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Barbie – The Twins First Flu Shot | Ep.202

November 24, 2019

Barbie – The Twins First Flu Shot Flu shot? What a flu shot? It’s a vaccination or like a medicine that our body might need to help keep the germs away And we have it like a drink? Or a little tablet? No, it’s a needle A needle?! You just joking, right? No joking! We’re told that there might be a bad case of the flu going around and we want to make sure you girls don’t get it And it not hurt us? You’ll be fine Oh great…! Sounds easy to me! One for you… One for you… Make sure you bring them back signed by tomorrow… I am not getting any needle! Well I think we have to! Not me! How was preschool? Good Anything exciting happen? We do painting And we read a story Oooh! And we… Shhh! Don’t say anything! Stop being so scared! You being a baby Am not! Mummy, Annabelle call Isabelle a baby… What else did you do? We… Chicken! Bwaark! Bwaark! Bwaark! Bwaark! Annabelle say Isabelle a chicken… Tommy! Stop being annoying! Isabelle say I annoying… Girls? We just play tag in the playground Oh… Oh boy… I can’t believe you scared of a little needle Have you seen a needle? They huge! They’re not huge! I remember when I had my needle and it was nothing… Arrrrrrrgh!!! (Crash!) Didn’t bother me a bit! I don’t care! I’m not… Annabelle? I found this note in your pocket Oh no! Oh yeah You suppose to sign it so we get our flu shot tomorrow Isabelle? Where’s your note? Oh what! I must have lost it! Oh well… I have to miss out on my needle… That’s fine I’ll just photocopy Annabelle’s form No! You don’t… …have to… I not even scared of getting a needle Me too! A little needle not hurt me Well you’re both brave! Not Isabelle She so scared (Cough! Cough!) (Sneeze!) Isabelle? What’s wrong? I feel terrible… I think I got a really bad cold or something But… You were fine five minutes ago I know! (Cough! Cough!) I think it one of those really bad colds that come out of nowhere! You sure? I so sure that I think I better not go to preschool tomorrow I not really think Isabelle got a cold You mean she tricking Mummy? Oh well… We’ll have to get the nurse to give you two needles instead What?! You do want to get rid of that cold don’t you? You know what? I actually feeling much better now Mummy Well isn’t that amazing! Wow! You right Annabelle Of course I right I used to do it to Mummy all the time! Pardon? Ummm… Nothing…! What are you doing in there? The girls say I can sleep here tonight? Really? Yeah! We make a deal Tommy… If I not tell you Annabelle eat all the chocolate yesterday… Tommy! …then I get to sleep in this bed! Did she now? You not supposed to tell her! Well next time tell me not to say anything Hmmm… Isabelle? Are you alright? I just scared about getting my needle She being a baby isn’t she Mummy? No she’s not a baby You’ll be fine Isabelle It’ll be over before you know it Really? Yes! The nurse has done this hundreds, no, thousands of times You won’t feel a thing Oh! Well that not sound so bad You feel a bit better about it now? Yes Thanks Mummy! Good! Goodnight kids! Goodnight! (Click!) I still not getting a needle! Oh boy…! Good morning! Hey! Where’s Isabelle? Huh? She in the bed Mummy No I not! Are you still scared about that needle? Come on, we don’t want to be late Well I not going! If you want to have chocolate ice cream ever again, then you better get up now Ohhh… Oh really… Oh that’s no good So there no preschool today? Huh? Ohhh… Well I hope you get better Miss Clarke Ok, bye! (Click!) You were on the phone with Miss Clarke? Yeah She not well so there no preschool today Miss Clarke rang you? Yeah! “Remember to bring your forms back today for your flu shot!” Hmmm… So I can ring Miss Clarke to check? You sure can! Ok, I’m going to ring… That’s fine! (Dialling) I’m dialling… Ohhh… Alright stop! She’s not sick, is she? No… Come on Isabelle… I not going in You’re getting that flu shot today! Well you going to have to carry me in! Come on! Put me down! Barbie? What’s wrong? Isabelle doesn’t want a needle It going to hurt! You’ll be fine The nurse is here now and you’re not the only one who’s nervous Really? Yes Some of the other girls are a bit worried too but I promise you, you’ll be fine Thanks Miss Clarke That’s it Line up Oooh… I not want a needle You too! Oh boy! Everyone here a chicken! You not scared? Not even a little bit! A little needle not going to hurt me! Your turn Ruby Good luck Ruby! There you go! That not even hurt! I tell you! Wow! That easy! I really don’t want that needle You a baby like my sister! Off you go! That’s all? You’re all done! You right Annabelle It easy! After you Katie… You can go Annabelle Oh, I just helping some of the girls They a bit scared That’s nice of you! Don’t worry Jenny You be fine! There you go! It be over in no time Molly! Thanks Annabelle! Good girl! Maybe it not that bad The other girls not even feel it I tell you! Isabelle… Please don’t hurt! Please don’t hurt! All done Isabelle What?! That’s it! I not even feel it You’re turn Annabelle Huh? There no one else? You’re the last one Oh… Well… I not actually sure if I need to have that needle I not get sick very much Hurry up! Owww… Alright, I can be brave! Ready Annabelle? Arrrgh… (Thud!) Oh dear… Oh dear… Oh dear… What? I can’t believe you faint! Yeah! Who the baby now? Tommy…! Well it a really big needle! No it not! You were right Mummy It not hurt a bit! Told you! What a chicken! I not be scared! Good, because you’re having a needle in a few weeks as well! What?! Arrrrrrrrhhhh!


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