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Battling the flu at ISU

November 8, 2019

as students return to campus after break
positions at Iowa State Thielens Student health center are keeping a watchful eye for influenza
we have seen just a few cases of flu that have been confirmed this
season the most common strain of influenza is h1n1 affecting mostly children and young
adults and doctors warn January and February are the peak months
its high fevers so fever of 101, or 102 and people complain about bad headaches and real muscle aches which is a little
different than just on congestion in the nose and sore
throat on that most viral other viruses give
people influenza is not the stomach flu I think people get mixed up with that doctors recommend washing your hands
frequently getting at least eight to 10 hours a sleep and eating
nutritious meals to help prevent the flu they recommend staying hydrated and
staying home and away from others if you think you have the flu if
they were really have influenza they’re very very sick 10 days to weeks
where they quite possibly can’t even go to class
that’s influenza. they feel like a truck ran over
them they have high fevers body aches headaches its way different than any cold that
they’ve probably experienced before but the most important prevention from
the flu doctor say is getting the flu shot we still have
flu vaccine and we encourage him to get the Student Health Center has vaccinated more than eleven hundred students against the flu and health care providers say it’s not
too late to get the shot now absolutely a it’ll take a week or two to
get that immunity up there but still plenty
time to do some good walk-ins are welcome during normal
business hours at the Student Health Center Alex Murphy Iowa State University new

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