? Is that lint? Like a quarter inch back,
no, it was a little too– No, like an eighth of an
inch, just a little bit to your right, Shayne, just a tiny bit. No, you’re just rotating it. Caroline, lift with him and
pull it slightly to your right, Shayne, very slightly, stop. – Like right now? Oh, Jesus. – The first shot will
be when the first shot decides to happen. Just got to make sure it’s all perfect. That was a ninja move. – Yeah, it was, I saw that. – It’s kind of watery, it’s okay. – Cool. – Thank you for making this. Jazzmine! No, this is the Thai jewelry. There should be a Ralph’s
paper bag that has all of the jewelry in it. – I’ll go re-look for you. – I would sprint and make sure it’s there. Oh, here we go – [Voiceover] Yay! – God, my brain, this is like
$10,000 worth of jewelry. Can we take the zebra stripes off of that? I’m going to play the music
that it will actually be to. All right. – Hold on.
– [Eugene] And. – Wait, how do I get out? – Caroline, you good? – Yes. – Let’s roll cameras. Music. You’re actually on the
wedding aisle, okay? You’re walking down to
your husband right here and action! – Hi, my name is Michelle Hebert and I’m one of the designers on set today. – You’re going to hit, hit, turn left. Really breathe like boom, boom, boom. – [Jazzmine] Why isn’t Eugene in a dress? – You always want to be
kind of like 31ish degrees – Okay. – So it’s not here and it’s not like here, it’s like right there. I think this should be lower, slightly. I don’t want to make the designer mad. – Hi, I’m Kathryn Waldron
and I’m the makeup artist. – He’s very professional
but he’s freaking crazy. – Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, yes, yes! All your jewelry feels so good but you can’t have it because it’s mine because I’m the queen of Thailand. Whatever, loser, flip out, good, yes! Cut. You guys are good on that camera, right? – Yes. – [Eugene] All right, let’s switch lenses. – I’m the designer for the Afghan clothes. – So one of the models was
too thin for the dresses so they called me in. – And turn to camera and pose. Oh, wow. I’m Sofia, I’m not a model,
I don’t know how to model. You were amazing. – I’m the designer for
the Vietnamese bride. – Circle, right? Perfect, perfect, perfect. And set, model. We are over halfway through now. You are all doing an amazing job. – My mom’s designs for the
traditional Korean dress. – Yeah, you are working
that dress, beautiful. For Korea! Turn! – I’m here to provide henna design. – You know who the queen
is, oh yes, it’s you. You can exit, get out of there. Whatever bitches. One more time. I want you to really sell this last stare. Walk away and stare at them. Stare at them, stare
at them, stare at them. Turn, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! And, cut. That’s a wrap. Yeah! Let’s get you out of
those gorgeous clothes and into like a pizza box, I’m hungry. – I want to learn more about big sets and how we can use this space to create. Sorry, it’s late. I can’t think very well. – I’m taking away like
opening up people’s minds and I’m really passionate
about that as well. – I know I can be a
bit of an ass sometimes but, you know, that’s just Asian parenting rule number one. You know? You’ve got to be strict. You’ve got to get everything down because in the end, they’re going to succeed and they succeeded today, they were great. So I’ve been editing about three days now. I see about a million
mistakes that were made. Sofia was wearing leggings under the dress so I have to cut around fucking leggings but it’s cool. But, you know, things like
that, you don’t notice it on a shoot and you sit
here and then you’re like, “Fuck! Everything is wrong.” That’s kind of how I
think most filmmakers see footage is everything looks bad. You know, otherwise I think
it looks pretty damn good for what we were given. I think everyone involved on the shoot, from the fashion designers to the models to all of the interns and
the crew did an amazing job and I’m so proud of what we accomplished with such little means. It’s always like comparing
it to having a baby. Not nearly as painful, well– I don’t know what it’s like to have a baby but it was pretty painful. I feel like I just pushed out a human out of my phantom vagina. So, yeah, it’s about to be
unleashed upon the world, Wedding Dresses Across Asia and I really hope you guys enjoy it. (upbeat music)


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